Beautiful photo from Sunset Hill

My Ballard reader Ross Carey snapped this beautiful shot from Sunset Hill very early Saturday morning of a cruise ship coming into port in Seattle.

“As I was making coffee at 5 a.m., the moon was setting and a cruise ship was coming in,” he wrote in an email. “It took 15 minutes for them to line up, the ship barely made it before the moon went down!” Thanks, Ross!

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  1. Beautiful shot. The ship, BTW, is either the Sapphire Princess or its twin, the Diamond Princess. My wife and I honeymooned on the Sapphire during her inaugural season 5 years ago. Fantastic ship. Since then she's been making the rounds on other parts of the world but it looks like the twins are back to the Alaska run, starting next weekend.

    Thanks for the photo and dusting off the memories.

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