AK-47 seized at Golden Gardens

Seattle Police say a drunk driver ran into two parked cars at Golden Gardens just before midnight last night. When witnesses called 911, they said they saw the driver run from the scene with a rifle and hide it in the bushes. When officers arrived, they said they took two suspects into custody — the 17-year-old driver and a 20-year-old passenger — and discovered a fully-loaded AK-47 assault rifle nearby. Police say they also discovered an illegal “butterfly” knife in the passenger’s possession. (Thanks HL for posting it in the forum!)

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  1. And some naive souls don't think that there is an increase in crime in Ballard! Guns and violence follow drugs…I'm just glad that these guys were caught.

  2. First gang grafitti, then a drug and transient explosion, now ak 47's. Yep, the best neighborhood in the world, accourding to Mens magazine. Now all we need and the crypts, and we are ready to go.

  3. What's with Golden Gardens anyway? Aren't there police there? Every time I try to go down to enjoy the beach there are picnic tables of thugged out teenagers everywhere. Why is GG such a magnet?

    I bet the car had rims.

  4. It's not just Golden Gardens. The mayor is turning Ballard into an open air drug market until after the election. “The mayor who cleaned up downtown” i his slogan, remember? I doubt the police could enforce drug laws and transients laws until after the election, even if they wanted to. Under strict orders to clear them out of downtown where the voters and businesses are until election day. That's the rumor floating around anyway. Just be patient. The police will return after the election to Ballard. Til then, just watch your back and try not to get murdered.

  5. there is a reason it's a rumor and not a verified fact – because it's not true, moron.

    anyway, don't they close out golden gardens @ 23.30?

  6. Oh yea, and the city “does not have the resources” for a single bike cop for Market Street and Ballard Ave. Whatever you say…

    The city magically has the resources for dozens of bike cops, horseback cops, car cops and foot patrols, and undercover cops, all over downtown every night. How do you explain that?

    They are everywhere as far as the eye can see. You practically trip over police on every block downtown. Same goes for University Way in the U District and Broadway on Capital Hill.

    But, unless you have a dagger sticking out of your chest in Ballard, you won't ever see a cop show up. Why?

    Of course you never leave Ballard, so you would not know that fact.

  7. I am constantly amazed at some of my neighbors posting here on the forums. We live in what is arguably one of the safest neighborhoods on the entire planet, and they still find reason to whine, complain, and otherwise take every opportunity to participate in a good session of fear-mongering. I swear to god, nothing will ever be good enough.

    Be thankful for what we have. An effectively suburban neighborhood 10 minutes from downtown. Overwhelmingly safe to live in, enjoying the lowest violent crime rate in roughly 40 years. We have to deal with some graffiti? Some teens smoking in the park? Every once in a while, a robbery of a business. Heaven forbid, this is awful! Call in the national guard!

    Golden Gardens is a public park that attracts people from all areas of the city, good and bad. Statistically, there will be some crime there from time to time. Some stupid lowlife will drive down there drunk off his top with a gun in his car. That's the way of the world. But you know what? It's still a fantastic park. There are families (with children, gasp!) BBQing and playing on the beach right at this very moment. You need to get a serious reality check and realize that you have it really, really, really freaking good.

  8. Yes, but Blueben. Don't assume we have it “Freaken good.” Maybe Ballard is the nicest neighborhood you have ever lived in, but it's actually a step down from what many of us moved from, myself included. It's not that great for many of us, but was so so when we came here. Throw in some transients, meth heads, and a crime explosion and it's not the dream neighborhood to many of us, that it is for you.

  9. Blueben,

    You are hopelessly out of touch. Why don't you talk with the owner of the Guitar Shop on Ballard Avenue and find out how he feels about the “occasional robbery” of his business? Or talk to Volterra, Thaiku, Collective, New York Dress Design, Venue, and all the owners of cars that have been burglarized. The crime rate has increased dramatically in this neighborhood, if not in greater metropolitan Seattle.

    You are very naive to think otherwise – and incredibly insensitive to the victims who have experienced the crime you make light of.

  10. Please share your crime stats which clearly demonstrate that the crime rate has “increased dramatically”.

    Pointing out that this is an incredibly, even embarrassingly safe neighborhood is not insensitive to anyone. Crime happens, everywhere there are people. All businesses, everywhere, experience it. Pointing out that we are really quite fortunate is hardly offensive to the sensitivities of those who are effected by that infrequent crime. Or perhaps it's also insensitive to the disabled to point out that the vast majority of us are blessed to have excellent health?

  11. Blueben

    We know you're bitter because your house behind Sip n Ship is being torn down on Monday. But, don't take it out on us law abiding folks here at myballard.com from your seat at the library. It's not right. Go have some Chai tea and relax, will ya?

  12. i agree with blueben… i dont feel to be at more at risk than i did here 15 years ago…certainly more people here nowa days…im not intimidated by people on the street at night…not sure why there is all this panic on the forum….im not blind of my surroundings i dont feel like its all gone to hell…im proud to live here and will be here for years to come…and to “da gangs of ballard” …… do you talk as loud as you type.?.. i doubt it

  13. I would love to hear your lovely ballad of the gangs, I'm sure it would educate me about a bunch of mistruths and paranoia.

    This incident has nothing at all to do with the homeless, transients, or drug dealers in our neighborhood. If this is a “step down” from where you are from, why the hell are you bitching about it and why don't you move off. If you were actually from here you would know that there are two major beaches in this city, golden gardens being one, that attract every kind of person from all over the city once it gets warm out.

    And yes, I am downtown regularly. I have no problem walking around ballard at night but downtown is sketchy even during the day. Me personally, I would rather have police presence where I feel less safe.

    And whats up with the chai tea reference? What are you inferring?

    Whoa, I shouldn't of bitten on your constant trolling but I did. My mistake.

  14. There's a fine line between being aware and freaking out. I think we've just crossed it. Crime is up here. But crime is up everywhere.
    I suggest instead of screaming that the sky is falling, we calmly discuss ways to make Golden Gardens a safer place for all to use.

