Three Girls Bakery expanding to Ballard

The popular Three Girls Bakery at the Pike Place Market is heading to Ballard for their second retail location.

We spoke with Ryan Gaylord of CW Development, the contractor on the project, who tells us that he’s busy transforming the old Ballard Pet Store on 15th Ave. and 61st St. into the new bakery. He says they’re aiming for a June 1st opening, but with any construction project the date isn’t set in stone. He says that Three Girls has been contracting out their baking, but plans to do all their baking at the new Ballard location and send their fresh breads and pastries down to the Market. Three Girls is well known for their selection of breads, pastries, sandwiches and soups. (Thanks Sarah for the tip!)

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45 thoughts to “Three Girls Bakery expanding to Ballard”

  1. Finally! That building has been vacant for a very long time, and people have been the empty parking lot as a turn around.
    Welcome Three Girls Bakery!

  2. I remember going into the pet store one time (only time and last time) and seeing bird cages full of cockroaches. I don't know how you get those critters out of the walls once they've infested a place!

  3. This will be a great edition to Ballard! Different and useful, their stuff is delicious.
    I'm surprised they do not need to cleanse that place with fire or something though – that pet store was grrrroooooosssss.

  4. That pet store was disgusting. I always felt sorry for the puppies that had to live in that mess. But they've been doing a ton of work inside. And by the smell, using a lot of cleaning liquids. :-)

  5. I had never been in that store, but a pet store that sells puppies is usually bad news since the puppies are often mill puppies. It always made me sad to see the big “Puppies for Sale” sign outside the store.

    But, in happier news, it'll be great to have a food option on 15th besides the fast food chains already there.

  6. Yay!
    Now they just need to get rid of that disgusting Taco Del Mar and bring back Baskin & Robins to make it an awesome block for the summer.

  7. When I first read the headline and the former pet store, I thought it was a three “dog” bakery store. I was very confused as to why all of you humans were talking about eating their goods. Now i see, three girls. Definitely excited about that location getting spruced up and it being a bakery.

  8. Ice cream shops don't fair to well in Ballard (RIP Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry's)…although scoops is good. It's next to Rain City Video on Sunset Hill.

    I would personally miss my fish taco's if Taco Del Mar went away.

  9. They are just thinking commercial bakery right? I know they have been looking for a new baking site since their last was lost to redevelopment on Queen Anne. They have done baking off site for years, and only retail site is in Pike Market. It would be cool if they opened up for retail in Ballard, but I didn't read that they are planning to do that.

  10. i reported that pet store once, and they closed shortly after. i walked by after hours once and saw puppies running a muck. some had ripped open a giant trash bag that had been left on the floor near their pen (rather than being brought out to the dumpster less than 50 feet away) and were playing in the trash while one was drinking out of a mop bucket that had been left out and could have had god only knows what chemicals in it. it broke my heart.

  11. Thanks for reporting them, Reasonable! I went in there once and decided I couldn't do it again. I'd rather walk home a few extra blocks with cat litter.
    On a brighter note: I saw plumber trucks in front of the place this afternoon. Working hard. May open on schedule. :-)

  12. Ooh…I hope they sell sandwiches there. That salmon sandwich is awesome and only $6. Great news! I always like to see non-chain stuff (and non-sushi, non-pizza) land here in Ballard.

  13. Yippee! It's not a new sushi place or pizza parlor! We finally get to have bagels and other yummy baked goods! Ich bin gluchlich!

  14. yes WELCOME – I'm just across the street so I'm realy looking forward to this.

    Finally they didn't tear soemthing down and build a condo! These are the sort of business we need to help the neighborhood thrive. Not more condo's with crappy stores in the bottom.

    Who needs a bartells anchoring the old dennys? Realy? Is a 24 hour walgreens and a safeway pharmacy at the intersection not enough? Are we going to tear down the gas station and build a 4th pharmacy? There are 4 corners at the intersection after all.

  15. What's wrong with Taco del Mar? Yeah, it's a chain, and it's not wildly interesting food, but the place seems clean and pleasant to me.

  16. Thanks for the info Geeky Swedes. I stopped by the bakery in the market today and chatted with one of the employees about the Ballard space. They are so stoked about it! I am stoked.

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