Homeless shelter to move into Ballard church

Updated: During the service at Our Redeemer’s Church today, Pastor Steve Grumm announced that the congregation has overwhelmingly voted in favor of allowing a SHARE homeless shelter to move into Calvary Lutheran Church in Loyal Heights. The move will happen on May 30th without sex offender background checks, a key request from neighbors who live around the Calvary Lutheran. “The question I think we should be asking is, is this a move that’s safe?” Pastor Grumm told My Ballard in an interview after the service. “If we don’t use the background checks, is there a system in place, that as much as possible gaurantees safety? And I think it’s present there.”

SHARE says it holds its members to the highest level of accountability, but has refused to submit to sex offender background checks as a condition to moving into the vacant Calvary Lutheran building. “What SHARE has done, from our perspective, has set up a system that is as close as a guarantee that you can get that the behavior in the shelter is going to be monitored and any aberrant behavior removes them from the shelter,” Pastor Grumm said, explaining the system has worked in similar shelters across Seattle.

“We worked for three months in good faith, and this is their decision,” says one of the neighbors who has met several times with Our Redeemers. “We’re just going to have to work with it.” In a letter delivered to Pastor Grumm last week, neighbors said they were uncomfortable with SHARE’s screening process, which is comprised of an interview. “Due to the large number of small children and the presence of a daycare center nearby, we feel it’s imperative to ensure the safety of those children by obtaining these background checks,” they wrote.

Our Redeemer’s says volunteers from the congregation will check in at the shelter every night for at least the first month, and they’re planning to create a task force to meet monthly to discuss any concerns neighbors may have. SHARE says the shelter of 20 men will be open from 7 p.m to 7 a.m., and the doors will lock every night at 10 p.m. SHARE rules require members to be drug-free, sober and non-violent, and they’re not allowed to loiter in the neighborhood. Pastor Grumm told us that if a member commits a crime in the neighborhood, the shelter is “out of there,” a promise SHARE made during a heated community meeting in February.

On May 20th, Our Redeemers will hold another public meeting at Calvary Lutheran at 7 p.m. to discuss plans to oversee the shelter and answer questions. The SHARE shelter will move in on May 30th, and will stay for one year.

Last Thursday: Church votes on shelter, results to be announced Sunday

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  1. I'm very sad, very disappointed in this decision, but not the least bit surprised. We have now lost the fight for accountable responsible behavior in this issue.
    Cash the check Mr. Grimm, Judas, you have betrayed your brothers.

  2. Sigh……..
    '20 pre-screened men.' So, who is screening them and what, exactly, ARE they being screened for? I'm all for sheltering those in need but why are neighbor concerns always put down as 'anti-homeless' and thus ignored?
    There were legitimate concerns here and a chance to make everyone happy.

  3. This article appears in the Real Change newspaper and was written by the Pastor of Trinity United Methodist on March 11, 2009. Trinity also has been involved in hosting SHARE shelters. I believe it is a must read in light of the current situation regarding SHARE:

    SHARE-ing the Mission

    If you want to see human primate behavior at its worst I can think of no better place than at another in the never ending series of neighborhood explosions as soon as SHARE opens a shelter in yet another host church.
    The SHARE neighborhood gatherings almost always descend into an outbreak of hysteria fueled by fear that the homeless will plunder our houses, burn down our garage, steal our children, abuse our spouses, and pee in our bushes. In Seattle one also witnesses the agonizing descent of progressive, eco-friendly, really nice neighbors morphing into belligerent, bullying, arrogant, selfish, “not in my backyard” hypocrites who haven't a clue as to how shallow their character truly has become.

    But my beef isn't with them. Those nice neighbors, nice mostly because they are relatively secure, are trapped like slaves in Pharaoh's empire by a political process that caters to the appetites of the massively wealthy who care little at all about the common good. It is a great sadness that the middle class identifies with the agenda of the obscene rather than focusing on housing for all, living wages, and limits to wealth. It was the wealthy who destroyed low income housing in this City, and it is the wealthy who set the political agenda that creates homelessness.

    But my beef isn't with the wealthy. After all they are only being true to their nature as exploiters. They only care about profit, their own benefits. My beef is actually with SHARE, an organization that evidently has only one tool in its box, and is seemingly incapable of adapting and evolving with the changing of time, and circumstance.

    For example, SHARE's routine is this: locate a host for shelter space, inform the neighborhood that it is moving in next week, call together a community gathering for neighbors to vent, march up a hapless, ill-trained motley crew of homeless targets that sit passively through a two-three hour mauling of whatever dignity they might have left, and then move the shelter in as the neighborhood temper tantrum dies down into resignation.

    It works for SHARE but it damages the host and it brings an unnecessary provocation within the neighborhood. It seems to me it might be more fruitful for SHARE to first bring an education forum into the neighborhood, complete with a political organizing strategy to help the neighbors direct their anger at the place it belongs: the Mayor's office and City Council. But this would mean that SHARE, with limited resources, might have to first learn how to become an equal partner with other homeless advocates. They might have to learn to depend on allies to help them. That would mean that SHARE might have to grow up out of adolescence into adulthood as a movement of real change. It would mean that SHARE might have to, well, share the mission with others.

    Rev. Rich Lang is Pastor of Trinity United Methodist in Ballard, and a member of the Real Change Organizing Project. He can be contacted through http://www.tumseattle.org

  4. How wonderful that Our Redeemer's has opened its arms to Ballard's homeless community. To those who worry about the lack of background checks (something that is not required to buy the house next door to you, by the way), I point you to the comment of Lt. Steve Paulsen with the Seattle Police Department's Southwest Precinct in discussing the shelter in its West Seattle location–he said there have been NO PROBLEMS with the shelter while it has been in West Seattle.

  5. Questions to ask would be what kind of liability insurance does Our Redeemer carry and what is the name of their insurance company? Is the insurer aware that this vacant building will now be used for this purpose?

  6. I hope that people who still have questions would come to the May 20th meeting at 7PM at the Calvary Lutheran campus and ask those questions.

  7. “congregation had overwhelmingly voted in favor”….. Let's keep in mind that a previous report here stated that roughly 36 people voted on May 7th.
    Depending on the actual size of their entire congregation, I would hardly call this “overwhelming”.

  8. Maybe not to buy a house. I wouldn't know about that. But they sure as heck did a thorough background check to rent me the apartment I'm in.

  9. As usual, I agree with Rev. Lang (for the most part, anyway). His article is one of the many reasons I buy Real Change. The anger of the neighbors and the somewhat good intentions of SHARE need to be aimed at the mayor's office. And SHARE needs to grow up and realize the benefit of compromise.

  10. Juat dronve past Our Reedemer's and there seems to be a news crew filming outside. Looks like a good time to go over and voice your opinion to the public if anyone cares to do so.

  11. “Pastor Grumm told us that if a member commits a crime in the neighborhood, the shelter is “out of there,” a promise SHARE made during a heated community meeting in February.”……….

    O.K.-where should I send the endless documentation (police reports/incident reports) that proves that this statement is FALSE? Who is the lead on this in the neighborhood that will be attending this farce of a community meeting?

    Should I start with the police report from Redmond (46+ pages) involving the Tent City 4 resident that was evicted from TC4 and then went across the street to a wooded area next to the Jr. High where he made his home as he went on a crime spree burglarizing neighbors homes and was caught and arrested while in the possession of a knife/22 caliber ammo? SHARE did not move out. TC4 remained.

