Buffalo Exchange to open in June

Buffalo Exchange has announced that they’ll be open in less than a month.

The eclectic buy-sell-trade clothing shop is taking over a 2,500 square foot space on Market Street where SuperCuts and the Tux Shop used to be. “Buffalo Exchange is unique because clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded directly with store customers. Used clothes can be traded for any item in the store, including jewelry and brand new clothing,” according to the press release. The store plans to open on June 20th.

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12 thoughts to “Buffalo Exchange to open in June”

  1. I've always wanted to try out Buffalo Exchange, but I hate going over to the U-District, so I've never gotten around to it… sweet! I'm looking forward to it as well.

    Does anyone know what kinds of clothes they look for? I'd love to trade some of my older clothes for new things, but I'm not sure if a more trendy store would want a whole lot of it, lol.

  2. They are kind of picky, I took like 20-30 things to the one in the U District and they only took one thing: a Juicy velour jacket. Everything else was name brand, and less than a year old. I was pretty surprised. If you have pretty high end clothing or something trendy you should be okay. I took my clothes to Plato's Closet in Bellevue and they bought everything. Although I do think Buffalo Exchange is a great store to buy clothes at. I am really excited to shop next month!

  3. Excellent! Now I don't have to make time to get the U district. I've been wondering when they would open.

    andrea – I find it really unpredictable what they like and don't like. Try bringing stuff in, though, if they don't like it, you can choose to either take it back or donate it.

  4. When donating anything there, keep the seasons in mind too! They won't really take sweaters in the summer and shorts in the winter etc.

  5. If you want to sell at Buffalo Exchange, this is what you need to keep in mind. They buy for the season, so if it is summer sell summer clothing. Jeans are the only thing that is really year round. Also the condition of the items are important. They do not buy clothing with any stains, holes, fading, and fuzz balls. They are not label driven, but more importantly they base their buys on how current the style is. They buy Old Navy to Marc Jacobs. They also buy retro/vintage items as well. Hope this helps everyone out.

  6. I welcome this new establishment. One has to wonder though why two longterm businesses had to leave. Most people on this blog would attribute it to the “massive crime epidemic”. In reality rents went up because ballard has great potential.

  7. Yeah, the lady at Annabelle's told me it was the skyrocketing rents that drove her out. Let's hope Buffalo Exchange can afford to stick around.

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