Park safety meeting at library tonight

A reminder that Seattle Parks & Recreation and Seattle Police are holding a community meeting tonight to discuss a hot-button topic here in Ballard: safety and security at Bergen Place, Marvin’s Garden and Ballard Commons Park. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Ballard Library. We’ll post a story later tonight.

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4 thoughts to “Park safety meeting at library tonight”

  1. They need to add Salmon Bay. I went there in the middle of the day on Wed. and saw tons of folks sitting in thier cars (pretty clearly waiting to pick drugs) and I am not passing judgement about doing or not doing drugs, but it was pretty obvious.

  2. Meghan. Rather large sweeping statement to infer that tons of folks sitting in their cars in the middle of the day were “pretty clearly waiting to pick drugs”. First, how does one pick drugs? Is it like picking strawberries? Today I will go outside and pick myself a drug. Second, how would you know what sitting in a car waiting to pick a drug looks like? And what were you doing in the park in the middle of the day? Plenty of people work second and third shifts or have days off in the middle of the week. But I am glad you are the expert. I would have thought these tons of people picking drugs were just out enjoying a nice day at the park.

  3. Proxy, I am not talking about folks just hanging out in cars having a lunch break. I did say obvious. This was very clearly a few cars waiting to get drugs delivered to them. AND I watched 2 folks deliver drugs to 2 cars and then get into another car.
    As far as you nit-picking my spelling error. I *think* what I was trying to get at was pretty clear.

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