    What about the police report involving a TC4 resident who stole checks from an elderly church woman who hired her to work around her house when her Woodinville church was hosting TC4? The criminal was arrested/convicted and served jail time but remained living in TC4 up to the point she went to jail and returned there immediately upon her release from jail. She in fact lived in Tent City 4 for 2+ yrs and was only kicked out when neighbors researching crime associated with SHARE's Tent City turned her name and evidence over to the police and SHARE then had her move out because their dirty little secret of harboring criminals came to light. By the way- the criminal wrote the stolen checks to her boyfriend who was also a Tent City resident and remained one even when his gal went to jail.
    Or how about the “escaped from community custody” criminal that had an outstanding felony warrant and was hiding out in TC4 and arrested only when neighbors uncovering the facts about SHARE turned his name over to the police on Mercer Island?
    I could go on and on, but let me tell you that in each and every one of these cases SHARE's words were meaningless. After this was brought to light, they failed to keep their so called “word” and move out.

  12. “behavior in the shelter is going to be monitored and any aberrant behavior removes them from the shelter”

    Oh, good! Anyone who is intolerable in the shelter is simply ejected into the neighborhood, for their bad behavior to continue within the general public! Smart move, guys!

  13. probably because their responding to other calls just the the NP has been avoiding calls in ballard. to get a more accurate picture, one needs to look at the incident log for the area in west seattle. that paints a better picture.

  14. Mr. Grumm says that the congregation will have volunteers check upon this site for the first month. Just what will they be doing? Will they go inside and count noses, pray with them, walk around to check on the heat etc? Just what will be their jobs? Also how do these 40 men from Trinity Methodist and now Calvery get to these two places 6 blocks apart. Will they be in a pack train going up from Ballard business district? Ride the 18 bus. Will they have showers located here? If these men are out working or are looking for a job, shouldn't they be clean? Who feeds them breakfast, and dinner? What happens when the weather turns warm. The doors and windows are open. Do they have air condition, or will they be walking around the neighborhood cooling off? Twenty people in a small room can get really hot. Also I thought a public place could not have locked doors at anytime due to fire codes. When getting up in the morning, where will they spend the day? Neighboorhood, Salmon Bay park, Ballard? These are just a few of the questions I would like him to answer. Last question I want answered is why put a shelter in a residential neigborhood, with no services near by?? Does Our Redeemers really need this rental monies from Share so much that they sell out a neighboorhood?

  15. The Times was interested in the information when it was presented to them back in September, but with the election they decided to wait until after the first of the year. Unfortunately due to the economic cut backs and reporters being laid off, they said they didn't have anyone available to give it the attention it would need.
    The investigative work has been done and there are countless binders of police reports and data to prove that the story being sold by SHARE is simply FALSE.
    Getting someone to take this to the masses is a different story. I think part of it is a reluctance on the part of the media to do a real investigative type story on a so called “homeless” organziation (SHARE) for fear of not being PC.

  16. Trix, your answer is nonresponsive and flip. Your landlord did a background check on you to make sure you'd pay your rent and that you wouldn't destroy the place. If the church shouldn't house an overnight shelter, where do you suggest the residents sleep? I can promise you that eliminating the shelter does not keep the residents out of the neighborhood. They're just finding places to sleep outside. Furthermore, being homeless doesn't mean a person is a criminal or a sexual predator. In fact, violent crimes are more often committed by people who are housed. If you're interested in educating yourself instead of running around like Chicken Little, check out http://www.nhchc.org/.

  17. Shouldn't we be worried about the fact that citizens are homeless? I hear people complaining about unsightly Winnebagos and bums, but no compassion for those who are less fortunate. You'd think the church was handing out keys to the neighborhood houses the way commentators are carrying on about this small shelter. Get a grip, people.

  18. Wow. When have I ever said anything against the homeless? I just believe there are all types of homeless (like you get in any group of people), and the neighbors have a right to have their voices heard too.
    If SHARE knew at all how to introduce a shelter into a neighborhood there would be no issue. All the neighbors want is to be listened to and their fears respected without being accused of being anti-homeless.
    And as a long time reader of Real Change and a financial contributor of the Seattle Union Gospel Mission, I think I'm pretty clear on the subject of homelessness.

  19. That's funny because the West Seattle blog was filled with neighbors complaining about drunks, prostitutes, public urinating. Lucky for them we now host the vagrant circus

    Will pastor Grimm compensate us for lowering our property values?

  20. Well here's what the neighbors in West Seattle had to say. Apparently the SHARE vagrant shelter in West Seattle wasn't all that much fun, complete with prostitution and fights:


    I have lived in the neighborhood of the West Seattle Church of the Nazarene for twenty years. I am all for helping the homeless if they comply by the rules of the shelter.

    My family, my neighbors, and myself have had numerous encounters with the homeless who have stayed in the shelter in the past and they have not all been nice. I had one man threaten to kill me with his Mac10 after swinging a back pack full of glass beer bottles at my neighbors head. The man told us he was here drinking with his buddies who stay in the church basement.

    Any time someone has been turned away from the shelter they end up on my property or the property of my neighbors. I had one man completely strip down changing his clothes, he refused to leave my yard. He even urinated in my front yard twice before SPD arrived. I had a spanish speaking homeless man from the shelter use my yard for a toilet with the neighbors watching. It’s no fun to pick up human poop much less dog poop from your yard, especially if you don’t have a dog.

    The whole immediate neighborhood has suffered severely in the past with complaints to the church head office. In the past when the church has opened the basement as a shelter the Green Acres apartments had as many as 10 vacant apartments at one time because of encounters with an angry drunk or an under the influence of who knows what wasted homeless person who ends up sitting at the back door of the church.

    Many long time home owners who were raised in this neighborhood sold their family homes. One neighbor moved as close as six blocks away just to get away from the crime in the immediate neighborhood of the church. Homeless were caught breaking into his camper and sleeping in it as it was parked in his driveway.

    Every time the shelter has opened over the years the neighborhood has witnessed an increase of unreported broken windows in vehicles, car prowls, car thefts, drug dealers on the corners, and numerous nasty prostitutes are working the bus stops.

    In the darkness of the night or the light of day many neighbors have witnessed the property of the church being used by prostitutes for numerous years with complaints to the minister who is seldom around to see what is going on, he has a day job that keeps him very busy.

    The church has had considerable destruction at the hands of the homeless. Doors have been replaced from being kicked in by the homeless. The last group who stayed completely destroyed the lighting on the back of the church making the parking lot VERY dark next to the field where rapes have occured in the past. I ran off a nasty prostitute who was in the church parking lot offering blow jobs for $20.00 to my neighbors as well as the homeless at 6:00 AM as they were going to work.

    We have gone to the expense of installing a surveillance and alarm system to our property due to the numerous attempted break ins. We have worked too hard for what we have and my property is not a shopping center.
    Comment by Desi Russell Seefeld

  21. To recap-SHARE refused to run checks in this community and at this location, yet they run outstanding warrant AND sex offender checks for the Tent City 4 locations on the Eastside and have been since 2004.

    The checks are run for free by the King County Sheriff's Office, yet SHARE representatives stood before this community and said they couldn't run them because of the cost involved.

    Here is the link to the current permit for SHARE's Tent City 4 that was issued by Redmond. Note: warrant/sex offender checks are included in the permit.


    SHARE continues to lie and contradict themselves when they claim running checks here would be a “violation” of their rights, yet they run them at their Tent City 4.

    I'm no lawyer, but maybe someone who is can answer whether or not SHARE has set a legal precedent by running the warrant/sex offender checks at their Tent City 4?

  22. Maybe they'd welcome you volunteering your time to run the checks. I'm not sure Tent City is a good comparison for the Ballard shelter. And no, there is no “legal precedent.” Precedent is set by courts and has to do with rules of law, not the policies of private organizations.

  23. Exactly, Robin. These are the same people that would likely have no qualms about having a gaggle of predator priests move into a “retreat” in their neighborhood. The man in the nice house next door may be beating his wife. The one across the street with the new car in the driveway may be a raging alcoholic, but as long as it's done behind closed doors by “respectable” people, it's ok. Only when the poor become too visable, forcing us to confront our own hypocracy, does it become a problem.

