Native American art chosen for natural area

A 16-foot bronze statue will be the “welcome figure” for the Salmon Bay Natural Area. Groundswell NW has chosen Seattle artist Marvin Oliver to create this sculpture which represents “local indigenous cultures and the rich tribal history of the site,” according to the Groundswell NW website. Oliver, who is of Quinalt decent, proposes that the statue be draped in Salish ceremonial clothing and holding an aluminum and glass disk that represents the salmon cycle. There will be a dedication of the piece this fall.

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8 thoughts to “Native American art chosen for natural area”

  1. Yeah, it's not bad. Once it's up we will have to check it out and see if it still looks good with all the faux gang tags and crude drawings of penises on it's base.

  2. There are certain things that don't get tagged. Lets hope this is one of those things. It sounds like a really lovely and important piece of art. Hate to see it spray painted by thugs.

  3. Oh — I get it….

    We shouldn't allow natural/open spaces to be converted by people for their purposes, unless its for the apparently-manifest good of public “art.” This crap, on the heels of the City paying $20,000 for an “artist” to spend about 40 days living in the Fremont bridge tower to make “art” for us.

    This city is falling apart at the seams (despite the revenues of a 10% sales tax) and all our social-engineers can imagine is a more impossibly ordinary statuary?

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