  15. The funny thing is he is always posting about walking around, talking to homeless, investigating, being offered drugs, getting up in everyones business. Nothings happened to him, so why shouldn't us normal people feel safe?

  16. Well, they said it was one of then ten best neighborhoods in America.

    The fact that it's one of the ten best places to live if you're a bum or an AK-47-weilding drunk must be in the fine print somewhere.

    Why is anyone surprised at this? Take a walk in the enighborhood (I do every day) and you can see it everywhere.

    I just walked to the Locks, and counted the scumbags hanging out behind the Lockspot Cafe. Just 3 drunks, but it's stil quite early. My wife said most of them were still busy “working” at Bergen Place during these prime business hours.

  17. Just look around at what you see on the streets every day. I've lived here for a long time, and it sure as hell isn't the nice, quiet, safe neighborhood it was just 5 years ago.

    Now beatings and armed robberies on the streets of Ballard – and I guess drunks with AK-47s – are routine now. Wasn't like that a few years ago.

    You can stick your fingers in your ears and yell that EVERYTHING'S GREAT all you want, but those who are willing to look will see something quite different.

  18. Well, some police would be a good start….but the mayor and his defenders keep saying there's no need and no resources for that. They say if we want cops, we need to scrape up our own money and pay for them ourselves.

    That's our great mayor!

  19. a bit off topic..

    my biggest complaint about GG is the inconsiderate f#^&s who bring their dogs to the beach. its not sanitary, plus, its against the law. there is also an off leash park moments away, just up the hill. i wish the parks dept/animal control would patrol more – they could rake in tons of $$ at $500 per ticket…

    to the rude, gross people who left their dog turds IN A BAG on the rocks at GG, eff you, my friend(s). (there was more than one bag…dude, you go through the trouble and pain of bagging it, why not take it with you??)

    —–resume previous battle—–

  20. I was down there around noon today and there was a police car parked by the picnic tables. There was a large group of what appeared to be clean-cut asian youths having a gathering. I didn't see any thuggery going on but they were having a loud, fun, time.

  21. couldn't agree with you more. I was down on the beach today by the duck pond and some folks had their dog off-leash and unattended. The dog took a dive into the pond and freaked out a mother duck with babies. I don't see how people can be so clueless when there are signs posted everywhere.

  22. Hey, the cops won't bother with the drug dealers. People document deals going down, people openly smoking crack in the middle of Ballard, they call the cops, and…nobody even gets hassled.

    The city clearly has decided not to bother to enforce laws in this neighborhood anymore. Look, the Mayor has handed the whole neighborhood over to thugs. If we can't get the city to enforce laws prohibiting PEOPLE from crapping on public/private property, don't hold your breath waiting for them to crack down on four-legged poopers.

  23. Went down to Golden Gardens about 2:30 today to have a late lunch. They sure had a police presence then. 2 parking enforcers and one police car were in the mood of writing tickets. They ticketed every car that was parked next to the street in side the large parking lot. One started at each end and worked toward the middle , about 25 cars. This area does have signs saying boat back in parking only on this side, but have never seem this enforced before. After writing the tickets they left.

    Also the road had a couple of guys stopping cars entering the park, asking if we were going to start a bom fire, did we have pallets?. Said no and he let us pass.

    On hot days like this how come they pick a day with limited parking anyway to do this kind of thing. Or is this a regular thing down there. Normally don't go there on hot days because of parking.

    When they redesigned the park back in the early 90's with the duck ponds, they took out 42 parking spaces and said that they would be made up for elsewhere, of course they didn't because of money. For the new neighbors here, you could almost drive down to the water. The parking removed was from the pond area. The turn around then was at the edge of the sand.

  24. Well, I have so say that isn't always true. Yesterday I called the cops for a dude smoking crack on 20th and Market (right down from Golden City) and they were there in 60 seconds or less. Hooked him up and that was that. I have to say after 10+ calls in the past I was SHOCKED! yet very happy to see it happen. I mean c'mon, atleast go in the alley if you have to smoke crack at 4 in the afternoon. I understand it's a city and blah blah blah but WTF. Maybe he will be smarter next time. I have to say there is a new group of younger gutter rat kids hanging out lately. They have a little theft ring going I would guess. This neighborhood isn't as violent as others I lived in but I also didn't pay out the ass to live there.

    A note to the person that says crime is just part of city life, how about I rob you and then you tell us all how urban you still feel ok.

    Maybe the people you call fear mongers come off as a bit hostile but I think is it because they do not want things to get worse. I don't think it is based out of a false sense of reality. I do agree Ballard is being ignored by the city leaders, why I could not tell you. I can assume it is because crime is worse in other areas BUT we all pay our fair share so we should get our fair share of police even if they are just parked. If there is a high level call then maybe they go there but I think that each area needs some police. We should have a cop in the Ballard ave/Market area pretty much all the time, IMO.

    I do not have fear of these people, more annoyed that they feel entitled to beg from me, I swear one day I might snap and impale one on a large spear and place it at 15th and Market as a welcoming sight for all future social leeches.

  25. LOL! :-)
    Golden Gardens always gets these drugged out thugs in the Summer. And, IMHO, it is getting progressively worse.
    But listen to The Guide and Don't Panic. And have a safe and pleasant evening everyone.

  26. This kind of thing is *not* routine. That's the point. This drunk with an AK is news specifically because it's not routine. You know what is routine? Rape. In fact, rape is the only crime that has grown in the past years. Here's another fact: SPD investigations recorded that 75% of all rapes in the city were perpetrated by a person the victim knew.

    When we look around, we see what we want to see. If you want to see crime and suspicious shady characters around every corner, you will see them. That is why we can't rely on our gut intuitions. What's worse, when you come to MyBallard and find other people fear-mongering, it only convinces you that you're right. Nothing changed. You just met other fearful people. It has nothing to do with reality. You've simply convinced yourself that things are worse than they really are.