    The neighborhood controversy is hiding behind issues of safety, when the real issue is facing poverty and homelessness head on, in our own back yard. It's uncomfortable to have more than you need when people with nothing are down the block. I spent a decade living among traditional Lakota people–people with the highest poverty rate in the country. But in their society, greed is shameful. Honor is gained by giving…even if all you have is one slice of bread. Even if the person is a stranger. Generosity is a virtue and it is a disgrace to have excess while another has nothing. The complete reverse of our white-bread culture–and this among the poorest of the poor.

    Ballard has the opportunity to be an example to the rest of the city, and by extention, the country. To show compassion, respect the dignity of the homeless, and afford basic human rights to those among us who have the least.

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

  24. They don't need me to run the checks. SHARE residents of Tent City 4 make a call to the King County Sheriff's Office during the intake of a new resident. At the time of check in, a new prospective resident must present a form of i.d. and this information is then given over the cell phone provided by SHARE to the KCSO to run the warrant/sex offender checks.

  25. Actually Robin, many neighbors volunteered their time to do the background check and SHARE threw a fit and said it was un-American and an invasion of privacy and wouldn't allow anyone to do it.

  26. Give me a break. I had a criminal background check done on me before I could tutor children living in a shelter and, I can assure you, I believe that policy is the correct one. So, what is SHARE grumbling about? Preconceived notions that some of the men slated to live in the church might have criminal records? Please explain to me the harm in doing the background checks.

    Putting a shelter into an EMPTY, NON-ACTIVE church — a building all the Loyal Heights neighbors have an interest in — is not a decision for a mere 36 people to make.

    Your compassion is commendable. But bleeding hearts are only one part of this equation with the shelter. The safety, security and various other interests and needs of the neighborhood have been summarily dismissed by the SHARE crowd.

    SHARE and the pastor are playing with fire here.

  27. It's been reported that these homeless folks are not from our backyard. They are bums looking for a free ride. Is that contributing anything to Ballard? What good things do they bring to Ballard?

  28. Sounds like SHARE enables and promotes the homeless lifestyle. This is an insult to the people living near this so called vacant church.

  29. “The neighborhood controversy is hiding behind issues of safety, when the real issue is facing poverty and homelessness head on, in our own back yard.”

    That is utter b.s. You really ought to know what you are talking about before you comment. Many people here are actively supportive of the neighborhood food bank, Real Change, and other programs to aid, house and feed the homeless.

    The typical NIMBY argument has no cache here. Ballard already has programs supporting the homeless population. But this area is becoming a dumping ground and yet, when neighbors ask questions and request something as simple as a background check, the enablers go all melodramatic.

    Oh, and whatever it is the Lakota have to do with a Ballard issue is exceedingly unclear, but it's really neat-o that you know about the Indians. So do I. Someday I'll tell you all about the night I had dinner with John Trudell. Until then, let's stick to the issue, eh?

  30. “the highest poverty rate in the country. But in their society, greed is shameful. “

    Well, maybe there's a connection between socialism and poverty?

  31. “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

    Uhh, only the US constitution is valid law in the US. Sorry, but if that angers you, put your anger in a short bumpersticker, add “Now!” at the end, and drive around town.

  32. Hopefully a few neighbors will set up video cameras to catch the drunks staggering through the neighborhood, some public urination and everything else this lazy merry band of folks will bring to Ballard.

  33. Thank you, Mickey and Ballard Mom for pointing this out. These inconsistant statements and claims made by SHARE are what fosters ill will in the community.

    The community was only asking for Level 3 sex offender checks. Far less than what is currently being done at SHARE's Tent City 4 on the Eastside, yet SHARE refused. In their refusal they made claims and statements which have now been proven to be false.

    It makes one wonder if they have something to hide? Otherwise, why the inconsistancy in running the checks at Tent City 4 yet refusing to run them here?

  34. i think from a legal standpoint, it would be a huge invasion of privacy for private citizens/neighbors who “volunteered” to do background checks – i'm sure they would also (conveniently) not approve any of the checks, whether or not they background was clean.

  35. the only people that should have voted on this are those that live next door. Its no surprise that the members voted heavily in favor because they don't live next door to it. What do they care? The members lives are not affected by it at all. I encourage those who live near by to be watchful, keep a camera or preferably a video camera handy and document everything. Familiarize yourself with who the homeless are that are using the shelter. Then when you see the same people urinating on your lawn, smoking crack in your alley, or having sex in your bushes, you have what you need to get the shelter closed.

  36. bum, we've been over this… what are you contributing to ballard? probably not much since you live in… issaquah? your mother's basement? the same questions you apply to the homeless apply to yourself…

  37. urinating in lawn, sex in bushes – have you been to fremont or ballard in the last 5 years? this happens on a weekly basis once all the bars close, and those people usu. aren't homeless…

  38. “Ballard has the opportunity to be an example to the rest of the city, and by extention, the country.”

    And that's why the people living next to this problem should stand up and just say NO to hobo hotel. There's no accountability or responsibility. Every week a different group of people coming and going.

    What good is it? Does it add to the quality of life? Nope!

  39. Mike you if you are so concerned with the plight of Ballards homeless, make some space on the floor and have a “Mike shelter”. My guess is you are a SHARE shill that lives in Kent, and makes his living from the generosity of others.

  40. that argument makes no sense.

    considering this is EXACTLY what SHARE/Calvary are doing, and everyone is pitching a fit. and unlike half the clowns complaining here, i do help the homeless.

    volunteering, financial and goods donations and supportin SHARE/TC.

    epic fail, troll detector.

    and i'm in the interstitial ballard/fremont area, not anywhere near kent, unlike yourself.

  41. “considering this is EXACTLY what SHARE/Calvary are doing”

    No they're not. Grimm and his congregation live no where near they new bum playground.

  42. This is soooo UNBELIEVABLE!! When is OUR REDEEMERS closing? Congregation is few in number, just asking……. and just think, then there would be ANOTHER empty BUILDING/X-CHURCH for SHARE to house the homeless, oh joy… GAG ME! Maybe we should provide a FREE SHUTTLE between the shelters, after all, wouldn't want anyone to get WET!
    I suppose OUR REDEEMERS is going to host another tent city in the near future too. Again I say, if OUR REDEEMERS congregation is so HOT to help the homeless, (and all others that take that stance) let the homeless live with them, IN THEIR HOMES, they shouldn't have a problem with this! I hope the meeting, May 20th, is PACKED, and PLEASE let someone that knows how to PASS a microphone do it, not the space cadet that did it at the last meeting, he was worthless! WE NEED SOMEONE WITH SOME LEGAL EXPERTISE HERE….HELP!!

  43. You may not have to submit to a background check to buy the house next door, but if you are a convicted sex offender, you do have to register your address, so at least your neighbors can be informed should they choose. That's the difference.

    This isn't an eithe – or issue …. You can have compassion for, donate to, and volunteer with homeless people/ homeless organizations and still feel like background checks are a wise choice. And you can simultaneously advocate for the rights of the neighbors and neighborhood. I agree that most homeless people aren't a threat. But that isn't the point. The point is that families nearby are having their neighborhood impacted and their legitimate concerns aren't being addressed. It'd be the same if they wanted to put a park and ride next door. It'll impact the area. Period.

    If SHARE does background checks at other shelters, what is the problem? I am put off at their unwillingness to compromise. I don't live in the immediate vicinity (and no, not on the Eastside) but have been following the issue. I'd check into the zoning that the churh and that area has. Can they sleep people there? It may impact their non profit status as a church if it doesn't align w/ their mission. I'd also sue them. I am not litigous by nature but sometimes only such drastic steps will ellicit a reaction. Surely there is a Ballard practitioner who can file on behalf of the neighbors?

