Group hopes to build affordable green housing

Although home prices around Seattle are on the decline, many families still can’t afford to own a home. Home for Good, a non-profit organization, is hoping to build affordable housing at several locations around the city, including several in Ballard. At this month’s Ballard District Council meeting, Melanie Gillespie, the executive director, told the group about “The Urban Gardens Project,” a new project that will help those making below the area median income (AMI) to own their own home.

The first location is at 63rd just west of 15th. The plans call for 21 to 25 new units in a development that’s a mix of apartments, businesses and older single family homes. The proposed units will be priced for a variety of incomes with the majority at or below 80 percent AMI. The project will be built green and incorporate a community gardening space and a rooftop garden with panoramic views. Home for Good is presenting their plans to the Design Review Board next Monday at Ballard High School. This is the same night that Rhapsody Partners will present their plans for the former Denny’s location.

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