    Here's the truth. There was more crime 5 years ago than there is today. That's a provable, documented fact. The SPD keeps numbers on crime. 5 years ago, there was more crime than there is today. You can run around playing chicken little all you like, but those who are willing to look at the factual data will know something quite different.

  27. The latest numbers available are for late 2008. They continue to show the reduction in crime rates. And as I recall, for much of last year the fear-mongering contingent in Ballard insisted that Ballard was going to hell in a handbasket.

    Perhaps when we get the 2009 data, we'll find that crime EXPLODED and we all died in the fiery aftermath while meth-heads and teenagers stole all our stuff, but somehow I doubt it very much.

  28. Because, despite the heavy police presence downtown still has significantly more crime than Ballard. We do not have unlimited resources, and the city has to balance them.

  29. They were all secret gang-bangers with red bandanas in their cars. Also, they were secretly smoking crack and meth. But the police didn't do anything because they don't enforce drug laws, and also they were actually in Belltown. You didn't see any police at Golden Gardens, and if you continue to insist that you did then you are proof that there is a conspiracy to censor the good folks who are trying to Save Ballard.

  30. eh, i'm glad you can't drive down to the water, personally.

    i would also have been very happy to never see seaview drive open again …. chance to expand the park missed. now just lots of exhaust and rude speedy drivers.

  31. Ballard Sucks Now you are the person who makes sense, not these pro crime guys and chime in every time. They have a motive for keeping the cops out of Ballard. I am almost afraid to find out what it is. But, remember, the same people who are doing the crimes, are trolls on this blog. We have two here now. They watch this blog like a hawk, so be careful.

    “The Mayor who cleaned up downtown”

    Yea, and drove every criminal out of Pioneer square to the soup kitchens, Food Bank and woods of our neighborhood….

  32. blueben,
    I have lived here my entire life…actually, my family has been here since the 1880s. I have NEVER seen crime like this, ever. Virtually every single business in Ballard has been burglerized and/or robbed in the last 6 months. From downtown Ballard to Sunset Hill, to 65th, up to Crown Hill and over to 8th, i am hard pressed to come up with ANY business that has NOt been targeted. Combine this with the armed robberies and the increase in home burglery and car prowls.

    2007 or 2008 crime stats are out of date and have no bearing on the current situtation. Wake up and smell the lattes.

  33. In no way do I consider Ballard a dangerous neighborhood…but seriously…I would love to see Golden Gardens be taken care of a bit better by having some police presence when these warm nights are upon us. I had a group of about 5o young dudes molesting my scooter (kicking it, ripping the helmet off, breaking the steering column, etc) one weekend night when I was parked in the lot. I called the police and they merely watched with me as all these unfriendlies drove away in front of us. Boo….Golden Gardens is a beautiful place…trouble making jerks ruin a good time for everybody!

  34. not that it really matters that much, since golden gardens was their likely destination, this didn't happen at golden gardens at all by further south on seaview closer to paseo. that's what the original article says and I saw about 8 cop cars from my house that night.

  35. Don't rely on statistics. The SPD is known for “hiding” the true crimes. They aren't allowed to report them. So, at least on paper, it appears that we have a safe city.

  36. Thanks Jules, you speak the truth.
    Blueben, crimes are also not reported as they once were, I wish I could tell you why, but my guess is strait up apathy, or laziness. And thanks to many of you for that. The increase is obvious, and until we report them, they will never become the precious numbers that you fools rely on.
    I'm disgusted with the continued ignorance.
    About the AK-47, one of many fool punks that haven't a clue what kind of life they are creating, for themselves and others, and if we don't nip it in the bud, we will have hundreds of these idiots to deal with by this summer.
    Don't let that happen folks.

  37. I saw three uniformed officers walking down Market Street last night, headed west, I hope that they are starting a beat, if not, they were looking for their cruiser to high tail it out of town…
    btw, I did applaud them, just in case ;-)

  38. Nobody frisked me for quotes or data when I signed in…I'd bet that it's not a requirement, but what do I know, except, that you are dead wrong, and I forgive you.

  39. What saddens me most, more than any crime or change in neighborhood character, is the knowledge that hatred, hostility, and fear- mongering agendas of a few have destroyed any good feeling I had about the blog and the community.

    I am not saying we don't have problems like any city neighborhood. I'm saying that it's heartbreaking to realize just how nasty some people are.

  40. Also, it's worth noting, again, that reporting has decreased in general. The reporting has to be done more often, consistently, before the statistics mean a thing.
    Ballard is in a position to turn the tide on these issues, but ignoring them will result in more of the same.
    Report Report Report, please.

  41. These guys screwed up, obviously, and that is why they were caught. Thanks to the citizens that reported and witnessed the actions of the individuals, allowing the police to make the arrests. It's disturbing to think that they'd still be out 'hood-ratting' around if not for the drunken accident….but I'm glad they are cooling their heels for the time being.

  42. The SPD just like the rest of law enforcement these days has been reduced to generating revenue instead of reducing crime. They want nothing to do with putting a homeless drunk or a punk teenager behind bars(there is no money in doing that).they have F@*#ing tickets to write to the employed ,law abiding, tax paying citizens of Greater Seattle. Last weekend on a trip across the state I noticed many Troopers out writing tickets but not one helping the 10+ stranded motorists
    that I witnessed (and yes I did stop to help when I could) Revenue ,Revenue,Revenue thats what I see.
    I'm not anti Law enforcement, quite the opposite ,I think we need more police,with more focus on prevention. how many cops in Seattle today? around 1200. How many cops in Seattle in 1986? around 1200.

  43. The increase in crime has been over the last 6-9 months. The stats aren't published, or even compiled for this period. Also, the beats have been changed since the old stats and so the new ones don't even match up for comparison.
    What we have been seeing is a marked increase in car prowls, burglaries, and even armed robberies.
    Most of the car prowls aren't even being reported anymore because people think that their car insurance will go up, and that there deductible is more than the cost of a new window.
    The stats are not infallible, and if you could get current accurate stats you'd see that there are increases and clusters of crime around here. What's more is that there has been enough crime and lack of police presence that the neighborhood is feeling less safe than it really is, or should be. Crime is up and police presence is down. Not a good combo.

