Green Go Food opens Tuesday

The little space that used to be Patty Pan will open tomorrow as Green Go Food.

After finding success at the local farmer’s markets, Dylan and Heidi Stockman are opening a brick & mortar shop. Their motto is “Fast food with a conscience.” With organic beef cheeseburgers and fresh in-season goodies for their sandwiches, just about everything on their menu comes from local businesses. They’ll be open Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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4 thoughts to “Green Go Food opens Tuesday”

  1. I think this is exactly the kind thing we need more of in Ballard. Locally derived food that's very affordable, from sustainable, healthy sources. my lunch today was only $5.50 and I'm full. Last time i got a tasty burger I was told the name of the cow it came from. Imagine… ground meat that came from 1 animal instead of upwards of 100 (did you know that?). Delicious seasoned veggies, and polenta are another favorite of mine. The owners are friendly and fast (not too chatty), and their son Cypress is super cute and provided great entertainment while i waited for to-go food. Remember that you vote with your wallet, buy local and sustainable… GO EAT HERE!

  2. Just remember where that money goes when you buy it from most other places. Ultimately it feeds the people, companies and policies that caused this recession to happen in the first place. You vote with your wallet people. Think about it… do some research. Where does that food come from? What kind of subsidies are given to the large cattle industry “farms” to ensure that cheep beef? Why? Do you know what goes on in those places? If you did you might not complain about an all natural, sustainably farmed, humanely treated, healthy, “tasty” 8.50 burger. I for one think it's a sign of progress.

  3. Substitute “bark” for “amazing” and “bird seed” for healthy, throw in “the best food around that won't leave you slightly ill afterwords”

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