Camper stuck under Golden Gardens bridge

A driver with a camper got a big surprise today when everything came to an abrupt halt under a train bridge at the entrance to Golden Gardens.

It happened a little before 1:30 p.m., and a tow truck responded a short time later. My Ballard reader Susan saw the scene shortly after it happened. She says it looks like the truck drove under the overpass, the camper hit the top of the bridge and slid right off the back of the truck.

David emailed us to say the underpass is blocked off, but it should be cleared by this evening. (Thanks Jen, David, Susan and Rob!)

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11 thoughts to “Camper stuck under Golden Gardens bridge”

  1. All over town at U-Haul rental places are pictures of the stone bridge in the Arboretum…and the various accidents of this ilk that have occured there. I witnessed two myself over the years; sheared off the top of one truck like a sardine can.

  2. Remember years ago when a semi got stuck in the Mercer exit tunnel from I-5?

    I think it peeled part of the top back like the incident Jules2 mentioned.

    I have a vague memory of the investigation finding that re-paving of the exit had reduced the clearance.

    Not sayin' that it wasn't plain 'ol American stupidity in this case…

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