  44. 2007!!!!!!
    We're talking about the last 6-9 months! That's like putting on a down coat today because the weather average of January was 30 degrees.
    Get over the stats and open your eyes to what's happening now.

  45. An increase in crime doesn't necesarily mean that everyone is a victim of violent crime every day. You can walk down the street 99% of the time completely safely, but what about that 1%?
    For the businesses in downtown Ballard, the odds are more like 50% for a burglary in the past 6 months. For car prowls, it's been 25% in some areas of Ballard, and about 10% everywhere else. That's way too high even for an “unsafe” neighborhood.
    I'm not about to freak out and dig a moat and prepare for a siege, but the fact is that we're living with more crime than we should, and asking the city to do something about it is not out of line.

  46. DISCLAIMER: I don't take my dog down to the beach anymore, but I did twice.
    The proper way to do it, is to keep your dog on leash until you get around the rocks, then let them go. That way they don't hassle the people or wildlife.
    As to the poop bag, if you're walking from point A to Point B and back, there's nothing wrong with leaving your poop in between until you come back. You just have to remember to pick it up on the way back.

  47. GG on weekends is a repository of low class, semi literate human trash. It doesn't need a cop; one immigration officer would solve half the problem.

  48. There is a police presence at the park a lot. We go there all the time and the police often cruise through there during the day and in the evenings. I don't think you can equate Golden Gardens as a major city park and downtown Ballard.

  49. I'd rather have teens with AK-47s in my neighborhood than a bunch of stuck up yuppies bitching all the time about nothing. I love this neighborhood SOOO much until I read your bumper stickers and forum posts. Love your life.

  50. I'm sorry but I have young kids who like going to GG. If teens with AKs at GG aren't an issue for you, and yuppies are, **** *** to Kent why don't you.

  51. Now you are being paranoid and delusional. Why in the world would any of our neighbors be “pro crime”? I've never met a single neighbor who was “pro crime”. What I am is anti-fear-mongering. Anti-panic. The last thing I want are groups are scared cantankerous (old?) armed men waltzing around my streets playing vigilante. Chasing people in the shadows. Spying on neighbors and taking notes like this is the 1950s Red Scare all over again.

    And I hope you aren't suggesting that I am some criminal who taunts the forums because… well, I'm not sure why a hardened druggie criminal would care about a neighborhood blog. I live here. I like it here. I landscape my front yard here. I have just as much right to voice my opinions (and point out your lack of data) as anyone else here in this neighborhood does.

    Geeky Swedes, why do you allow these unfounded scare-mongering paranoid rantings to continue in post afer post? :(

  52. Barfly, we have plenty of “low class, semi literate human trash” that was born right here in the good ole USofA, so I'd suggest leaving the immigrant-bashing out of it. While I agree that there are way too many scumbags at GG, my guess is that most of them are home grown. More cops there, yes please. La Migra? Nah.

  53. Amen. I know the vast majority of my neighbors are for the most part happy, content, and aware that this is a relatively safe place to live. But the forums have pretty much been ruined by this group of panicky people who have completely convinced themselves that they live in a warzone. I don't even want to look at the comments sections anymore, though I still succumb to my curiosity.

    At this point, you may as well just eliminate all comments on stories. They're just a playground for those who want to turn our neighborhood into a defensive militarized zone.

  54. Yes, by all means, let's only sing happy songs! AK-47s are nice! Open drug-dealing on Ballard's main street is sweet! Let's all ride rainbow-colored unicorns to Golden Gardens where we can frolick with the magical dolphins! I love you, you love meeee, a gangbanger with an AK-47s is OK with my fam-i-ly!

    By all means, don't say anythiing NEGATIVE about our happy, beautiful neighborhood!

  55. I've lived here for 5 years now. I'm so happy with the neighborhood I could burst. I know my neighbors and as far as I know we all feel safe and comfortable on our street.

    So not only does the SPD data show crime going down, but I see it too. Is there crime? Of course. Wherever there are people, there is crime. Criminals have cars too, and can (and do) drive wherever they want. (Like our AK-47 wielding kids). If those kids had gone to hang out at a Mercer island beach and been caught, would that have been proof that Mercer Island is experiencing a crime “explosion”?

    There is somewhat more crime closer to Market and 15th. Would you like to know why that is? Because there are more people and it's a high traffic area. Does that mean the entire neighborhood is going to hell? Of course not. And even then the crime in those areas is not epidemic. Some folks here on the forum would have us believe that we are living in NYC circa 1982. That we will be murdered and our houses looted if we leave our front door. It's bizarre and untrue, and I don't understand why they insist on spreading this paranoia. I don't understand what their goals are, and what they think they can accomplish by driving everyone into a panic.

    Would I like to see a little more police presence? Of course. Who wouldn't? Would I like to see less crime? Of course, who wouldn't? Do I want a wannabe militia marching around my neighborhood at night taking the law into their own hands? Hell no. Do I want fear and panic running rampant among my neighbors? Hell no. Fearful people are stupid people. They make stupid mistakes and poor decisions. I have nice, relatively smart neighbors today. Please don't take them away by planting the destructive seeds of fear and panic in them.

  56. Hey, I'm going to try this and see if it feels good. Don't like what I say? Then f%#K off! Don't agree with me? Go screw yourself. Think you can out snark me? Don't waste your time, I'm right here with my poison waiting to throw it in your face and tell you what a loser you are.

    Oooh, that feels so good! Why don't we just have publicly sanctioned boxing matches instead? It would allow people an outlet for their anger and hostility in a more direct way.

    What a bunch of children. (I'm succumbing once more just to see if it makes me feel superior. )

  57. Confident, aren't we? Still dead wrong.
    Once again, seeing is believing. I've seen too much already, and not looking forward to this summer at all. Every indication is that it will continue to worsen unless the good folks take the lead, and ignore the inevitable criticism from the very few.
    It's a shame that my neighbors are taking crap for simply being involved in bettering our community.

