BHS football needs money for new uniforms

The Ballard High School football team needs new football uniforms. According to Coach John Bowers the current uniforms don’t match and the Freshman jerseys are worn out. Parents and boosters are working to raise $10,000 so the team will have new uniforms for the 2009 season. On Saturday, June 13th is a “parents night out” event to help raise money to buy the uniforms. Starting at 7 p.m. at the Sunset Hill Community Center (3003 NW 66th St) there will be a wine tasting, silent auction, raffle and hors d’ouerves. The cost is $20 per person or $35 per couple and you get 2 wine tastings. More wine tastings can be purchased there. To buy tickets email Heather Fox at

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9 thoughts to “BHS football needs money for new uniforms”

  1. How many jerseys are they purchasing? Is the money for other things as well or just jerseys? $10k seems like a lot (100 jerseys at $100/each?)

  2. umm – unless you want them running out on the field in just jerseys I think there may be more to the uniform. Now, I'm not saying it wouldn't be interesting and maybe get some national press even.

  3. too bad it isn't earlier….. drinking wine and watching soccer are two of my fav past times. with the sounders match that night, this conflicts with the latter

  4. I thought the same thing at first, but quality sports gear is pretty expensive.
    I'm guessing this is just for pants and shirts, maybe socks.

    I think the freshman team should get dibs if they don't raise all the cash.
    playing in a 'worn-out' jersey is much worse than one that 'doesn't match'

    I could just imagine the opponent's cheerleaders:
    “HA-Ha–Beavers are wearing stripes AND polka dots–LET'S CRUSH EM”

  5. So all the hop-a-thons, hula-fests, bake sales, etc, etc STILL aren't “enough” huh? And the children will be held as hostages, again? Why not, while giving teachers pink slips, let a room full of bureaucrats go instead of treating the rest of us like this? Much like closing a DMV office, they take away a rattle and tell us to keep quiet, while they never “sacrifice”. How many kids does a room full of paper pushers feed/educate? TIme to re-think how we do this “educating” thingee.

  6. Just so you know, they don't do hop-a-thons, hula-fests, or bake sales. Last year BHS had to have uniforms for almost 80 kids! That's a lot of boys who are out practicing after school, working to maintian grades and taking pride in their school instead of running around after school and getting into mischief! No one is out asking for money, they are holding a parents night where for a small amount of money parents can go and socialize with friends and family, have a great night out, and support their students and community at the same time. So as a proud Ballardite~GO BEAVERS!!!

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