    Good luck neighbors. I almost wish for some petty crime to happen b/c “Pastor Grumm told us that if a member commits a crime in the neighborhood, the shelter is “out of there,” ” Something small enough to cause their eviction…

  44. Require them to volunteer at a public school. You have to have a background check to volunteer at a school/ around kids.

    Kidding of course.

    Whoever mentioned insurance could be on to something. Most churches are insured under a group policy at the National level so find out which branch of the church is and report it to the National HQ. It is a HUGE liablility issue for the church if something happens.

  45. Bum B Gone! please do a little homework before you unload your prejudice on the rest of us. The majority of the men who will be sleeping at the Calvary shelter work. Share group membership is quite stable. People generally leave when they have managed to get an apartment. As for accountability and responsibility – these folks have to put up with more of both during their time together than most of us. There will be occassional meals served by the congregation that will be open to Calvary's neighbors. I suggest you come to one of them and get to know some of people you seem to think you know. I think you will find they do not fit your pre-conceptions.

  46. To JottoL……The “majority work” what are the rest doing during the day, shopping at the mall?? Work = $=pay your own way! Here's a concept (not a new one) maybe they could pool their money and RENT an apartment together (of course they may have to submit to a back ground/criminal/credit check, oh dear, probably a deal breaker!) Your entire statement: “as for accountability and responsibility blah blah then most of us” ARE YOU KIDDING? Many of us did meet some of these “folks” at the last meeting and after they spoke they FAR EXCEEDED MY PRE-CONCEPTIONS.

  47. i plan on attending this meeting.

    it will be interesting to see where everyone really stands – not just the feel-good PCtalk over dinner, but the true face of the community. not sure if i'm ready for the glimpse…

    i'm not for or against this really. i don't exactly “want” a homeless shelter in “my” neighborhood, but they have to exist somewhere, right? well, where?

    see you on the 20th….

  48. I suggest we mitigate this by keeping the church volunteerism aspect in place and easing up our tax burden (isn't that what we're after? privateers taking care of social issues and not a bigger govt.) and at the same time moving them to a more industrious area in Ballard: Mars Hill compound. They have some serious square footage and a few condo residents/retail in the area that would be impacted.

    Mars Hill has to have some sort of shuttle between its I-5 corridor, east side, and Olympia locations that could drop them near many work locations through the Northwest.

    And the church funds have to be fairly deep given the young professional crowd doing gods work. Seems win/win to me!

  49. Give a man a fish feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish feed him for life.

    Give a bum a free place to stay and a couple square meals a day…

    Who needs to be a productive member of society any more hand outs are coming.

  50. “This is a lovely 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath, 1927 Craftsman. All new appliances, furnace and water heater. Kitchen tastefully redone with granite countertops. Hard wood floors throughout and a fully finished basement.

    Oh that? That's the neighborhood homeless shelter. It comes with hot and cold running vagrants and the occasional pyschotic, rejected vagrants and if you're really lucky, the occasional sex offender.

    Would you like to make an offer?”

  51. The issue isn't even the shelter. It's the fact that SHARE is using the emotional issue of “privacy” to escape their responsibility to the community. I have no problem with a group of men using temporary housing in my area. But to say that the homeless in general are a kind bunch of jolly misfits is a stretch. I'm sure that people using shelters understand that they are privilege to use, with that comes a background check. SHARE giving people a good looking over as a check is a total farce, “don't judge a book by its cover” right? A total lack of accountability and responsibility that is the issue.

  52. I live right near this church, and I am 100% in favor of it being used as a shelter.

    I am sick of all the name-calling, lawsuit-threatening, xenophobic morons out there who equate the homeless with sexual predators.

    many of you people really need to get a life yourselves and stop worrying that the world is changing around you. if you want to do surveillance 24/7, then be my guest.

  53. Can anybody give us some facts here please. Can anybody give us the facts of money spent since the “great society” began to fix the situation? We HAVE been taxed/fee'd/guilted to freakin death already to fix this and too many other problems that government creates. Are they “safety nets” or “hammocks”? Is it a “hand-up” or a “hand-out”? If we all stopped GIVING these folks $$ at off-ramps etc perhaps they'd find something else to do. But then again, this IS Bizerkley North, and we'll get this and more taxation rammed down our throats. We are not being represented very well here in our non-democratic society. Take this neighbors. How does THIS make YOU feel today???

  54. A society is judged by how they treat the downtrodden aspects of that society. Half of the comments on here make no sense; we have had discourse about the homeless problems in Bergen Place, and whether or not crime is really an issue in Ballard, and other than that mostly all I have seen discussed here is a lot of here-say. Really, Ballard should be more accepting of this invitation to the homeless encampment: There has been no problems when it was housed in other locations (including Bellevue) and for Ballard to have a problem with it shows evidence of an even greater problem – the growing gentrification of what was once a working class town. Get over it poeple!

  55. They may have to exists….but do they ALL have to exist in Ballard?

    My issue is the unfair dumping of all the city's bums here. If they're good eneough for Ballard, they should be good enough for Ravenna, Magnolia, View Ridge, etc., etc.

    But noooooo….every scumbag in the state must be shoved into little odl Ballard. Why?

    Perhaps because we don't actively resist it.

  56. SHARE has been priven to be liars. This is an objective fact.

    The church leadership have been deceptive and manipulative — this is EXACTLY the outcome we knew was coming, with their little charade of having a secret vote among their “congregation” just a little bit of theater to help them spin what was a foregone conclusion.

    This “church” is nothing but a front for liars and sleazebags.

    The whole way they orchestrated this shows nothing but contemmpt for the community. I suggest the community respond in kind.

  57. Did you read the complaints from the West Seattle neighbors? Or the Phinney neighbors? Do you like beer cans. littler and human waste dumped in your yard? How about hundreds of ex-con sex offenders on your block? Doesn't sound very appealing. Not safe!

    The downtrodden created their own reality by smoking, drinking and being irresponsible.

  58. clown,

    we don't live in a democracy, we live in a republic.

    and tax rates have been significantly reduced since reagan left office. you've hardly been taxed to death. maybe spend some time in a country where the tax rate is about 40% for the average worker, and not just the wealthy.

  59. “I am sick of all the name-calling, lawsuit-threatening, xenophobic morons out there who equate the homeless with sexual predators.

    Xenophobic? So homeless are foreigners now? That's right up there with Mike's suggestion that the homeless are a race.

    That's the problem when the Looney Left gets hysterical and starts throwing out what -ism they can.

  60. No complaints in West Seattle?


    -I had one man threaten to kill me with his Mac10 after swinging a back pack full of glass beer bottles at my neighbors head.

    -I had one man completely strip down changing his clothes, he refused to leave my yard. He even urinated in my front yard twice before SPD arrived.

    -I had a spanish speaking homeless man from the shelter use my yard for a toilet with the neighbors watching. It’s no fun to pick up human poop much less dog poop from your yard, especially if you don’t have a dog.

    -Homeless were caught breaking into his camper and sleeping in it as it was parked in his driveway.

    -Every time the shelter has opened over the years the neighborhood has witnessed an increase of unreported broken windows in vehicles, car prowls, car thefts, drug dealers on the corners, and numerous nasty prostitutes are working the bus stops.

    -The church has had considerable destruction at the hands of the homeless. Doors have been replaced from being kicked in by the homeless.

    – I ran off a nasty prostitute who was in the church parking lot offering blow jobs for $20.00 to my neighbors as well as the homeless at 6:00 AM as they were going to work.

    -We have gone to the expense of installing a surveillance and alarm system to our property due to the numerous attempted break ins.

