Coyotes spotted attacking cat in Ballard


My Ballard reader Craig emailed in to report that he witnessed two coyotes attacking a black cat in the middle of NW 85th St on Thanksgiving.

Craig was driving down the hill on NW 85th St towards Golden Gardens at approximately 7:30 p.m. when he spotted the coyotes going after the cat.

“The cat viciously defended itself. We stopped, honked, flicked our lights, but the coyotes were slow to leave their prey. After a minute or so, one disappeared into the woods roadside, and the other backed off and watched the cat for a couple of minutes, as the cat sat near the front of the car,” writes Craig.

Craig reports that the other coyote eventually disappeared from the area and the car wandered into the woods. Check out the above photo that Craig took from inside the car of the coyote eyeing the cat.

“It’s a reminder that pets need to be indoors,” writes Craig.

Back in September, the My Ballard team reported sightings of coyotes in the neighborhood. This new sighting is an important reminder for locals to be aware about keeping animals indoors and not leaving pet food outdoors.

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Thanks to Craig for emailing in the photo and letting us know.

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