Big turnout for first East Ballard walk

About 40 people showed up this morning for the first-ever East Ballard walking tour. Dawn Hemminger, one of the organizers was surprised and happy with the turnout. “We were expecting anywhere from 10 to 20 people,” she said. The group started the 2-hour walk at Cafe Bambino. “Our main goal for this tour is to provide an opportunity for you to get to know your neighbors,” Hemminger said, “and to hopefully inspire you to do some exploring on your own.”

The group of adults, kids and dogs headed around the north end of East Ballard. There were 14 stops along the way, each with its own background information. Some was historical, such as fun facts about “Tudor Row” on 57th and the Woodland Grocery Flour and Feed store that used to sit at 60th and 4th Ave.

Other stops included this group effort at creating a human traffic circle “to impress upon the city that the neighborhood really wants this traffic circle” that was approved at NW 60th & 9th Ave. The tour ended at noon at Crash Landing Pizza where most people in the group enjoyed a free slice. Hemminger says they’re hoping to do another walking tour for south side of East Ballard. (First photo by My Ballard reader Silver, and she posted many more right here.)

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10 thoughts to “Big turnout for first East Ballard walk”

  1. What a great turn out. So nice to see our neighbors interested in doing fun things and sharing together. Nice idea for the human traffic circle too.
    : )

  2. Correction, the Neighborhood Projects Funds traffic circle proposal was recently approved for NW 62nd and 9th but this was still a great idea!

    The city has recently contacted me to find out if I would be willing to gather signatures from neighbors in support of the circle. The circle is currently in the feasibility and cost analysis phase. If you are interested in seeing this get built, please email me with your name and address and I will make sure you are on the petition. The approval was just the first step!

    Thanks for your support on this!

  3. The traffic circle at NW 60th and 9th NW was approved last year but hit a snag due to the offset intersection. We hope to have a circle there soon, as this was approved for funding by the city.

  4. There, I changed my pseudonym to match the one I use in the forum. That should avoid some confusion!

    I suppose I should make the avatars match too. Or at least the apparent genders of the avatars. ;-) The one I have up right now is Captain Dick Silver, my no good pirate scalawag brother. He owes me money.

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