Weekend construction to snarl Market St.

Seattle Department of Transportation paving crews will be out on Saturday fixing two areas along Market St. The first trouble spot will be just west of the intersection at 15th and Market. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. crews will funnel cars down to one lane in each direction. Further down Market near 30th, the road will be closed completely between 30th and 32nd. There will be a detour provided by way of NW 54th. The crews will be restoring pavement at both locations that was torn up to get to underground utilities.

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2 thoughts to “Weekend construction to snarl Market St.”

  1. do you, or anyone, know why parking has beeneliminated along Shilshole east of 24th NW? It is blocked off from today (4/30) through Monday (5/4) but there is not work going on that I can see.

  2. Nothing special, it's just part of the city's general policy of trying to make everyone who owns a car as miserable as they possibly can.

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