Still waiting for a UPS delivery?

Writes SeattleRichardson in comments on the garbage pickup story:

I’ve been waiting on a package from UPS that says via their tracking that it’s been in Seattle since the 26th and it’s still not been delivered! They can only claim the “weather” card for so many days.

Well, our friends at the WestSeattleBlog spoke with UPS, and they said they’re making good progress. “Today in one particular Seattle facility, they’ve gotten through half, meaning they unloaded half the trailers, sorted those (packages), and put them out for delivery,” said a UPS media representative, adding they expect to be caught up by the end of the week. But… UPS will not be delivering Wednesday and Thursday, due to New Years. So if you don’t get your package by tomorrow, you’ll have to wait until Friday or later.

Update: UPS now says they’ll be delivering on Wednesday

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UPS sucks so much ass, they deliver shit, why tha fuck arent they good at it? ill get my package in three days, so it takes a fuckin week. than when yu get it, chances are its damaged from fucking driving back and forth for a week straight with yur god damn package in tha truck. uhoh i went to tha wrong place, go all tha way back, uhoh went to tha wrong place again, yu hav tha address yu stupid motherfucker, UPS is tha most retarded, stupid ass company ever. I hope they get shut down cus it doesnt matter what yu hav, one day delivery, three day, whatever,. its still gonna take a week. airflight, theres an excuse, flights delayed, another three days, payed extra for what? exactly nothing, fuck UPS.