Waterfront activity center proposed for Northlake

Ballard has the Locks, and now Fremont and Wallingford may get “Northlake Wharf,” a community center proposed by the Center of Wooden Boats.

The facility would be located just west of Gas Works Park. Among the suggestions for the site: a floating farmers market, a water taxi to downtown and boat-in concerts. Fremont Universe attended a brainstorming session for the public over the weekend, and it has a sneak peek of the project here.

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2 thoughts to “Waterfront activity center proposed for Northlake”

  1. We suggested that it could be Wallingford's front deck aka summer home. We already have gas works park right next store obviously so this would be more of an intentional community.

    Although I think it is great that the Center for Wooden Boats is taking the lead on this I doubt that we need more spaces to view old wooden boats to be honest. We went to their current facility this weekend and most people were there for the free sailing and were from out of town and the only boats being worked on were small lil rowboats.

    The highest and best use seems to be a community center with a natutical theme perhaps combined with a public sailing center (not funded by public money) vs another facility to work on old wodden boats.

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