42 thoughts to “Head-turning billboard near Ballard Bridge”

  1. this puts the former ad campaign for a “Big Mac Attack” in better perspective; must have referred to heart attacks helped along by a poor diet.

  2. I had a gut feeling that the egg mcmuffin's aren't particularly unhealthy, and here's the case for that, and also some tips on how to eat a tiny bit more wisely if you choose to go to Mickie D's http://diet.lovetoknow.com/wiki/McDonalds_Nutri… . For me, the amount of saturated fat and trans fats they serve is not near as healthy as I wanna eat. Of course, eating healthy at many restaurants is tough (the lunchbox experiment's incredibly tempting-looking meals come to mind). If you can stomach the idea of having the words “healthy” and “tasty” in the same sentence, what do you consider the most healthy and tasty eats in Ballard? There's nothing like a good meal that makes you feel really good after you eat it, as well as during the meal itself.

  3. Num, num, num… cow feed! If you feed a cow corn feed/by-products for more than 6 mos they die of bloat Mr/Ms America! Welcome feed lots (!), where they are fed for 4 mos before slaughter…num, num,num! I am not against eating meat. but be serious… this is stinky slew, might as well go to Everett and slurP up! It's not tough – we're lazy!!

  4. I f'in hate mcdonalds and I swear like a sailor everytime I have to clean up the fast food garbage people leave in my yard. Death to mc D's! Evil evil evil! Nice job on the billboard. Keep up the good work. I have spoken.

  5. Personally, I've got a problem with putting the words 'funny' and 'vandalize' in the same sentence.
    It's like an off color joke, it's non-productive, even harmful to some.
    But again, I have a hard time feeling sorry for McDonald's…still, I won't laugh at it.

  6. Oh my goodness I saw this as I was crossing on my bike and almost went into the drink. The truth hurts as what is said… but then again I am craving some artery clogging food. Hey I do ride without a helment so why not stop at McD's.

  7. We just saw this on our way home, and cannot for the life of us decipher the original ad – does anyone know what it said before its – ahem- revision?

  8. There's a McDonald's billboard along the Spokane Street viaduct that I vandalize mentally every time I drive by it. It reads something like:

    whipped cream
    oh my!

    and I change it to

    whipped cream

  9. I second having not had a great experience there… I saw a woman in the kitchen blowing her nose… in the kitchen near where they prepare food – disgusting!!!! They also have a sign up there that kind of creeps me out saying you're always at risk when eating food from unknown origins. The vibes there were not good ones! Disappointing because I'd really like to have an organic restaurant in Ballard that was worth going to.

  10. I dunno why all the hate for Mcdonalds, people obviously like the service they provide. It's funny how some criticize the company but I bet most of you fill up your cars, and if you do your paying for people to keep destroying the enviroment, and your forcing people to breathe in your toxic fumes.

  11. Lmao! I myself am fond of vandalism and other such mischievous acts. This really is one of the best pieces of vandalism i have ever seen lol

  12. Hey! Irony! I for one ride both of my bikes every where (not at the same time of course). McDonalds is not a car though. They are actually worse than cars in my opinion seeing as they are part of the reason fat ass mother %^#@ers in our country drive in the first place (they make people fat and lazy). The only service they provide is killing anyone who actually indulges in their “food”, and slowly.

  13. Yes, it is amusing to one who isn't paying to have it fixed. Too bad cruel and unusual might include being properly safety harnessed and forced to repair the damage. If the repairs take an excessive time, paint or the work is shoddy and takes more than one sheet of billboard paper then the person should be able to “explain” his or her reasoning for doing the damage. The time to explain would be the time, at minimum wage, that would be required to pay for the hours and material to repair. The place of “explaining” should be up to the owner of the billboard. Might I suggest in front of minimum wage McDonnalds workers with tomatoes. mcDonnalds must supply food and water in the form of McDonnalds burgers and drinks. That is if the person spends too much time or material to repair. If it is done quickly and satisfactory then the safety equipment is taken off and s/he walks.

  14. I don't approve of vandalism, either, except where it's funny, serious, defaces corporate property or makes a progressive political point because it couldn't get on the airwaves or in the paper or news magazines. Or other unspecified times. I reserve the right to like any defacement of corporate or corporate-owned government subsidiary property.

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