Colorful bird raising eyebrows in Greenwood

Our sister site, PhinneyWood has posted a story about an exotic bird seen hanging around the Greenwood area.

Jason emailed them, “I was mowing the front yard this morning when I spotted a tropical bird walk right past me, across the street, and into a neighbor’s yard. It is a beautiful bird with bright colors and about 3 feet in length.” Some commenters say it’s a male Golden Pheasant. Meanwhile, the Woodland Park Zoo says it’s not an escapee, so the bird’s home is still a mystery.

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11 thoughts to “Colorful bird raising eyebrows in Greenwood”

  1. yep, 16-18 inches max, and most likely a pet, Been here all my life, and that kind of color is just not indigenous. But it is a beautiful bird….

  2. I swear that there is a flock of paraketes in Crown Hill.
    I saw them in my Lilacs one spring morning.
    But that was a while ago.

  3. I frequent Wild Birds Unlimited and have many books on birds, some just northwest birds. Interesting though how I found nothing about this one in them. But on the interweb I did. It seems it is a he. And from what I read it also might just be somebodies friend. It certainly isn't indigenous.

  4. I saw a “lost bird” flyer for this bird @ seattle animal shelter just yesterday. i hope that whoever sees the bird next time will contact the shelter.

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