Ballard bear captured in Everett

Wildlife officials captured a small black bear in Everett on Friday, and now they say it’s likely the same bear that scurried through Ballard last week. The 180-pound bear was shot in the rear end with a tranquilizer dart while napping just north of Everett, and he’ll be relocated back into the wilderness. We’ve made one final update to our bear tracking map below. Quite the journey:

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3 thoughts to “Ballard bear captured in Everett”

  1. I thought we had a 250lb juvenile bear down here. the one they caught sounds like it was pretty tiny, anorexic even.

    I wonder how confused the bear must be to fall asleep in Everett and wake up in Skykomish, although in all honesty, this has happened to me before (although it didn't involve a shot to the fanny).

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