Parade forecast: sunny and spectacular

It’s a beautiful day for a parade! The forecast for today’s Syttende Mai festivities — the parade kicks off at 4 p.m. — is a perfect 75 degrees. That’s a big improvement over last year’s 88 degree event, which left some parade participants sweating under their Norwegian sweaters.

The parade begins at the corner of 24th Ave. and 62nd St., marches down 24th to Market St., and then concludes at Bergen Place. Don’t forget to get there a little early, as many people stake out prime seating in advance, and parking is always very difficult. We’ll be there shooting photos and video, so make sure you visit My Ballard later this evening for all the highlights. And for the full schedule of Syttende Mai events, click here.

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vikings and clogs and so much more! still really crazy and packed. next year i'm wearing black metal corpse paint… nothing better!


If ya sqvint, one can actually see Helga and Tinga in the picture here. Look real close.