Ballard gets another sushi restaurant

Ballard is getting its fourth new sushi restaurant in less than a year.

Himitsu Sushi and Grill is replacing the Quiznos at 15th & 65th. We talked with Song, the owner’s mother, who says they hope to open “as soon as possible.” She says they’ll be open for lunch and dinner with several different types of soups, a Japanese grill and sushi. Shiku, Moshi Moshi and O’shan Sushi have all been open less than a year, joining Sam’s Sushi.

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15 thoughts to “Ballard gets another sushi restaurant”

  1. Well, at least this one's a slightly longer walk from the others. Still, I'm predicting an outbreak of anemic sales among way too many sushi outlets per capita. I hope O'Shan survives, because I like their price:awesome ratio the best.

  2. I've been surprised that this spot has remained vacant for so long. You'd think that being right across from the high school would generate a lot of lunch business, during the school year, anyway. But it's been empty since the building was “sold” to make way for the monorail station.

  3. Has anyone talked to the folks at Guinness? This has to be some kind of record…
    “most sushi joints per capita … Ballard, WA. USA”

  4. Moshi Moshi has the coolest light fixture in Ballard, but the best place to hang out is O'Shan, which is not dripping in pretense.

  5. We were quite unimpressed with the sushi at Moshi Moshi. The lights are pretty, but we won't be back.

    The location for this new sushi place is horrible. No parking, it couldn't sustain a Quizno's even being across the street from a high school.

  6. Does anybody like Bento Sushi at 15th and 85th? We used to go there frequently and thought it was far better (and less expensive) than Sam's, but with the downturn we haven't been in quite a while. I hear the place changed hands and went downhill.

  7. It's not good anymore, you are correct. Last time we went, the service was bad and the spicy tuna was so spicy it was nearly inedible; made me wonder if they were trying to cover up something…

  8. ok, how many have you got way over there? I've got this here Ballard that has more than I've ever seen ;-)
    ahhh…gotta call it Seattle…that's the rules.

  9. Just went to Bento, it's good! A bit slow service when it's busy but worth the wait. If you want good, cheap sushi this is it. Not super upscale but the tuna tempura roll is crispy spicy goodness. They also have Korean food too!

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