27 thoughts to “Where was this 1915 photo taken?”

  1. My guess is 22nd and Shilshole too. You can see the top of the tower from the old courthouse they must have saved or replicated for the Bell tower park . Space oddity vintage furniture and the Guitar emporium on the right and Vain on the left .

  2. The Ballard City Hall is the building with the Tower, on 22nd and Ballard AVE, where the little park is now. Sad day when it was torn down.

  3. Those sidewalks were made of wood. They weren't replaced with concrete until the 1920s…and then, the storeowners had to pay fot the sidewalks outside their own businesses! This is from a series of photos the City of Seattle took showing them regrading and paving the streets. Notice that the streets in this picture are in fact, dirt.

    Regarding Old Ballard “not caring for trees much” (below), all of Ballard was logged off by the early 1900s for the lumber mills. Pictures taken at 85th and 15th show farms, and not a tree as far as the eye can see. Check out my book “Early Ballard” by Arcadia Publishing. (available at Epilogue Books, Secret Garden, Abraxas, Romanza, Ballard Home Comforts, the Locks, and Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.)

  4. Check out this one…


    This is right in front of where I work. If you go to this corner you can still see that brick house looking building on the left. I believe it was the old Stimpson Lumber Mill office/admin building. The great thing is an artist now lives there and it looks exactly the same. Also I think a long ways' back on MyBallard there was a post about this place. Anyway another neat photo…thanks for sharing everyone!

  5. yankee diner should be behind photographer…thats the bell tower on ballard ave and maybe magnum storage to the left…this photo was taken on shilshole

  6. That picture is on the wall at The Ballard Smokeshop on the resaurant side. I was just staring at it Sunday morning while I was eating breakfast wondering where it was.

  7. Wht you don't see inthis picture is the teams 9of men and horses) ripping up the old plank streets!

    In a really early picture I have of the First Presbyterian Chuch on 17th and Market, you can see that Market street was originally wood…and set up on pilings!

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