Fundraiser for woman burned out of home

Last weekend, a women barely escaped her burning Loyal Heights home after her dog woke her up. The fire on Earl Ave. completely destroyed the home.

Now, friends of Catlain Kinsey have set up a blog, New Start for Catlain, to raise money and other donations for her. “Catlain is staying with friends right now and needs the support of everyone as she begins to piece back together her life,” the site explains. She did not have renters insurance.

Catlain’s friends say the early-morning fire was likely caused by a baseboard heater, tearing through the old home and leaving very few of her belongings behind. “Amazingly, paper envelopes of her grandmother’s love letters, her great grandmother’s necklace and her (badly warped) cello survived,” friends say. To help, you can donate via the PayPal link on the site.

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  1. This is a good reminder to always, always have a renters insurance policy, if you don't own your home. They are very affordable and not hard to get.

  2. why do people overlook some of the cheapest insurance out there? hope who ever reads this and doesn't have it, check it out. it's less that a nite out on the town once a month.

  3. Kim, I agree, but a lot of renters don't even know about it. I've never seen an ad for such among the ads for car, homeowner's, life and other insurance.

    Best wishes for Caitlan!

  4. I remember when we had a house fire some 20 years ago…we had insurance, and no one was hurt but we lost everything..even with the replacement..the loss is tremendous emotionally…you lose what is familiar and you lose faith in the fact everything will be ok when you close your eyes at night….I still have a few christmas ornaments that were saved, and hang them each year, with the charred parts, becuase they had such great memories…I plan on doing whatever I can to help…still cannot enjoy the smell of wood buring in a fireplace or bbq-ed food…trust me the effects linger, and the memory is hard to fade.

  5. I live on the next block – now I know what all those sirens were about. They sounded like they were right outside my window.
    I'm so glad she is ok. What a close call, and what a good dog!!!
    p.s. State Farm offers a discount on car insurance when you buy renters insurance. That's why I have it :0)

  6. For those who seem to know about renter's insurance- do you have suggestions for where to get it (unfortunately I don't have a COSTCO membership). I have looked before but been unable to find an insurer who will sell it by itself (not connected to a car insurance policy). Thanks!

  7. I have safeco insurance.. got it from the insurance guy on market right between balmar & the Indian restaurant. Its Approx 40$ every 3 months. I dont have a car and had no issues getting it.

  8. I'm an Allstate agent that lives here in the 'hood, my office is on the Wallingford – Fremont border. Allstate offers 10K in coverage for about $80 a year. Call me, I'm more than happy to explain what renters insurance covers and what it doesn't. It's the best deal in the insurance world.

    Cathy 206-547-9917

  9. possibly. that guy standing by the door looks like he might have some attitude. a better camera angle might've captured the yankee logo on his hat.

  10. Any major insurance company offers renters insurance. If you drive, the discount for having both policies in one place often more than makes the cost of the Renter's insurance free. If you have Geico or Progressive, besides paying way too much, especially in Ballard, you most likely can do better with Farmer's , State Farm, Pemco or Allstate. Also, make sure you get replacement cost coverage for a couple bucks more. This will pay for your lost items at the actual cost of replacement versus just the percieved value. One more thing, for all your valuable items, take pictures of them and store those pictures somewhere outside your home in case it is destroyed. It really makes proving you actually owned the items you are claiming a lot easier.

  11. <<completely destroyed her home>>

    uh, no. AP copyediting 101: you can't partially “destroy” something, so you can't completely destroy it either. It's either destroyed or damaged.

    Just a tip for you newsbloggers out there. If we're going to have to do our own journalism, we might as well try to do it right.

  12. Nice article and thank you to everyone who has helped Cat. She is surrounded with amazing, generous and kind people. Thank you for supporting my sister…tho, her name is spelled Catlain. Thanks again!

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