Bear heads north to Shoreline, disappears

Update 10 p.m.: The black bear that ran through the middle of Ballard early this morning made a stop Monday afternoon in Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline, temporarily closing the park to the public. But a half hour later, it ran south a couple blocks and hasn’t been seen since. Here’s the latest version of our map, which tracks the bear since it swam over from Magnolia:

View Bear sightings in Ballard in a larger map

Fish & Wildlife officials, meanwhile, have discontinued the search because they don’t believe the small bear is dangerous. The bear had quite a day, swimming across the Ship Canal from Magnolia into Ballard late Sunday night, criss-crossing its way through the neighborhood with police and wildlife officials in close pursuit with tranquilizer guns and tracking dogs. The bear disappeared for several morning hours — wildlife officials believe it was taking a nap — before heading sharply north into Shoreline. There, the media joined the chase (video), with TV crews on the ground and choppers swirling overhead.

If and when Fish & Wildlife captures the bear, it will be “moved to where he belongs, to the woods somewhere,” said Sgt. Kim Chandler.

As is customary, Seattleites like to name our famous wildlife, so what would you name the bear? Post a few of your favorites in comments below…

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  1. Just heard a rumor here at work that they got the bear up in Shoreline by 145th. A co-worked was texted that it was caught around teh corner from a friend's house. Let's hope the scared young'in is ok, and moved to a safe place to roam.

  2. Has anyone named the Bear yet? I vote for Bandit! Or some name starting with B. FYI – I love me some alliteration

    A headline should read: Bandit Black Bear Bothers Ballard – Busts Backside – Hight Tails it Outta Town!

    Go Bear Go!

  3. I hesitate to name him before knowing his fate.
    I don't know. Maybe Dash, or Cooper (as in D.B). Something befitting his traveling ways.
    Bandit is good too. I had a cat named Bandit once who was a shifty little bugger.
    Any news, btw?

  4. How funny. I saw them filming that this morning after I dropped my son off at school. My vehicle is stopped in the background waiting for someone to turn left at the end.

  5. This morning, the bear is at large, and hadn't been spotted for several hours. He is definitely on the move, rapidly, covering a lot of ground. I was very pleased to hear that MYBALLARD.COM was getting plugged on the news channels for the incredible map of sightings and times found here. Great job, as always, Swedes!
    And 'bandit' is the perfect name…he stole our hearts ;-)

  6. I like the name Stan Bearison, of course, and I also like Dash and Ironman Bear. But considering that speed seems to be Mr. Bear's hallmark, I'm proposing the name “Booker.”

    It's got that alliteration thing going for it, too. ;-)

  7. Probably drawn to Shoreline by all the plump, slow moving people that will make good eats. Ballardites tend to be too skinny and fast moving. ;)

  8. According to the Seattle Times “The agents, led by state Fish & Wildlife Sgt. Kim Chandler, named the young bear the “Urban Phantom.””

    That’s a horrible name. In fact it’s not a name, it’s a radio handle.

    No, no, no… Urban Phantom is an insult to a majestic beast. Minus 10 to Urban Phantom!

    We need to name this bear now, and reject the frames being handed out to paint this Bear as a monster!

    As a fan of long animal names that simultaneously mocks the tradition of multiple titles for pedigree dogs, and celebrates the many wonderful traits of the animal at hand, I submit the following for this bears name.

    Bjorn the Dashing Ballard Black Bear!

    Here is to you Bjorn the Dashing!

    Go Bear Go!

  9. Urban Phantom? I like Stan Bearison better.
    But I'm liking Agent Chandler just fine: 'more chance of getting run over by the KIRO news van than being eaten by a bear.'
    You can tell he's getting a little annoyed at the reporters by now.

  10. I'm to blame.
    Several years ago I planted over 50 salmon berry plants in my yard near Gilman Park. My son said salmon berries attract bears. I laughed and planted them anyway, guess he's correct. Sorry Seattle, and Ballard.

  11. nobody reported him in Magnolia because 98.4% of all residents are ~178 years old, deaf and asleep by 3:30pm.

    (Homer: “Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.” )

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