My Ballard’s first community event this Tuesday

Next Tuesday evening, we (The Geeky Swedes) invite you to come say hello at Bergen Place Park. From 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., we’ll be enjoying the summer evening with the wonderful neighbors of Ballard. Dante Rivera will be out with his hot dog cart selling his famous Inferno Dogs, and DJ Disco Vinnie from Romanza will keep the music going. This is our first event, and it’s timed with the new Tuesdays in Ballard campaign — dozens of nearby businesses will be offering discounts, prizes and entertainment. We’re also excited to hold the event at Bergen Place, which is one of the three central parks that are part of a community effort to attract more neighborhood activities. Our thanks to the In Ballard Merchant Association, Friends of Bergen Place and Marvin’s Garden, Neighborhood District Coordinator Rob Mattson and Seattle Parks & Recreation for their help! We hope to see you there.

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

25 thoughts to “My Ballard’s first community event this Tuesday”

  1. Awesome – will our resident drug dealers be in attendence with discounts on their wares as well?

    In all seriousness, I hope to make this!

  2. Well, I'd like to know what that was all about.
    Anyway, it's better that I don't show up.
    My e-mail is full of pathetic, hateful responses.
    Fortunately, they were removed from here, but cannot be removed from my mind. Some of you are sick as hell.

  3. In case any of you are wondering what C-74 is talking about, there were a string of nasty comments for a short time this morning to pretty much every post. The posts were vulgar, rude, and way beyond what most people would find disgusting. There were also some threatening words regarding Chopper. Really sick comments and I'm thankful they were deleted so quickly. That said, nice idea for Tuesday, Geeky Swedes. I'll try to stop by. And Chopper, I don't know you, but I'm sorry for the hateful words. Pathetic.

  4. Thank you, Hiddoo.
    I should have explained myself better.
    I take stuff pretty seriously as it is, but now I have to be more aware, and less available.
    Thank you to The Swedes for the quick reaction to the hate.

  5. Yikes. I hope my comment wasn't seen as rude or offensive since it was deleted. My sincere apologies if it was. I was only trying to joke that people aren't always who you think they might be…especially on the Internet. That's the beauty of meeting members of our community (online and off) face to face.

  6. For what it's worth, I didn't see it as rude or offensive, just your opinion.
    I'd guess that the delete key is on a hair trigger right now, and for good reason. I'm still stunned with what some folks will say and do to mess up a good thing. They've managed to mess it up for me, anyway.
    I think that community gatherings are essential.
    Get together, have fun. Bring your best to the table.

  7. Will you introduce yourself as chopper so we know who ye be? :) haha

    …yikes! Wrote this after reading all the crud below. That said, screw whoever did that and come anyway. :)

  8. I had to dump Trix because I was having Discus issues. The Geeky Swedes suggested a moment of silence. ;-)
    I'm now borrowing my cat's name. See ya there!!
    Oh, and I really hope the comments from that no account slimeball won't keep anyone away.
    Nora Bell (aka Trix)

  9. Glad you'll be there to enjoy it for a bit, Chopper. I'd hate for that slime to have kept anyone away.
    Lucky for me I don't look like a Trix. Besides, I'll have my mother with me for protection. ;-)

    Nora Bell (akaTrix)
    (Had Discus issues and had to re-register)

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