Your photos and video from Wuff Da!

Thanks to everyone for emailing pictures and video of yesterday’s Wuff Da! event. It seemed that pups young and old, had a great time!

Silver took this video (and many others found here) of the pet tricks.

Kim of Frolic Photography took these pictures (below), and many more. If you would like her to send you a copy, her email is

Silver was busy with both her video camera and her still camera. She uploaded all her photos to her Picasa Album found here.

MyBallard reader Ann C. emailed us these pictures:

Jules sent us this one. We’re not sure how she found time to take pictures while coordinating the whole event.

And these two are from Randi Jacobs.

Flickr photos from LMcGuff can be found here and Chermoni added some here.
Please email us at if you have photos you’d like to share.

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  1. I have to say, I'm thrilled someone took pictures and videos,so I can really see all of the dogs- they are all so adorable! We have lots of tennis balls left; I think I'll take a box down to the Dog park so everyone can get one!

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