Greener Lifestyles is saying goodbye

After nearly six years on Ballard Ave, Greener Lifestyles is closing.

We spoke with the owner today who says that she’s been living a schizophrenic life, jostling between the retail store and her manufacturing business. With the economic downturn she’s been motivated to choose one or the other. She chose to keep manufacturing the sustainable furniture that her shop sells. “What I’ll miss the most is the community. The people. It’s almost like Cheers,” as she breaks into song, “Where everybody knows your name…” Tomorrow night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. she’s throwing a “gratitude gathering” to say thank you.

She doesn’t know what will replace her, but she wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a restaurant since that’s the trend these days. The space also comes with a good-size backyard that has been unused for years.

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7 thoughts to “Greener Lifestyles is saying goodbye”

  1. Wow! I completely agree. That backyard are would make a great outdoor dining/drinking spot. We've been waiting for a good south facing outdoor patio spot to open for a while. (one that isn't over-run with Frat boys like Kings' is.)

  2. Well, that was a pleasant enough statement from the owners for me. No bad mouthing Ballard in that puppy. Well done. Very diplomatic.

    Its nice when people handle the press correctly, whether moving into Ballard or out of Ballard. People hate to see businesses go, but, they get angry if the owner bad mouths Ballard as they leave.

    I like this one and the Cathy Casey one the best so far. Incidentally, I have never met either business owner, but follow these statements pretty closley, and am a stickler for manners.

    The Madame K one was not my cup of tea, but, maybe it was some sort of brilliant marketing plan that went totally over my head. I can't say I have even met Madame K, come to think of it. Actually, I don't seem to know anyone popular, but, I am not that cool.

    Oh well, just my two cents for what it's worth.

  3. I must add in, I too am sad to see Greener Lifestyles go. I worked there for a number of years and it was a wonderful experience–the community was definitely the best thing about the area. As for the owner, she would never bad-mouth Ballard as “The End of Ballard” said some do. I know she loves Ballard as do I.

    That's all :)

    Oh, and the backyard–PRICELESS! It is shared with neighbor ReSoul (wonderful neighbors)…perfect for summer time!

  4. Greener Lifestyles and its staff have been wonderful friends and neighbors and they will be sorely missed.
    We only hope to be as fortunate with our (eventual) new neighbors.

    Gracias por tu amistad!

  5. i will miss the sultry spanish ladies and their delicious tapas during art walk, and pining over that glorious sofa everytime i passed their window.

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