$110,000 requested for neighborhood projects

Funding has been requested for four of the five neighborhood projects that the Ballard District Council selected back in April. A three-member committee reviewed the projects, consulted with city department staff and visited each project location before making their recommendation to the Ballard District Council last night. The list of projects in priority order, with the cost involved for each project is as follows:

  • Develop sidewalk/pedestrian safety improvements on 28th Ave. NW From Market to NW 57th St. – $50,000
  • Improve/repair walkway on NW 100th from 8th NW to 15th NW – $25,000
  • Install a traffic circle at NW 62nd and 9th Ave. – $15,000
  • Improve lighting at Salmon Bay Park. – $20,000
  • These recommendations will be considered for the Mayor’s proposed 2010 budget. We should know by mid-August which projects will get funding.

    The fifth project would have created an eastbound right-hand turn lane at 24th and Market. When the committee was doing their research, the Seattle Department of Transportation told them that they are working on ways to help the traffic flow in that area and advised the group not to request money for this particular project.

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    1. Hopefully we get some curb cuts otherwise I will have to ride on the side of the road in my wheelchair when I walk my dog. It is the one thing that saddens me about my neighborhood.

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