QFC bakery robbed, suspect at large

The bakery inside the QFC just north of 85th on 15th was robbed Sunday at 2:47 p.m., according to Seattle Police spokesman Detective Jeff Kappell.

Kappell says the suspect stole cash and left the scene on foot. The suspect is described as a white male in his 40s with an open wound on his cheek. He was wearing a gray hoodie, black sunglasses and jeans. (Thanks Beth for the tip!)

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  1. doesn't this sound like the white guy that was shot in the cheek in the U district? That was my first thought. I read about it in the police blotter a couple weeks ago.

    anyway, that's terrifying. Were any customers shaken up? I can't believe that a busy area like that would have a business robbed in broad daylight.

  2. Would it still be an open wound if it's the same guy? Maybe he has trouble clotting?
    In any case, this is scary and icky on equal levels.

  3. Seems like a fair bit of crime around 15th and 85th these days. Threatened stabbing / racial harassment a few days back. A month or so ago business broken into and perp caught. I vaguely recall one of the sandwich shops robbed a few months ago. I live near 96th and 9th, so it doesn't make me feel safe. Are there positive things we as residents can do? I feel for the businesses and I certainly don't want to see a single one leave. Maybe something could be done to make the area more appealing to shoppers, so the stores don't seem so empty all the time. Maybe a business improvement zone or something with some incentives.

  4. That area needs more restaurants, I think. I can't think of anything between Burrito Loco and the Pancake House, except that little place with the deck that only opens for dinner.

  5. OK. This really freaks me out. I live like 5 blocks from there. I don't have a car, and I live alone. I take the bus everywhere, which means if I go downtown and take the 15, I'm going to be walking 5 blocks from the bus stop to back home. I even went to QFC last night at 11:30… and walked home. I felt safe. But, the more I read stuff on here, the less safe I am feeling. And when I moved in (in Sept) it seemed so safe, part of the reason I chose this place. :(

  6. My wife and I were in the grocery store when this happened. The poor clerk got on the intercom and, with a very shaky voice, requested “Manager to the bakery department…immediately…like…right now please.”

    We were in the dairy section, couldn't see the bakery section and had no idea what was going on…but when we walked by a few minutes later, we could tell that the clerk was very upset.

    By the time that we checked-out with our groceries, the police had arrived…and we wondered what might have happened.

  7. that intersection is an open wound….

    ok it isn't THAT bad but its one of those bus-route creations where magically it becomes scummy and sketchy just because there are bus stops/shelters.

  8. I clicked the “Report” button for your extra posts and your name removal request post above. I'm sure the Geeky Swedes will fix it as soon as they see it.

    If anyone else wants to click the report button for those posts it might get their attention sooner…

  9. Did these crimes exist prior to addition of bus routes into and out of U District and Rainier Valley? We've added many “guest travelers” who are not residents of the community and who are “visiting” our neighborhoods.

  10. I can think of several between BL and PH. Off the top of my head:
    Taki's Mad Greek
    Pizza Hut Delivery
    Bento Sushi
    Moroccan place (technically on 85th)
    Pizza Time (delivery only?)
    Michoacan Mexican
    Thai Siam

    Most of these are pretty decent places to eat and it is nice to have some choices in walking distance.

  11. Sorry I missed Michoacan Mexican (how could I forget it?) and Benito Sushi. But Goofy's is a bar with food. As anyone can tell you I'm a big fan of bars, but I wouldn't call Goofy's a 'restaurant.'
    I'm usually only out 85th way to catch a bus, so a lot of these places aren't in my memory banks. Consider me corrected.

  12. I've yet to have a problem at the sheltered (or unsheltered) bus stops on and by 85th. I'm sure some have, but it's a little unfair to blame the bus stops for a QFC robbery.

  13. Most people would think that having a bus routes that connect residents to downtown Seattle and the U-District (2 Major Employment Areas) is a good use of transit investment. Apparently you are not a bus rider, or very bus minded.

    I'd look more at the strip joints, bars, and cheap food joints as likely attractors of a “criminal element” in that area. I recently read about a big city (Chicago or New York?) where a local council member was advocating against late night pizza joints. Kinda funny to me though… take away their pizza, not their guns is a novel approach.

  14. I agree, I live just a couple of blocks from there and walk to Safeway, Taki's, QFC and the bank several times a week and have never had any problems. Also never had any problems with the bus stop at 90th.

  15. Yeah. I live within a mile of this intersection and the seedy element really bothers me. I would not want to be in this area alone at night.

    Not that Goofy's and Centerfolds shouldn't exist, they're just so tacky and worn looking – and we all know about the “Broken Window” theory. Bento Sushi looks like a nice place, but it too has that aged feeling to it.

    IMO We need a “Clean Up 15th” coalition or something. Aesthetics are crucial to a neighborhood and 15th looks like an extension of Aurora on some parts. Even cleaning the streets or maybe petitioning to have a green area built in the center of the street a la 8th would help (can you do that?).

  16. No, of course there was no crime ever before buses came. What horror the Ballard Trolley must have wrought! Ballard was *saved* the day the trolley was disbanded!!

    When the Giant Invisible Robot Hitlers invade, I'll be in my underwater cave.

  17. It seems that there have been more issues since Labor Ready opened up just west of the QFC. I work in the neighborhood and we've had more problems since they opened.

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