    Comment by Desi Russell Seefeld

  61. I own. and I can't wait for people like 'Ballardmom' to move away fast enough.

    in fact, if you've given up on your community, you might as well look for a new blog out in the burbs to comment on.

    btw, xenophobia is fear of all outsiders, not just foreigners.

  62. The people I know who are against having SHARE host a shelter do not think all homeless are sexual predators by any stretch. We do think that SHARE is irresponsible and reactionary and a bad neighbor. Most of us would support a shelter if it were run responsibly and with accountability. Having been homeless and worked with the homeless, I know that a free crash pad without accountability except to your bros is not helpful to anyone including the homeless involved. Accountability and compromise are part of our society and that's just the way it is – to say the homeless are victims and shouldn't live up to that responsibility does them a terrible injustice. Even my neighbor who is an MSW and has worked with the homeless for decades agrees that SHARE is a shady, unhelpful organization.

    There are a lot of well-run, responsible organization that really do have a great record of helping the homeless in this city. Most of us neighbors would welcome and gladly support them.

    Please take a moment to stop spewing propaganda that you hear from your nice house that I will bet you anything you do not have small children living in and deal with reality – not a philosophical concept that won't affect you when you turn off your computer.

    You are much more helpful to the homeless if you realize they are all individuals and like any group of individuals have responsible folks and really screwed up/dangerous folks. Unfortunately, there is a higher ratio of screwed up/dangerous folks in homeless populations than responsible down on their luck folks. That is just a sad fact. And one that I have personally lived – not one that I ignore because I've never been in the trenches and it makes me feel less guilty to just think anyone who I consider is a “victim” is a beautiful misguided soul who has just been oppressed by the man.

  63. I can't wait to get away from people like Sick of It who live in white-guilt ridden la la land either. You people are just as bad as all the far-right wing folks who live on Fox News propaganda only you're living on the SHARE and “oh my god – I don't want anyone to think I might be not be compassionate!” bullshit that I see taking over Seattle. Why don't you all go buy some Nighttrain for the Jesus like martyrs that now populate downtown Ballard and maybe even go buy them some crack while you're at it and hang out on Market Street with them and talk for an hour, then go home to your comfy houses and feel like you're so good and self-righteous and you have “helped them” with your unconditional love. As for SHARE – they were asked politely to make a compromise and they threw a hissy-fit like a toddler. I can't wait to get far far away from this madness.

    I'm sorry that there are organizations like SHARE and people like you who just make it worse for the homeless because the people who are really trying get stuck in lousy shelters like SHARE that don't help like the actual, responsible shelters that I've been involved with.

  64. Based on a few churches I've vistited in Seattle, that could also be unanimous agreement of their entire congregation. Many churches in Seattle are quite small. Have you noticed how many church mergers have happened in Ballard alone in the last few years? They are all getting so small that they can't keep their doors open so they merge.

  65. Why would they care to bring the facts to light? So that they could be called racists, homeless-phobics, fear mongers, chicken littles, etc.?
    The media is not going to inform anyone of the facts. Every news report that I saw or heard, didn't even mention the issues that SHARE has failed to be truthful about, and simply stated that neighbors were opposed to the shelter. Not a word as to why we are opposed.
    I expect that the neighborhood watches should take it from here, and to report all illegal activity. We must be vigilant, and watch out for ourselves. We are truly alone in this.

  66. So, what example are they hoping to make of us? That personal responsibility is passe? That accountability is old school? That expecting it is racist? I'm sick of misguided Christians thinking they are doing Gods work with the Devils tongue. Enable grown men to be career bums, host them in a neighborhood that has never been theirs, and demean my good and responsible neighbors in the process. Go to Hell.
    You 'holier than thou' nitwits are just as lazy as the bums. What have you done to end homelessness? Anything? Nope, nitwits jeopardizing this community, and no shame…

  67. Boy, you are indeed a legal scholar…NOT! And to add insult to us for suspecting that a clean background wouldn't be honored?
    More shame, more lies, more BS…you clowns have lost it all.

  68. This church is in it for the windfall, more welfare than their current tax havens allow for. It's greed, and it should not come without a heavy price.

  69. Thank you for your words of encouragement….please repeat them often…
    I will continue to fight. And, I'm ready to contribute handsomely to anyone that can stop this farce from occurring.

  70. Robin, I find your attitude to be flip, frankly. And further more, we aren't sheltering 'Ballard's homeless', that is a lie, again. You all are importing homeless into Ballard. Huge difference. But, that's a fact, and facts don't fit into your head, do they?

  71. That's totally irrelevant, not to mention unfair. Not everyone can afford a $400,000 home in Ballard. I rent my place and have just as much antipathy for SHARE's tactics as anyone. I'd also be willing to bet I've been more active in my neighborhoo'd issues than you have. Some of your prejudice's are really ridiculous.

    Get off your high horse and stick to the topic. Unless all you really want to do is start a class war over who can afford to own and who can't.

  72. It's not a high horse, it's fact. You can't be lazy, waiting for the next round of handouts, and still afford to buy a house, anywhere.
    But we should give them away, to the laziest of us…no logic, no benefit to anyone, especially the career lazy. What a disservice to all, appalling.

  73. I'd wager that most people share this more nuanced view of the situation, but those people aren't likely to post a comment simply accepting reality. The extremists in both directions are the ones who comment giving the impression that the community is a bunch of extremists.

  74. The Lyndon Larouche fundraisers let you have the day off? If you want a Libertarian society you can certainly move to Somalia where there's been no functioning government for over a decade.
    Don't confuse a moral society with a very minimal safety net for a society that is actually willing to tackle the root problems. We haven't even scratched the surface of what needs to be done and I don't think we ever will. What you are seeing on the street are the people who missed the net entirely either because it was too small or by choice.

  75. I doubt that the problems will come from the 20 guys in the shelter, but rather from the 40 friends of the 20 guys in the shelter who can't get in to the shelter but have to wait outside.
    None of this would even be an issue if we hadn't just experienced a spike in crime that woke up everyone to the fact that we have an inadequate police force. Nothing against the SPD officers, but there just isn't enough of them to do the job and they don't have an organization that is very proactive about street level policing. Add to this that the City has been very coddling of the bums* who do cause problems, ignoring the homeless who could use help, and you have a perfect storm where the troublemakers can make all the trouble they want and the citizens are fairly helpless to do anything about it.
    I don't really oppose this shelter in principle, I think we need to do more for the legitimately homeless who need some stability to get back on track, but the underlying situation is such that this isn't really going to do much except enable some of the bums* to have a good time.

    *Though most bums are homeless, not all homeless are bums. There's a difference.

  76. That is not true. It will NOT be a new group every week. These folks are in *transition* so there will be a few folks who change from week to week, but not, as you stated, a new group every week.

  77. Thanks SPG. There is a difference, and we have been handed a situation that makes that discerning harder to make, instead of easier.
    Also true, that if the SPD wants to be responsible to the safety of this neighborhood, they need to revisit how it is policed, namely, boots on the ground.
    In addition, the 'tag along' element is quite disturbing to consider, for one, increasing the number of bums that can't get in, will be an issue. The number of drug related, sex related, crime related incidents will come from those attracted, more than those housed.
    I oppose the shelter, simply, because it is enabling poor choices to continue.
    It's not a reasonable or responsible approach to end homelessness.
    It's my major complaint of SHARE, in general. And mostly, because Ballard is simply not prepared for the consequences.

  78. I hope you do too, because these folks don't want to screw up a good thing. They do not want to cause a ruckus and be back on the streets or the bed bug ridden shelters the city runs. These people a clearly trying to transition and have responsibilities to the shelter to have the privileged of a roof over their heads.
    Please, yes, let's all set up camera's so we can catch them being the good neighbors they claim to be and if they are not, then let's address that.
    I am disappointed by the lack of working with the neighbors and asking residents who want to stay at Calvary to give a background check. I would also feel better if I knew that there are not violent sext offenders or convicted child molesters set into such a family oriented neighborhood.
    With that said, let's go ahead and let SHARE prove us wrong. I'd really like that, I really would.