  58. What would eliminating comments accomplish?
    Oh, that's right, you wouldn't have your precious beliefs challenged…
    Here's an idea, don't post your precious beliefs, don't read the comments on stories, and you'll be just fine.
    btw, it seems that you have no aversion to posting or reading, despite your claim to the contrary.
    But, unfortunately, I have no data to back up my gut feeling…

  59. Oh dear. It seems like there's nothing more important than “your feelings.”

    You say an increase in crime in the neighborhood is OK with you, and what's really “heartbreaking” is to realize that some of your neighbors hold different opinions than you.

    Um. OK. I guess we all have our own priorities.

    Personally, I won't cry myself to sleep if I discover my neighbor disagrees with me on some issue. But if there's a drunk shooting off an AK-47 down the street, that does bother me.

    To each their own I guess.

  60. Anyone who prefers teens with AKs im Ballard but wants yuppies to got lost is the lose. I think our legal system agrees. Props with opinions like this one don't deserve respect. They can move to Kent where opinions like his are popular. So are murders and drive bys.

  61. blueben, I'm happy that you live in a nice and quite neighborhood. I truly hope it remains that way. If it doesn't, you have only yourself to blame.
    I don't live in, or work in, such a great area today, it is becoming much worse, and I'll not be idle, sir.

  62. I said an increase in crime is ok with me? I said no such thing. Please don't put words in my mouth.

    What's heartbreaking is NOT that people hold different opinions than me. I expect that. I respect that people feel strongly about these issues. But you don't even know my opinions on the crime issue because I didn't post them. I DID say that it's the WAY some people express their opinions, with outright hostility and disrepsect toward anyone who disagrees. That's my beef.

  63. Ug. I have to check out. If I continue trying to bring reason to this insane conversation, I'm going to drive myself nuts.

    Geeky Swedes, I really appreciate what you're doing with the blog and forum, but I fear that a few paranoid neighbors have abused it to justify their war to Save Ballard. They hyperfocus on any bad news you report, and ignore the vast goodness that is our neighborhood. They are mean spirited, divisive, and corrosive (and now with the accusations of SPD cover-ups and Mayoral intent to “drive criminals in to Ballard”, not a little bit paranoid). They ignore logic and reason, not to mention cold-hard factual data about our neighborhood. And unfortunately, they now make reading any article comments a miserable chore. I don't know what you can do about this, but it's driven away almost anyone worth listening to.

  64. Well, if you think the opinion that teens with AKs are ok, yuppies aren't, then you're not very smart. Some opinions deserve no respect. That's not a difference of opinion; it's the difference between being an idiot and not.

    What's most insulting is the assumption that only new comers like myself to Ballard are bothered by kids with machine guns in public parks and open crack use. None of my born- in- Ballard neighbors find this stuff acceptable either.

  65. Here's a solution: don't read the comments. That way you'll not be bothered by kids with machine guns in our public parks. You can pretend all is ok.

  66. Exactly.

    I'm reminded of a bumper sticker I see now and then: If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. Seems quite appropriate to me. Some folks here refuse to pay atention.

  67. The off-leash dog thing is a problem in all the public parks around Seattle. With all the crime that drug dealers bring, it is the middle class folks who seem to think that the leash laws don't apply to them and their dog. Very annoying.

    Ok – back to the Ballard has crime/Ballard is Utopia debate.

  68. Are butterfly knives illegal? When did this happen? I had one of those when I was a teenager. It seems that one is more likely to hurt themselves with one of those than anyone else. Those are pretty hard to use and your average messed up teen does not have the discipline to learn and practice how to use one. Just like num-chucks. I knew a lot of kids who hurt themselves with those as opposed to hurting anyone else.

    I've seen/heard about more crime in Ballard over the last year but I'm not sure if that is because there is more reporting of it or because there is more. I have over the last five years seen the homeless presence go up a lot. So, I don't know if there is more crime or not, but as the mother of a young child, hearing about drunks with loaded AK-47's and seeing drug deals in Bergen Park and dealing with aggressive panhandlers make this not my ideal of a neighborhood to raise a family – especially when it's so expensive. I kind of wish we'd bought on Beacon Hill now – our mortgage would be so much less.

    Unfortunately, Golden Gardens was a rough place at night when I was a teenager too. I don't know if it got better sometime in between then and now, but that's where the kids went to get drunk and do drugs and the dealers I knew back then were always down there on the weekends making good money. So, I'm always a little wary when I take my young child down there because when I was a teenager it was no big deal to toss a used syringe in the sand in the play area and I'm sure it's no different now. It would be nice if it was cleaned up but I don't think it's a high priority on the city's list – no big businesses that can wave money at them.

  69. What saddens me most is that my beloved neighborhood has seen a huge increase in crime, car prowls, burglery, robbery, muggings, vagrants, drug deals, property destruction….and the naivete of people like KyleAnne.

    If you think that people concerned about these issues are nasty, just wait until you are the victim of these crimes, like I was,and then see how your “good feelings” are destroyed.

  70. you guys need to get a life and chill out. its not like bitching about this stuff on a “neighborhood” blog is going to do anything. Ballard is pretty mellow. If you don't like it move to the Eastside. Ya, I am not stoked on having people with guns at Golden Gardens either, or most of the douches that go there for that matter but I am sure they were not going to just start shooting people randomly. Besides this happened just before MIDNIGHT! Are you bringing you kids down to the park at that time of night anyway?? Just chill out. During the day Golden Gardens is pretty safe and there is nothing to worry about.

    You yuppies think there is crime in Ballard why don't you move to a real city and see what that is like.
    -to Ballard Sucks…I don't know what you are complaining about you spend so much time on this website I bet you never even leave your house.

  71. Obviously you would like the comment deleted. Because they are working, and getting places like the Meth House behind Sip and Ship exposed. Everyone knows there are drug dealers, prowlers and others following this site from the library and one or two coffee shops in downtown Ballard. It's how they make their living. They sell drugs. We are cutting into business. It's common sense.

