Large crowd expected at the NOOD Regatta

This weekend is the 2009 Sperry Top-Sider National Offshore One Design (NOOD) Regatta sponsored by the Seattle Yacht Club and the Corinthian Yacht Club at Shilshole.

This is a shot of the Whistling Swan from our buddy KJ of last week’s spring race. The weather for the NOOD Regatta is supposed to be sunnier and warmer than last weekend and organizers are expecting a large crowd. According to an email we received, the Port of Seattle has already post notices down at the docks to expect more than 200 boat entries and 500 extra people wandering around. This means that traffic could be a mess and parking will probably be at a premium both at Shilshole and at Golden Gardens. If you’re thinking of taking in the sun at Golden Gardens or want to watch the regatta, here is a schedule of the regatta events (.pdf). (Thanks Heidi for the email!)

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8 thoughts to “Large crowd expected at the NOOD Regatta”

  1. Can it get any better?
    Took a walk down along Shilshole a couple of times last weekend – very nice and while not quiet, restful.
    Looking forward to more people watching.

  2. Watching a sailboat race is like watching paint dry – it's pretty boring. Dull as dishwater.

    Pretty exciting to be out there in the action though. A few weeks ago, Mr. Lakreitz and I were out racing on Lake Wash. in high breeze and hanging on for dear life. Somebody was taking pictures of the races and it looks like 'meh…no big deal.' I hope this link works because the photos, while well done, do not convey terror that I felt to be out there. I was grateful (and cold) to make it back to shore without swimming.
    or try this and click on the link to the race photo links at the home page

  3. Last year they were dealing with the closed North end access GGD. They actually did a pretty nice job routing traffic down Leary at 24th.
    Hard to see the races..yes but if you have a pair of binocs focus on the start area and the red/yellow turning marks… and cheer for us!

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