‘Take 5 Urban Market’ to open soon

The Take 5 Urban Market at 8th Ave & NW 70th St is close to opening.

We stopped by and spoke with the owners, and they said they’re putting together the finishing touches before opening in the next couple weeks or so. You should see a sign going up in the next few days. They’ll sell produce, made-to-order sandwiches, espresso, pastries, artisan breads and wine. The new corner market replaces the Wicker Basket which closed last August.

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5 thoughts to “‘Take 5 Urban Market’ to open soon”

  1. Great place. Friendly and great homemade food. Chef Bryan and Paul really out do themselves with their lunch and dinner specials. Good homemade food at an affordable price. There deserts are to die for especially the Chocolate Mousse that was just made yesterday. Bryan gave me a taste as he was finishing it and putting it into the deli case. I hear that they are having a Grand Opening June 4-7th. I definitely plan to attend.

  2. I stopped by on Sat. it's a nice little spot to take a break from the sun. I got some fresh iced tea and picked up some home made mac and cheese, bread pudding and homemade salsa for work. All were amazing and I am definitely planning on going back.

  3. Super bad experience! I WAS a regular at Urban Market as I enjoy supporting the local businesses in my neighborhood and a regular for my afternoon coffee and Veggie (always loaded with too much butter) sandwich. The food isn’t exactly health orientated here. Usually in such a hurry, I had never had the time to browse around at (poor prices anyway) their wine. Tonight I did, and when I got up to the counter to check out with my Odwalla drink… the owner? (tall gray haired man) shockingly asked me if I had put a bottle of white wine in my bag?! Of course I was completely shocked as he then asked me to open my bag for him to have a look. Due to the fact that I’ve gone there repeatedly, I would have assumed he might recognize my face… since he was the one who had checked me out! I’d actually sat there for hours doing work on my laptop. I now realize I should have called the police. Instead I politely opened my bag so he could see I hadn’t taken anything from their shop. My home is just around the corner. The last time I was in there I saw an old fellow colleague and just imagined if someone I had known would have witnessed this event.. I would have been incredibly embarrassed. It’s not as if I look like a shab… I was wearing tennis shoes, but dress rather nice compared to the normal everyday person in Seattle. Fyi: Buy your wine/snacks elsewhere.. if you’re out of sight of the owner’s view for five seconds, he may then ask you to open your bag before checking out. Can you believe he then tried to take my money for my drink… of course I refused and left his ridiculous shop immediately. Are you kidding me!!!?!! He should have given it to me after all of his hassling + a sincere apology and a bottle of wine to boot! This is the strange part.. I never laid one finger on any bottle of wine! Take 5 Urban Market… hire someone who can actually SEE, or invest in a store camera instead of a paranoid old guy behind your counter! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Everything in here is WAY overpriced too.. I will never support them again. Btw: The Choice Deli And Grocery on 8th Ave Nw has a way Bigger wine selection, NO drama, and much better prices. They will absolutely get my business if I do not have time to run to PCC or Ballard Market!

  4. Read Anna’s comment below and then decide if you want to take 5 out of your day to be stunned by the paranoid owner making false accusations! She said she has supported this place since she moved into the neighborhood! LAME!

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