Rescue dog home safely

An update to last week’s story about a timid rescue dog that had gone missing: After many neighbors had reported seeing Gilda and eluding her owners, she finally made it home safely. Ashley Owens wrote this update on the MyBallard Facebook page: Gilda the rescue dog returned home this morning and entered the house thru […]

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Preparing pets for the fireworks

I’ve always enjoyed the fireworks on July 4th. The lights, the noise, it all seems spectacular to me, and mesmerizing. But for pets and other animals, the celebration has quite the opposite effect, often traumatic. Every year, pets go missing, running sometimes great distances and doing unusual things in a panic to get away from […]

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Wuff Da! Dogs take over Ballard park

Well over a hundred dogs packed Ballard Commons Park today for “Wuff Da,” a dog show that handed out prizes for dozens of categories.

“Well, we weren’t sure how many folks would show up today. They’re all here,” said Tim Hunter, who was emcee of the event. “The line stretches from here to Fremont,” he joked of the registration line (above).

It all began with this post by Julie Albright on My Ballard. “After seeing everyone’s adorable pics of their pooches online, I say we have a Cutest Dog in Ballard Contest,” she wrote. Others agreed, selecting dates and volunteering as judges. Three weeks later, a huge crowd packed Ballard Commons Park for the event. “I think this is fantastic,” said Joyce Golden, who entered her poodle mix into the contest. “My gosh, I can’t believe all the people that are here.”

Organizers split the competition into small, medium and large dogs — each had to be from Ballard — and owners paraded their pooches around the Ballard Commons fountain. (Watch video of the event by

Judges evaluated the dogs on a number of categories including oldest, youngest, cutest, prettiest smile, funniest looking and longest tail.

This dog, named Zeus, won the prize for the funniest-looking big dog.

These cute little Golden Retrievers won the “youngest puppy” award. Their names: Riley Cyrus and Reba McIntyre.

Some dogs didn’t waste their time digging into their prizes, which included bones, treats and tennis balls provided by a long list of Ballard sponsors. “Thanks also to all of the dog owners who brought down their adorable pooches; it was incredible to see a lot of Ballard’s amazing dogs in one place,” said organizer Julie Albright, who said she’s considering doing it again next year. “We’ve never had anything like this in Ballard,” said Ron Embree, who’s lived in Ballard for 40 years. “It’s excellent. We love it!” More photos below…

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