Ideas wanted for the East Ballard Walking Tour

East Ballard has some great things – a p-patch, local art and new parks.

Saturday, June 13th is the June Day Out Event and organizers are planning a Walking Tour of East Ballard. Instead of highlighting things that most people know about, they want to hear about the lesser-known things that make East Ballard great. If you have ideas for the walking tour, email She’s compiling a list and coordinating the tour. We’ll let you know when specific plans are announced.

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2 thoughts to “Ideas wanted for the East Ballard Walking Tour”

  1. This is really cool. It's amazing to see what kind of crazy things have been hiding from you in your own neighborhood. Lemme see Lemme see!

  2. That part of the neighborhood itself is well worth a walking tour. I see a lot of really fantastic yard work and gardens on my way up to Molly's.

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