    The transients probably follow and talk about this site more than the working people or businesses who are forced to go under, because it's too much of a hassle with panhandlers to shop or eat in downtown Ballard these days.

  72. Yea, but these poor souls find it “Heartbreaking” that we are on a blog stating facts. We would not want to devastate anyone in Ballard psychologically, by posting tips that are helping the Seattle Police get the drug dealers, car prowelers, break in criminals, and Bergen Park dealers out of here. It's heartbreaking afterall.

    Somehow I get the feeling that these heartbroken people are actually the dealers. Just a wild guess.

  73. I think even blueben and people like him/her have to admit that there's an increased homeless presence, and certainly a shift in the atmosphere in and around Market Street. This kind of atmosphere isn't acceptable for an area that is SO expensive.

    I don't think other expensive areas like Queen Anne and Magnolia have these kinds of problems. When I'm in and around those areas, I don't see drugged out derelicts leering at me or drunkenly stumbling around the street – things I've heard of around Ballard and seen for myself. They wouldn't put up with it, and they haven't in the past. I'm appalled that a number of Ballardites don't want to take action against the bum infestation and instead decide to turn a blind eye.

    What's the point in shelling out incredible amounts of money for mortgage if I get the joy of waking up to see that a car or two on my street has been broken into and my lawn mower's missing (also things that have happened to me)? May as well move to Greenwood. Same crime rates, half the cost. Sure, it's not like people are being brutally murdered and tortured, but crime is crime.

  74. That guy

    Some of us are not high or living off 150 dollars a day in panhandling earnings, so “chilling out” when we have a problem we are trying to solve, is not alway the best answer. If you don't like free speech go to China, rather than tell us to sell our homes and go to the East side, just because we don't want any more people “chillin out” in Bergen Park, up and down Market Street and Ballard Ave.

    Less “chillin out” and more “looking for a job” is what we need.

    Some of us don't find the chillin out cute any more. It's grow up time. Chill out at home, not in Bergen Park and you probably won't see anything offensive on this site.

  75. Lol, I love that kind of “argument”. There's always a community, somehow, somewhere, that will have it worse off than another. I'm sure ignorant Detroiters tell their complaining neighbors that “at least you don't live in Darfur.” That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to stop the, admittedly, not *terrible* crime wave hitting our area.

  76. Inflatable Boat Works going out of business.

    Signs say even the fixtures must go. Another victim of the pro crime – anti businesss Ballard agenda. Well, at least we have a thriving Bergen Park drug operation still and our food bank is a major tourist attraction for transients from Ballard to San Diego.

    “Hop a train to Ballard and enjoy the gravy train” the saying goes on the streets of San Fransico.

    The drug business in Bergen Park is quickly becoming Ballards biggest employer. The underdog story of the year. Voted best neighborhood by High Times Magazine too.

  77. I've been told of several transients asking furtively for my identity, they definitely know about MyBallard, and who they want info about.
    I don't think that they want to thank me…
    But who knows?

  78. I own said bumper sticker, and it is so true.
    I blame TV and chem-trails, they've got us so dumbed down and compliant it's pathetic.
    Hail to the sheeple! (just don't splash in the pool)
    Where can I find a MyBallard bumper sticker?

  79. I think you have a reading comprehension problem, Barfly. I didn't say I thought teens with AKs are ok. Nowhere, never. You read into it what you like though.

  80. Bluben

    Are you doubting the many who confirm the police are under orders by the mayor, not to enforce drug laws or crack down on transients in Ballard? He wants them out of downtown because that is where the bulk of the voters and businesses that finance his campaign are. It's standard politics in the real world. After the election the cops come will return. It's well documented fact from first hand accounts.

    “The Mayor who Cleaned up Downtown.”

    When was the last time you heard of a Ballard drug bust? They don't happen. Ever….

    The cops hands are tied. They have video and photographic evidence, but can't arrest anyone. The names of the drug dealers are posted here and they are in Bergen Park as we speak. Hello?

    The Bergen Park dealers are myballard celebrities for Gods sake, and actually love the celebrity status. Go into Bergen park and ask them. They eat this stuff up. I would not be surprised if they start printing t shirts with their pictures on them and selling them along with the drugs as keep souveniers.

  81. This whole knowing where the drugs are thing is not new and not just in our neighborhood. When I was a teen, the cops knew where our dealers lived (and they weren't just pot dealers – they were heroin, coke, crack, etc dealers) and they kept tabs on them but they did not arrest them. It was weird and I never understood it. I don't think the dealers understood it either. While living on Capitol Hill some neighbors a couple doors down in our building were openly dealing crack. When another neighbor called the police she was told “We know, but there's nothing we can do about it unless they approach an officer and ask him if he wants to buy crack.”

  82. well you certainly getting a lot done on this blog. Bravo guys! I agree there is a fair amount of crime around here but what are you going to do? Live in fear every single day and complain about in online? Why don't you start looking at the positive steps for change that are/ are going to happen rather than finding the littlest random event and blowing it way out of proportion?
    And by “chill out” I meant relax, not literally get cold or whatever you think that means with a drug reference. Do you smoke crack? Is that what you call it?

    Just relax, Ballard is a great area and I'm not saying it's perfect but it could be a lot worse.

  83. “Get a grip” – people have the right to complain if crime, even petty crime, is disrupting their day and impeding on their activities. If you don't mind Ballard's shady characters, how about you let the more virulent bums panhandle passersby on your lawn? Or maybe you can offer your home phone to the drug dealers? Your backyard could be the next Bergen Place, even.

    I'm speaking only for myself here, but I'm sure I'm not the only one – I pay to live in Ballard because it isn't – or wasn't – like Columbia City, Rainier Beach or Compton. Watching this expensive neighborhood deteriorate into a crime haven is not what I paid for.