  79. You are trying to tell us that the congregation at Our Redeemers do not live in Ballard? You are certainly whacked. Yes they do and off hand I know a dozen. Where do you get your facts…The Onion? Cuz you make no sense and are outright wrong.

  80. BallardMom – I am so glad your not my mom; your kids must be afraid of everything there is including the things not necesary to be afraid of. Oh and the “compromise” you speak of is a background check on all the inhabitants to see if any are sex offenders: You also want us to live in a police state> Maybe you should get a psychological evaluation to see if your fit to be a mother, how would it feel to have that pushed upon you. SHARE is trying to help these people get out of “homelessness” not perform the actions of law enforcment.

  81. “with you” as in…someone who has no real stake in this neighborhood, and who will move along to someplace else when there's a trendy new bar opened?

    The point is that homeowners have a BIG stake in this neighborhood. Renters may or may not, but it's much easier for them to walk away when the place turns to crap.

    Maybe that's why “Mickey” has so much empathy for the bums…

  82. You have been homeless? I don t think that the comments of a former drug addicted prostitute should be published or relevant to this forum.
    This is a decent community and people with a past like yours should not be here. Women like you are the beacon which attract the scum we are currently dealing with.

  83. “You are much more helpful to the homeless if you realize they are all individuals…”

    But I've HAD IT with being helpful to the homeless. I don't want to be helpful, and I'm not going to be. My limit has been reached, exceeeded, and I'm done with that.

    As far as I'm concerned, the homeless can go to hell. And so can all their enablers.

    I used to be very supportive of programs to aid the homeless. I've helped out individuals, I've regularly donated time and money to agencies that are dedicated to helping the homeless.

    Not any more.

    Why? Because Ballard has done way more than our fair share. There is NO reason for Balrd to be this city's dumping ground for bums, yes BUMS, and that's exactly what Ballard has become.

    When the city starts distributing the scumbags across other neighborhoods instead of flushing them all here, then and only then will my compassion return. Until then, ALL the homeless and the homeless-support networks can go to hell, and I urge everyone else who cares about tis neighborhood to take a similar stand, and let these enablers know why you have withdrawn your support and started to oppose them.

    Don't like it? Tough.

  84. Eeeeew.

    Proud Ballard resident for the past15+ years.

    I have a *big* stake in Ballard and how dare you just assume that I do not, are you my neighbor? Would you speak to me on the street like that and make those assumptions without the internet as your hiding place…I think not.

    I'm the one who volunteers, walks & drivves kids to school, teaches them manners and makes them and all their friends wear HELMETS (other parents where are you on this) when on wheels. Taxi the kids @ when it gets dark outside. Been in softaball, baseball, basketball and arts through Ballard CC or Loyal heights CC. I also volunteered every single year, elementary and middle.
    I buy and read the real change newspaper. Use the library. Pay my utils at the service center. Engage with my neighbors and want to help those that are less fortunate or made wrong turns where I made right.

    Ballard_Sucks_Now is a great example of who I want to avoid in Ballard and exactly the new condo trendy “I'll take you over then tell you how it's going to be” attitude that *would* drive me from my home of 15+ years not a freakin' shelter..get real.

    There was a time not long ago that a good portion of the 'drunk & homeless' in Ballard were fishermen. No one complained then because mostly we knew em….and we were a sleepy little fishing village…

  85. You should quit bitchin and call the abandoned vehicle # or non emergency police. I've always had luck with that approach ad I didn't need a crowd of listeners to pat me o the back when I did it or worse, your technique…bitch whine and *do nothing*.

  86. Dude, lay off of mom, you want some action, it's in the church parking lot in…3…2…1…
    And no, they are not looking to help anyone but themselves. The homeless will not be helped, the community will not be helped.
    Again, cash the check, and may it bless your guilt ridden souls.

  87. There are no moldy old Winnebagos with bums living inside parked on my block. If/when that happens, you can be sure I won't simply stand by and let it go on.

  88. Your comments are just inane. And stop mischaracterizing things I've written. I've seen both sides of the homelessness issue, up close. I very much doubt you have. I;ve also been calling for SHARE to work with the community and agree to the background checks. Maybe you need to pay better attention.

    As for your silly little class war against renters, it's tiresome and irrelevant. But I'm sure you'll keep it up as long as you have nothing of value to add to the conversation. This way, you get to be provocative, which, in the end, is really all you've got.

    Finally, there's no need for you to put my name in quotes. I use my real name on this blog, which is more than I can say for you, hiding behind your (cough) ironic use of the name “Vagrant”.

    ***Geeky Swedes: This is why I stopped commenting on this blog for more than a month. It seems impossible to hold a substantive conversation about homelessness without having to wade through the vileness that's spewed here by those who only want to start fights.

  89. Can you explain how SHARE is just enabling poor choices?
    If you don't like SHARE, then is there a different shelter or system that you do like?

  90. Chopper74 – Your response doesn't even make sense in relation to my comment.

    Are you really suggesting that all renters are lazy people waiting for handouts? If so, that's one of the more ridiculous and offensive things I've read from you. You are usually a bit more reflective than that.

    I won't bore you with all the years I ran my own business and still worked a second job in order to make ends meet and save something for the future. This argument about homeowners vs. renters will solve nothing. I can promise that.

  91. Perhaps I am an idiot, Bum B Gone. But it appears that I also know a lot more about the kind of people that participate in SHARE shelters than you do. Calling people whom you do not know derogatory names is irresponsible and childish. I'm sure with a little effort you will be able to participate in the discussion here pro or con without that kind of behavior.

    Why not do some research. Go get interviewed by SHARE. But first get drunk or high and tell them you just want a place to hang out and have no interest in finding a job or getting your own place, and see if you get into one of their shelters. Of if that's too demanding a project for you, simply come to one of the open dinners that will be held while SHARE is in the church and get to actually know the people involved.

  92. Explain how members of SHARE are trying to help themselves here; not performing a selfless act, and I will see your point. Other than that everyone that writes comments on a blog gives up thier rights to not be disputed, harrased, criticised, “flamed” (whatever that is), and whatever other word you can come up with here to describe how I disputed “mom,” because that is plain and simply the point of the comment section on this blog. Here's something funny; find anyone that has lived in Ballard for more than twenty-five years (no one commenting here obviously) – and ask them what the most noticable change is – thier answer will always be the condos. The homeless have always been here, the minor crime has always been here, none of the issues that seem to be the “hot button” issues on this community blog are the real issues because the poeple discussing here aren't real Ballard residents, just transplants like myself and anyone that says they aren't is just lying because its all to easy to do on a blog and too easy to get away with. The only poeple I see commenting on this blog are terrified, overtly tv enculturated yuppies, worried that thier saabs and volvo's are going to get broken into: You've got insurance, deal with it, the homeless are more important anyways because as a wise man once said, “A society is ultimately judged by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members.”

  93. Oh and everytime you post one of your ignorant, infantile statements (like all the ones on this page) I keep looking at your image of two hands making a heart and can't help but laugh at how silly it makes you look. Should probably change your image to something more apt like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant, man Im funny, hahahhahahhhaaaa!

  94. Yes, Mymble even the homeless people who are able to present themselves in a manner that would give a potential employers reason to hire them have trouble landing jobs. The kind of jobs that people with only a GED or less could get 15 or 20 years ago are pretty scarce. As for housing, yes when you are not employed, have been in jail even for non-felony crimes, and have no credit to speak of, getting housing is very difficult. Some of the people in shelters could use some coaching when it comes to getting a job and housing. Come have dinner with the SHARE group sometime. Maybe you will have some positive ideas to contribute.

