Wires fall on car after accident on 14th Ave.

4:30 p.m. Seattle City Light is on the scene of a vehicle accident at 14th Ave. and NW 49th St. that left the driver of one vehicle stranded in his car.

One car went up on the curb knocking over a power pole which landed in the back window of another vehicle, stringing live wires over the top of his car.

A MyBallard reader snapped this photo of the live wires over the car and the driver trapped inside. The witness says that City Light was quick to respond. Once the wires were confirmed dead, the driver was able to get out. Seattle Fire responded but there were no injuries.

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3 thoughts to “Wires fall on car after accident on 14th Ave.”

  1. Rescue person one, “Go get him out of there! I'll call for backup!”

    Rescue person two, “OH no! YOU go get him! I just rememberd I left the iron on back at the base!”

    Just kidding. Our firefighters are awesome. ;-)

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