    Arguably, these things have been going on for awhile. There were car prowlers on my block two years ago, and Bergen Place has been crappy and family unfriendly for quite some time. Still, it's getting markedly worse from what I've seen.

    I didn't believe a lot of the allegations here until I saw some of it for myself in downtown Ballard.

  84. We do like Ballard, that's why folks are upset. Maybe if the folks in Rainier Beach and stood up to the scum bags earlier, it wouldn't be such as ****hole today.

  85. In every case where a person suggests we all move out of Ballard and let the dealers take over, the person saying it is new to Ballard (within 5 years) or does not even live in Ballard like the guy above. He moved from Seatac to Crown Hill. Now, he wants folks in the next neighborhood over, to shut up or sell their houses and move. Strange people post here for sure. He does not even live here.

    You can't even walk down the street without having your cell phone “Strong armed” out of your hand, (PC for mugging) and these newcomers want us to keep our traps shut.

    Dealers in Bergen Park, assualts on police, Todd being almost beaten to death, break ins, ak 47's, transients stealing everything from cars to trees on our yards… It's become a self service store for criminals. Take anything not nailed down. The people will be told to move to Bellevue if they object.

    How about these types go back to Seatac and leave us long time Ballard people alone?

  86. Ballard or not I hate that we have people in our city with fully automatic weapons. There is no reason a civilian should be able to have that kind of weapon.

  87. Because with the good comes the bad; and for this price we get our last free place to enjoy ourselves without restrictions – at least until the cops make everyone leave around eleven or so depending on how busy they are. Poeple somtimes forgot the freedoms that make this country great and if poeple start to focus on the “bad” as a reason to take away these freedoms then we will all suffer, seriously. The real question about this story shouldn't be location, but more likely: How did these individuals get a friggin AK47 – a fully automatic assult rifle that is totally illegal to own and possess. Seriously, when the Mexican drug cartel members come over the border to obtain weapons at Texas gun shows they cant even get AK's, what the F is up here?

  88. Rather than go around in circles asking for stats that don't exist and you claiming that everything is just fine, I have a better idea.
    Business burglaries: Go down to the shops and ask if or how many times they've been broken into over the past 9 months vs the past 9 years. You'll be shocked to find out how many of the businesses in Ballard and Greenwood have been robbed this year that have never been robbed before.
    As for dismissing the rest as anecdotes, the plural of anecdote is data.

  89. KyleAnne, What constitutes hatred and hostility on these comments? That some of us are fed up with having petty criminals steal from us?
    What's really heartbreaking is that those of us who work for a living have to lock everything up and still get our homes, cars, and businesses burglarized. I'd much rather be able to go on living happily blissfully unaware of crime except that my business almost got wiped out when all my equipment was stolen. I'd rather be taking a vacation for the weekend than paying off damage repairs. I'd also like all my neighbors to be on a first name basis with the glass replacement guy because he's a nice guy, not because he's replacing car windows on our block every week.
    What you see as fear mongering and hate is frustration from the majority of us who have had enough of these crimes which aren't so petty when they happen to you.

  90. blueben, We do like this neighborhood. A lot. We know how nice it is and we appreciate it. What we don't like and why you see so many outraged, and yes some are over the top, comments is that we don't want to see the neighborhood we love so much go completely to crap.
    If we all took the position that 2007's crime stats show a decrease citywide so everything is fine, and just sat back without lodging any complaints then what? Let the neighborhood slide and become a place we don't want to live in anymore?
    I'll grant that posting on a blog comments section isn't going to accomplish much, but we do need to vent sometimes.

  91. so you are suggesting that drug dealers from the park feel like celebs becuse of myballard? what, do they have laptops with 'em? weird comment.

  92. I don't think that the report said whether this “AK-47” was fully automatic, but that's a technicality. You can legally own a semi-automatic assault rifle, but if you're running off to hide it before the cops come I kinda doubt that this one was legal.
    That said, I think this incident is more of a fluke. A couple of dumb kids who think being all gangsta and s… is so dope yo. I'm sure there's a bunch more coming to GG on friday and sat nights armed and stupid, but I don't think that they pose much threat to the rest of us. Should the police have a greater presence there and pick up more of these idiots? Absolutely.

  93. Sorry, my comment was sarcastic and sounded more directed at Jules' reading comprehension than I meant. I was referring to another comment about reading comprehension from earlier.

  94. Good to see that insanity, false accusations, misinformation, and fear mongering still reign here on myballard! Don't bother posting facts or speaking about statistics. They will be ignored.

    And then when one or two people try to actually talk sense, they're lambasted and insulted. So familiar…

    You're going to give yourself an ulcer.

  95. “Beatings and armed robberies” You have no idea what you are talking about. I've lived in areas where aggravated robbery was COMMON PLACE. For example, went to my local, met the new neighbors, was asked if I was robbed yet, told I would be, and don't fight it when it happens its only property, and they will kill you, was robbed, gun in face, did not fight it. No, this does not happen in Ballard!

    You know, I really get the sense that many of the people who post here about crime have no persepctice, other than watching 48hours mystery.

  96. Hi SPG, this wasn't directed at you, sorry if it seemed too broad. I am happy to hear others' opinions, and I share many of the opinions on this board. It's the epitaphs and insults hurled at other posters are what I object to. I posted examples of these insults from actual posts, but they were removed by the hard-working Geeky Swedes, as have other posts in this topic that violated forum rules. (They smartly deleted a couple of mine after I regressed to childhood and got a little rude myself.)

  97. Yes, they enjoy the attention. Surprising, but true. Some, not all. This blog is entertainment to a few. I know this first hand. They also know its nearly impossible to get arrested, because they must be caught red handed, and are technicaly breaking no law. So, dont expect a mass exodus from the park. It's not coming. First hand knowledge here. Really, they could sit in there by the dozens all day and truthfully, its totally legal. Thats reality. Where are they supposed to go? On to private property? Then, they get arrested.

  98. AK-47s are easily converted into automatic weapons, although they are sold semi auto. Either way, they shouldn't be in the hands of a minor. They didn't go shoot up the park, but it's still a safety risk.