  95. …..to say that the homeless in general are a kind bunch of jolly misfits is a stretch.” Who's saying that, Notah8er? Among the homeless, thanks to US social policy regarding adicts and the mentally ill, many of the homeless are seriously disturbed and not acceptable residents in any normal residential situation. We do have a few places in Seattle that do a good job with the mentally ill – we have a special shelter for some such people in Ballard that does a fair job of giving them a safe place off the street each night. And there are a few places in Seattle where active alcoholics can live but not enough. But SHARE is no solution for such people. It simply doesn't take them. And if someone who has been accepted shows up high or drunk, they are escorted out of the shelter, put on a bus, and not allowed to come back.

  96. Some churches in Ballard are considering how to help people living in their cars or other vehicles. St. Luke's Episcopal Church is working with one gentleman and doing a good job of it. But those of us living near Calvary need not worry. As those of us who live in the neighborhood know, Calvary has no parking lot.

  97. I trust that the majority of us participating in this blog will agree, SickOfDruggies, you win! I don't think anyone – at least during the past few days – has been anywhere near as self-righteous as you.

  98. Thanks for the theological reflection, Ballard_Sucks_Now. But as a matter of fact, churches like Trinity Methodist and Our Redeemers are doing quite well and will not likely being going to hell anytime soon..

    Sorry you burnt out. Maybe you tried to do too much on your own. Good ol Northwest American individualism, no doubt, has some admirable aspects, but it's ability to deal with serious social problems is not one of them. When you get right down to it, people who do not participate in a network or community simply do not have the where-with-all to impliment or stop social strategies. But don't give up, maybe you can get some people together who can meet each Sunday and plot how to keep Ballard free of America's social problems. Call up the local Republican Party. Maybe they'll agree to put up one of those fences they're so fond of.

  99. Good, Norwegian, are you sure you are Norwegian? Been back to the old country recently? Now if you want to talk about real taxaction there's a place you should really check out. You might also notice that their cities do not have thousands of homeless people looking for a place to sleep. They work less than we do. Have more vacation, better health care for the average guy. They also seem to be a good deal happier than the average American. Yup let's keep those taxes down. That'll solve our problems.

  100. Dear SPG & chopper, if you were more familiar with the behavior of homeless people, you would know that they don't waste their time lining up or hanging around a shelter that they know they have no chance of getting into.

  101. A windfall? That's really funny. Come to Our Redeemer's some Sunday and ask to talk to someone on our finance committee. I'm sure they'll be amused to talk to you about all the money the congregation will be bringing in. It might just cover the cost of the heating and electricity, maybe.

  102. Robin, there is a distinction between a background check and checking against the sex offender list. One of the requests of the neighbors was for checks against the sex offender list (not a complete background check).

    If someone lives next door to you and is a convicted sex offender – they must register their address – so the public is aware of their address. However, those sex offenders that are homeless (and no, I am not saying all homeless people are sex offenders, etc.) register as “homeless” and thus there is no address.

  103. Oh really….who's doing the screening on that??? Do they blow into a 'bretheran-ilizer' before 10pm These people have no “rules” unless they decide to enforce them.

  104. These people are not the 'weakest' or 'most vulnerable' and they are smart enough to know how to USE the system and society! They may not blog as much as we do but you can be sure their lines of communication are just as effective! I hate being taken!

  105. Not everyone who can't afford to buy a house is lazy. Chopper, I'm surprised at how sweeping your generalizations have become. I've agreed with you a lot in the past but not on this one.

  106. FYI, applicants are screened downtown and then sent to shelters – so hopefully they won't have a line of those wanting to get in at the building itself.

  107. Ballardmom isn't dissing the homeless or being a nimby – she said she'd support a more responsible organization's shelter. I find it strange that everyone is jumping on a pretty balanced post.

    And the compromise was Level 3 sex offender checks. NEWS FLASH – if you live somewhere and you are a convicted sex offender – you have to register your address. It's not an invasion of privacy! and again, there's a difference between level 3 sex offender checks and a full background check.

  108. I'm talking about the ones that don't care to get in, but just want to hang out with their buddies who are in. That seemed to be the problem that West Seattle had reported.

  109. Then the person who's friends are 'hanging out' gets thrown out. That is a totally fictional scenario and does not happen BTW.
    But hey, thanks for helping to spread misinformation and fear! Great job.

  110. Sorry, with reference to career homeless, I'm spot on. How dare they expect someone else to provide housing. Asking, requesting, working toward that goal themselves is what is required. This is not what the issue is, this is demanding, in our faces, and they started my angst by maligning my good neighbors in this forum, and in print. They can and will deal with the result.

  111. Share is ignorant and infantile.
    I'm sorry that you think my heart is silly, at least I have one, and I'm not afraid to show it. Is there anything that you love? Certainly not my neighbors…

  112. The heavy price will be less funding for SHARE, not more, as is anticipated. At a time when the community is the only hope for future funding of SHARE, they shown themselves to be pathetic, and unsupportable, imho. I predict that they pivot, or perish.

  113. lol…more familiar? I don't think it's possible. I see the homeless hanging around Ballard all day, and these can't get into the shelter, it's not even open yet. I do see them lining up for all the other red carpet rides in town, so this shelter is special… how?

  114. We need to treat them as grown men, or we will be judged harshly. I cannot allow grown men to be enabled and further their own decline. The weak need to be strengthened, the vulnerable need to be protected, even if it is from them themselves, and then, you may judge how you wish.

  115. I'm not disseminating rent vs. buy. I'm explaining that a roof requires effort, as any fool should know. The lazy, if they have a roof of any kind, is due to enabling. That is wrong.

  116. Yes, there is a system I support, have supported, and will continue to support.
    I've had a few things to say on the subject, as anyone here can attest. But suffice to say, every word is archived on this blog.

  117. This is what's so annoying about you!!!

    Where do you get the right to claim, because someone disagrees with you, they don't have a heart.

    Honestly, I don't understand the jumps your brain makes.

  118. lol…it jumps to another drummer…
    Perhaps you'll catch the rhythm, perhaps not. That is your choice, from your perspective.
    Don't think that mine is vacant, because it doesn't fit in your little box.

  119. I'm not going to play the one up each other's expertise game, I'll just congratulate you for being more homeless than I can ever hope to be.
    How am I spreading misinformation by repeating the reports of West Seattle's experiences? Unless that's complete fiction that the neighbors there had problems with people hanging around the shelter. Maybe it is, but I doubt it. If anything, the problems with homeless people tend to be underreported.

  120. BIB, Anyone who doesn't agree with your point of view is accused of spreading misinformation.
    I don't think that we can lump everyone of any group together, but I'm not surprised that a lot of people are getting fed up because of what they see on the street everyday.

  121. sorry silence, I have to make sense to someone, even if it is I, alone ;-(
    Open your eyes, your mind, your heart. I know they're in there.

    I've hit some vein, but, maybe it's nothing.

    Have peace, seriously.

  122. Nothing you have said here on this blog makes any sense, you show no sign of compassion with your statements, and if your decisions come from the heart it is not apparent to this reader – sorry!

  123. The argument isn't whether the inhabitants of the shelter should have “level 3” sex offender checks done on them (maybe they should, maybe they shouldn't); the argument is whether the organization SHARE should do/ or require that background checks be done on them because some residents of Ballard asked for it to be done at a public meeting. Thats not what SHARE does, you want background checks done on the individuals; do it yourself, seriously!

  124. Mike, so you camped out on this story for the moment it was posted.
    Just so that you could hurl your puke on my neighbors?
    I don't understand the motive, or the anticipated result.
    But over 300 comments later….you can see it.

