All-star cast at new French restaurant

We’ve been covering the transformation of the old Obermaier Machine Works building on Ballard Ave. into Bastille Cafe & Bar, a new French restaurant.

Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson has the scoop on some of the big names behind the project. The owners are Deming Maclise of Caffe Fiore and James Weimann, who started El Camino and Peso’s, among others. And the executive chef, Shannon Galusha, has worked at Veil, Campagne, French Laundry and Rue Balzac. And that’s not all: Peter Lewis, the founder of Campagne, will help with day-to-day operations. It’s enough to Leson write that Bastille is “set to be this year’s Major Restaurant Opening.” Bastille will feature seating for 165 people in the restaurant and bar, a takeout window, authentic French furnishings and a huge rooftop garden. Lots more on Leson’s blog post right here.

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10 thoughts to “All-star cast at new French restaurant”

  1. Peter Lewis is an extraordinary guy, I am sure the restaurant will be fantastic. He is very smart, gets the best people, buys the best food, and knows his market. I am really looking forward to the restaurant opening.

  2. ahhhh, poulet roti (aka: butter chicken) available through their take out window…perfect! Since chef Shannon Galusha used to work at French Laundry and Thomas Keller has a well known poulet roti recipe, could we see that very same one here in Ballard? One can only hope!

    No matter what this place is coming together better than expected, even if it is high end. As long as the food is good it won't matter.

    Thanks for the update!

  3. “awe-then-tik french furnishings”?

    campagne is a third-rate joint. poor products, even poorer execution.

    why do people from actual cities think seattle's so po-dunk?


    ps in resto-speak, if she worked at french laundry then moved on to campagne, that means she couldn't cut it in keller's world.

  4. My wife and I had an awesome dinner at Bastille last Sunday evening-There is good inexpensive food to be had here!!!! The Croque Moniseur was yummy and the Mussels and Fries were tasty and filling. With drinks and salad-We walked out the door at $45.00. Not too shabby! The happy hour bar menu is even less expensive…You can spend serious coin here if you wish…We will go that route next time…but its not required in order to have a good meal-Kudos to the Bastille crew!!

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