    Golden Gardens is full of bottle sucking morons like this. There's somewhat of a police presence after an incident, I've noticed, but once the incident is cleared from most everyone's mind (1-2 days) they go back to patrolling downtown, Broadway, the Ave, etc. and largely ignoring Ballard. I don't think it's a fluke at all. I do, however, think it's a fluke that police were actually there to catch the thug.

  99. Wow, now that sounds quite intelligent…
    So, that must be the 'new math' I've heard so much about.
    Hows this one…
    Smarter than you=everyone ;-)

  100. Semantics, but, the police said that the knife was illegal, which it is, but said nothing of the gun being illegal. I'd guess it wasn't fully automatic, which is illegal, or they would have noted it. A semi-automatic AK47 is not an illegal weapon. Of course, I don't think these boys were preparing to hunt deer…

  101. I'm with you. People here are turning into real cowards. My guess is the people who whine about the “explosion” of crime are probably the same sort of people who grew up here and have never lived anywhere else. Sorry folks but Ballard has a LONG way to go before you can say it has a major crime problem by any reasonable definition.

  102. All the voters and businesses who are campaign contributors are Downtown, Capital Hill other areas. Ballard has a very small voter block and can't finance campaigns. After the election, the transients will be chased back downtown, but for now, they are out of sight and out of mind to the Nikels voters. Nice and clean for the summer tourist season downtown and the cruise ship industry.

  103. I wonder how many of the businesses were actually burglarized “back in the day” but we just didn't have the information available to us through community blogs like this so we didn't know about it. I think that the ease of information and often misinformation available to us now can make things seem WAY different now when they may be just the same. Just a thought.

  104. holy crap. that's hardcore. who has an ak-47 anymore? besides being seriously deadly it's also a funny sort of gun. …and a butterfly kinfe? who did they arrest? a wolverine?

  105. Chopper did you look that up on wikipedia, or are you a crazed “gun-nut” that just knows these things; I don't really know the answer to that, but I suspect the latter because everything I have ever read from you on this blog has been ingorant, slanted, and for the most part scary. Also, when you call semantics on someone, don't have your post contain more semantics along those same lines as you accuse. For everyone else please be careful of this commenter and a few others that “hide” on this webblog; they are what is truly terrifying about the changes that happen to Ballard on a daily basis; some good, some bad. They speak with the same kind of self-righteous conviction that reminds this reader of the style of discourse seen accompanying hate rhetoric, zenophobic sentiment, and general racism. Even worse they consider themselves liberals; yet when given anonymity (this blog, possibly others) thier politics more aptly resembles nationalist conservatism. Its deffinately interesting sociologically speaking; but from a societal standpoint – rather scary. Know your real enemy poeple, Ballard can be percieved in two ways; this wonderfully positive neighborhood with the same problems as any city in such close proximity to a major metropolitan center, or in the extremely negative way – as painted so brashly by “chopper 74” and his co-horts on this website: Its how you percieve Ballard that counts, when I walk around, go get a bite, see a movie, hang out at golden gardens all I see is good people, if not some of them flawed like the rest of us: CHopper!

  106. Will this shut Blueben up once and for all?


    “As can be seen in the table below, North Precinct has seen an overall increase in Major Crimes in the first four months of 2009 when compared to the same period in 2008. Among Violent Crimes, both robberies and aggravated assaults are up through April 2009 when compared with the same period in 2008.

    There are also increases in Property Crimes in North Precinct – particularly burglaries and larcenies – but these are not as large proportionally as the increases in Violent Crimes. “

  107. Here's some reason and logic for you. Don't choke on it:


    “As can be seen in the table below, North Precinct has seen an overall increase in Major Crimes in the first four months of 2009 when compared to the same period in 2008. Among Violent Crimes, both robberies and aggravated assaults are up through April 2009 when compared with the same period in 2008.

    There are also increases in Property Crimes in North Precinct – particularly burglaries and larcenies – but these are not as large proportionally as the increases in Violent Crimes. “

  108. There's no need to be a jerk. This is great data. Thanks for digging it up.

    So these numbers do show major crimes up significantly in January. Fortunately, February, March, and April all dropped back to almost the same levels they were last year. This is good news! This means that while total counts are up because of a particularly bad January, we're actually doing OK.

    This data shows that while we should continue to be vigilante, there has not been an “explosion” in crime and there is NO REASON TO PANIC.

    (Unless, of course, you believe that the SPD and the Mayor are engaged in a conspiracy to drive drug dealers and homeless in to Ballard and cover up the numbers.)

  109. Don't kid yourself. Of COURSE that kind of thing is routine. Take a look at my diary entries from yesterday:

    9:27 a.m. — Stopped at 7-11 on 24th Ave. Three cars of gang-bangers armed with AK-47s in parking lot, listening to WARM-FM at high volume. Cooler entirely out of Diet Pepsi. Clerk pretending nothing is wrong.

    9:41 a.m. — Little old lady caught in crosswalk on 24th with carful of drug-crazed criminals bearing down on her. Fortunately, she was aware of her 2nd Amendment rights and successfully deployed her grenade launcher. I sustained flesh wounds from shrapnel, but how can I complain? Amidst the terror that is modern-day Ballard, this a small thing.

    10:06 a.m. – Vandals with spray paint tag the entire front of the Carnegie library building. (Odd choice to use mauve–it's such a dated color.) Police officers in car out front pretend not to notice.

    10:16 a.m. — Finally too terror stricken to pick up my sharpened kitchen knives from Kitchen-n-Things, I head home the only safe way, slinking through the vast network of ancient sewer tunnels that runs beneath Ballard. I empty a clip at a pack of rats the size of Wolverines, and reach home only to find that I'm completely out of 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee.

    And so it goes. Sadly, a now-typical morning in Ballard.

  110. Speaking of Golden Gardens, whatever came about with the story about that ladies body they found on the beach? It was a big story at the times then it dropped off the radar completely. Does anyone know?

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