New pet store opening on Saturday

The paper has been removed from the windows and a sign is in the door: “All the Best Pet Care” at 1909 Market St. is gearing up to open their doors Saturday.

A locally-owned pet store chain, All the Best will feature “healthy, human-grade” foods, treats and toys for dogs and cats, and a cat adoption center with kittens and cats from rescue organizations. The store will also sponsor seminars such as “No Bad Cats” and “A Holistic View of Nutrition,” and it will hold “nail trim Sundays” for both dogs and cats. (Thanks Becky for the tip!)

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One thought to “New pet store opening on Saturday”

  1. A quick note: I thought “Nail Trim Sundays” would mean they were actually DOING nail trims, a service I will gladly pay for. Unfortunately, they are only teaching people how to do it themselves, and even that sounded iffy when I was there last weekend. I love ATB and would happily pay them to do it, I'm bummed that that's not what they're offering.

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