Battle over fee, storage at Fishermen’s Terminal

Updated: The Port of Seattle is proposing a $25 daily fee for fishermen selling their catch at Fishermen’s Terminal as well as a plan to reduce storage space at the facility. To Pete Knutson, an outspoken fisherman and a member of the Fishermen’s Terminal Advisory Committee, it’s all part of a long-term plan to squeeze the fishing industry in favor of expanding development and attracting more cruise ships. “Given the history of Port promises to fishermen, a long-term commitment to the fishing industry at Fishermen’s Terminal is an arguable assumption,” he wrote in a long letter (.pdf) to Port commissioners.

The $25 fee would apply to fishermen’s who are selling raw and frozen fish from their boats. The Port says the daily fees are designed to “level the playing field” between the fishermen and the owners of the Wild Salmon Seafood Market, reports the Seattle PI. Meanwhile, the Port is revamping the storage sheds because the shelving blocks fire sprinklers, a spokesperson told the Times, not because it’s trying to make it difficult for fishermen to store their gear. And the Port strongly denies any plans to push out fishing boats and redevelop Fishermen’s Terminal. Still, even a Port commissioner says development is inevitable in the decades to come. “Mark my words, it will happen in our lifetime,” said Lloyd Hara in a December email to fellow commissioners. (Thanks michncraig for the link!)

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  1. If the fire department is so worried about fire safety at Fisherman's Terminal, maybe they shouldn't have closed their station there. Even though there was usually only one fireman there, it was better than nothing.

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