Prepare your pets for 4th of July fireworks

Today, as usual, many events and celebrations for the 4th of July will involve fireworks. It is important to keep your pets safe and prepare them for the noise.

Here are some tips for your pets:

  • Keep your pet indoors. The noise from fireworks can be frightening to animals and may cause them to seek safety.
  • Don’t bring your pet to a fireworks display. Crowded, unfamiliar and loud places can cause undue stress on animals. If you are going to a fireworks display or an event where fireworks will be used, the best action is to leave your pet at home.
  • Consult your veterinarian beforehand if you think your pet may need to be sedated.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification, such as a current pet license. If a lost pet wearing its license is brought to the Seattle Animal Shelter, the owner is notified immediately via telephone. If an officer finds a licensed pet in the field, it will be returned to the owner, instead of taken to the shelter.
  • Don’t feed your pet scraps from the grill. While it can be very tempting to share your holiday treats with your pet, it’s best to keep your pet on its normal diet. A change in diet can upset your pet’s digestion, and some human foods are toxic for some animals.

The Seattle Animal Shelter will be closed on Monday, in observance of the holiday. If you find a stray animal on either day, please care for the animal until the shelter reopens on Sunday, July 5. As humane law enforcement officers will not be available during the closure, for any life-threatening situations call the Seattle Police Department at 911.

King County reminds everyone that the use of fireworks is restricted or banned in many cities and areas of King County. Follow local laws and exercise caution while enjoying July 4th celebrations.

Here is a list of fireworks-related non-emergency phone numbers and other non-emergency contacts.

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