  125. Like I said, maybe it's nothing.
    Sorry to this reader, but I don't intend to make sense to everyone, because, seriously, are you paying attention?
    If so, then you miss the point entirely.

  126. Every community in the neighborhood of every shelter has requested the same, we, are somehow excluded, discounted and ignored. Need the links be posted yet again???
    What a bunch of idiots!
    We offered to PAY for the checks, SHARE refused!
    Get a clue.
    Nope, you'll spout off about racism, nimbyism, whateverism…
    You people have no shame.

  127. btw, the courts have required the checks in every other jurisdiction. Why not here?
    Thanks, MC friggen Cheese, et al….because we are the toilet of Seattle, simply put, all the crap and a-holes are pointed here.
    Sorry neighbors, I've lost it again.
    (but I was provoked, imho.)

  128. Based on your lack of historical knowledge of this group and your ignornance of the workings of this City and just general short sightedness your predictions are more like spit in the wind.

  129. Actually, it was mentioned in the public meeting and then there were meetings between neighbors of the Calvary building, Our Redeemers and SHARE trying to come to an agreement so the shelter could move forward. But in the end, there were no concessions from SHARE to neighborhood concerns.

  130. ok, let's examine the tired old verbiage of 'less fortunate'…
    Cleft palate?
    Muscular dystrophy?
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
    Crones disease?
    Lazy?…ooops, that slipped in there…
    Of course, I could go on about 'less fortunate', but

  131. I live within four blocks of the church think that you are 100% full of Sh**.

    There is no way someone/anyone who really lives near the church is for this.

  132. What?

    Do you mean “nerve” instead of “vein?”

    If so, not really. I just feel like you spout off things without being educated on the topic.

  133. I have no intent to be hostile, for what it's worth. I also have no intent to let these individuals create harm for my neighbors, and will seek their removal without hesitation if it's warranted.
    They'd better take their task seriously, in fact, much more seriously than they've taken our concerns to date.

  134. Yup, and if we knew each other, we might well find that there are a whole lot of things we agree on despite the critical values and issues we don't agree on.

  135. I have some questions for JottoL. as you seem to be a spokesperson for Our Redeemers.

    For the most part the Calvary building is unused. They have one weekly meeting on Saturday, a soup kitchen on Monday and other than an occasional special event this building is empty. The other SHARE shelter on 23rd and 65th operates in a building that is used daily by an active congregation, plus they have a caretaker that lives in the building. The church currently hosting the SHARE shelter coming to Calvary has a live in caretaker and the pastor lives next door. Plus, they have an active congregation meeting in their building. The SHARE shelter that operates on Phinney also has an active congregation and the building is used on a daily basis.

    Question #1: How will O.R. keep track of the impact on the Calvary building, grounds and neighbors without an active presence in the church?

    This shelter is scheduled to run for a year. The latest info released from O.R. says they will be meeting the men from the shelter for the first month only. Having first hand experience with the soup kitchens that are and were being run from this facility, O.R. does not have a good track record for volunteers helping out long term.

    Question #2: What assurance do the neighbors have that O.R. will not forget the men of this shelter and their commitment to meeting the mens needs will not waiver?

  136. First, I've never claimed to be Christian, even if I was, you must be aware that it is a walk that varies from person to person, their judgment, choices, beliefs, actions will be just as varied.
    It's between them and their God, and I would find it to be none of my business.
    However, if choices, beliefs, actions unduly impact their neighbor, it's a different ballgame. That's where I'd take exception, not so much for their beliefs, but for the impact on their neighbors, and I would defend those neighbors earnestly.
    Your assumption of how I would respond to an individual in need isn't fair, but, you have the right to your opinion of me.
    I most certainly would have to discuss their situation, where they are and why, I'd want to know who they are, before I would house them, feed them, provide for their needs.
    If they were unable or unwilling to be known, I would be unwilling, and unable to help them. I won't put my family, friends, and neighbors in jeopardy for some lofty goal. Nobody is going to call me Mother Theresa, but they won't call me cold hearted either, well, except in this forum, and for that I shake my head, too often, but I'm disliked in general by many, most have never met me. Too bad, because I really do have a good heart. imho.
    I'm very unhappy with SHARE, and that's my focus….of course, the church is now an accomplice to their nonsense. Too bad, because I don't much care to be at odds with a church. Take it for what it's worth.

  137. JottoL of OR, tell me why these gentlemen of SHARE are so reluctant to submit to active warrant and child predator status checks? I speak to those with active warrants running from the authorities and those with sex predator histories avoiding a place to stay so as not to register as the law requires. Those of us in the neighborhood are held captive to our domiciles and jobs unable to shield ourselves from the authorities should they want to find us, why should it be different for them?

  138. you maynot require a background check to buy a house..but IF you are a sex offender you are required to register your new address, and your neighbors can at least now that you are in the neighborhood…what follow up on this is being done for those men who MAY be sex offenders and move into our neighborhood? I am all for helping the homeless, but I am also protecting my children and neighbors too…

  139. Statistically your children are far more at risk from you if you are male and from your male relatives than from strangers.
    What assurance can you give us that you are not molesting them?

  140. “The lives we've gotten – families, homes and jobs – are at stake and we will fight for what is right.”

    Jobs? Families? Homes? You're afraid you'll lose all that just because some homeless people are sleeping in a vacant building? Tell me, just how are you going to lose your jobs? Has your employer told you, “You let those people sleep in that church and you're outta here?” If you own a business, have your customers told you they'll abandon you for your competitors? Have you people lost your minds?

    I thought Ballard was tougher than this. I also thought it was kinder than this. But it seems neither of those are true.

  141. Sarah68

    'What we have here is a failure to communicate…some “men” just don't see'.

    The uproar is not so much the men sleeping in a dead church but rather the baggage 'homeless' bring with them. Mental illness, substance abuse, running away from warrants or child support or previous ill encounters, refusal to register as a sex offender. No support because they've burned bridges with family, friends and possibly other 'help' groups. In and out of jail for petty or gross crimes. Refusing a structured living environment to 'living free and easy' until it gets too tough out there. Then you have groups like SHARE whose agenda is to 'house 'em all' without regard to the element they are introducing to the neighborhood.

    By the way, how many OR congregants live in the area?

  142. Sorry to say this “faux,” cause you genuinely seem like a nice person; but you sound out of touch with what is going on; possibly to old to fully understand the wide array of different characters that hang out in and around Ballard. The poeple you were describing that were playing frisbee don't sound like the same “homeless drunks” that have been discussed on earlier posts, and described as druged up, drunk, and generally perveyors of lude behaivior. They really just sound like some of the kids from the Chai House playing frisbee in a park – that may or may not have been drunk. So what, this sounds like perfectly acceptable park behaivior (I know this park has no grass and not alot of room), but nonetheless – can we not figure out a way to not group everyone into this “law abbiding” and “non-law abiding” category. This is not the make up of our society, we are poeple living in a country that prides itself on the freedom to play friggin frisbee in a park. And, if it was the homeless drunks that I know (and love in a sick way) that can hardly run much less play frisbee because they are suffering from the late stages of alcoholism: More power to em for enjoying themselves for once, cause from this commenters perspective–thier's appear to be hard depressing lives. Somtimes the way poeple sound when describing transient lifestyle there are glimmers of jeaulousy, I catch a little glimmer of that in your piece “faux.” If you want to get drunk and play some frisbee “faux” you should try it–I personally pay my taxes, work forty-plus hours a week, take an active role in politics; so that I can drink a few beers and play some frisbee, that is The United States Of America that I am proud of.

  143. Aren't you one of those who screeches about homeless people sleeping in the greenbel, in abandoned properties or in the park?
    So if you don't wanna “house them all” and you don't want them at large, wht do you suggest? Eradicate them?

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