Mystery time capsule to be opened

The old Norway Center on lower Queen Anne, most recently called the Mountaineers Building is almost completely demolished, but a piece of Seattle Norwegian history has been saved. Last month, demolition crews found a time capsule at the property and gave it to the president of the Leif Erikson Lodge. Although no one knows when the capsule was sealed, local lore says that the box was relocated from the original Norway Hall at 2015 Boren Ave, which was built in 1915 to the lower Queen Anne location before the cornerstone dedication on December 31, 1950. We spoke with Russ Oberg, the president of the Lodge who says the big, black metal box is 12 by 12 by four inches tall and weighs no more than five pounds. On June 7th, nearly 60 years after the 1950 ceremony, the mystery time capsule will be opened at the current Leif Erikson Hall (2245 NW 57th St.) in Ballard. There will be a ceremony at 3 p.m. followed by the opening of the box. Oberg is expecting a lot of paperwork, and jokes that there will probably be no money or jewels inside.

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