City approves plans for Kolstrand Building

Developers can move forward with their plans to refurbish the historic Kolstrand Building at 4743 Ballard Ave NW.

Back in April, the new owners of the Kolstrand Building showed off their plans for the historic building. Here’s a look at the preliminary sketches:

The Department of Planning and Development has approved the changes that will turn this warehouse into a retail and office space with work/loft units.

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12 thoughts to “City approves plans for Kolstrand Building”

  1. Who needs this yuppie stuff. REtail/office? You'll never meet a working Ballard stiff on one of those. Only yuppies. I miss Ballard.

  2. You'd rather they tore the old building down?
    The old building is going to be made useful again. IMO, that's a good thing.
    And it's not just going to be office space. Check out the plans.

  3. What rhetoric? I was just stating the opinion that it's nice to have an old Ballard building made useful again. I think it's the first time I've said that, so I'm not sure what you're so tired of.

  4. In the second picture, it appears to be a rather pleasant day, and yet we have a Marry Poppins in the bottom left hand corner with her umbrella open and dancing a jig. Artistic license?

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