Lemonade stand raises hundreds for Cancer Walk

Last week we wrote about 8-year-old Nathan helping his mom raise money for the 3-day Breast Cancer walk. His lemonade stand was such a success on Thursday that he decided to set up again on Saturday.

Sharon Feliciano, Nathan’s mom, wrote in the forum:

Nathan raised $175! He beat his goal by almost double! That puts the two day fundraising at a whopping $275! We are so thankful to everyone who stopped by and humbled by Ballard’s generosity. Nathan is off to an extended summer stay with Grandma back East, and he’s going to try his luck there as well. He’s very proud of himself, and this has given him such a self-esteem boost to know that he has helped make a difference.

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6 thoughts to “Lemonade stand raises hundreds for Cancer Walk”

  1. What a great kid. It must have been tough for him when his mom was ill.

    I wish the local churches did more for cancer causes, and raised money/opened up hospices. I am sure they would get so much support from the community as opposed to the anger against homeless shelters.

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