Get your Viking on at Seafood Fest

Ballard’s biggest neighborhood event of the year is coming up this weekend. The 35th annual Ballard SeafoodFest draws 60,000 people to downtown Ballard for salmon, arts & crafts, music and other events.

New this year is a hot dog eating contest sponsored by Dante’s Inferno Dogs. At 1:45 p.m. on Saturday, head to the community stage at Bergen Place to see how many dogs get put away. You can still sign up for the competition at Snacks! on Ballard Ave. Cost is $20 for a seat at the table and a t-shirt.

If hot dog eating is too tame for you, how about the lutefisk eating contest? Last year Einer Johannsen smashed the record by slurping down two pounds of the stinky Scandinavian staple in just 7 seconds! “I poured it down like a pitcher of Rainier Beer,” Johannsen told us after the contest with a big smile on this face. We’ll see if someone can top that this year.

A long-running tradition is the mouth-watering alder-smoked salmon ($9) cooked up by master griller Warren Aakervik. By the end of the weekend, the crew will serve 2,000 pounds of salmon!

The 9th Annual Couture Coverall Contest is Sunday afternoon at 3:15 p.m. on the community stage. Last year the winner came dressed as a woman from the Duwamish tribe in the 1800s, but we saw everything from four-legged contestants to some that were, er, showing a little more skin.

Stan Boreson, the king of Scandihoovian humor, kicks off the entertainment on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. and performs again on Sunday. The musical lineup for the main stage can be found here, the community stage entertainment here, and the family stage at Ballard Commons Park can be found here.

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  1. SeafoodFest is brought to you by the Ballard Chamber of Commerce — the same organization that recently sued the City of Seattle to stop the bike trail which SDOT approved.

    If you are a biker, or concerned about bicycle safety, do not support this event.

  2. The Ballard Chamber of Commerce has an online directory of members. Tell these companies you do not support their membership in an association that would rather sue the city than see the bike trail built as approved.

    Sports-oriented businesses listed as members include:

    Second Ascent

    Olympic Athletic Club


    Seattle Sports

    Big 5 Sporting Goods

    It's possible some of these companies aren't members at all, but the Chamber lists them anyway.

    Another reason not to support the Ballard Chamber of Commerce or their events!!!

  3. Great idea! Let's drive all the businesses out of Ballard! Actually while you're about it drive all the tourists out as well!

    I hope the view from your ivory tower is nice.

  4. doug11 – You really need to do something more with your life than spend all day and night on your computer, hijacking every single MyBallard comment thread with your froth-at-the-mouth ranting.

    It's pathetic.

  5. Why should I support a Chamber of Commerce that puts the interests of Ballard Oil and the company that sells sand ahead of a trail that's been approved by SDOT after years of studies and debate?

    The people want a bike trail. We can make our voices heard. We can decide where to spend our money. Just like the Chamber of Commerce can decide who to sue.

  6. Are you doing this on purpose, Geeky Swedes? ;-)
    Uff da! I'll be there both days, as usual. Especially looking forward to the appearance of El Vis on the main stage.
    For the record, I will be signing the bike club's petition while I'm there. But only after my donation to PurrFect Pals. Some things are just more important to me.

  7. I will be at the Seafood Fest, working as a volunteer, enjoying the food, the people, the costumes, the music and the sunshine.

    Haters go away.

  8. If you just found this site yesterday and have already posted as many rants as you have… then I'm even more worried about your sanity.

  9. and supporting an organization that spends it's money to hire lawyers to sue the city to deny the people of Ballard the safe bike trail they want.

  10. I will not be attending, no way. The Ballard chamber of Commerce by suing the city is costing the taxpayers lots of money and waste. There are many other businesses to support and places to go such as Fremont, Wallingford, Magnolia, etc.

  11. rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant……………………………

  12. Oh, the Chamber speaks for oil and gravel…got it.
    It also speaks to hundreds of other interests.
    sorry, enjoy the Fest folks, I'll leave it at that.

  13. Hundreds of other interests? Two things on their plate right dwarf everything else:

    – Stopping the bike trail by joining the lawsuit
    – SeafoodFest

    They also misrepresent themselves online by including businesses in the directory that aren't actually members. Nice way to ruin reputations.

    And “leave it at that” Chopper, if you don't comment any more on this thread I'll be extremely impressed.

  14. I'm excited about SeafoodFest – it's one of the great ways that this community comes together each year to celebrate Ballard's Nordic heritage, its maritime roots and the sense of “place” that is increasingly missing from so many other communities. I, for one, will be there both days, enjoying the sun, the free music, the shopping and the great food. For those unhappy with the Chamber, that's fine. But this event isn't about politics or divisiveness, it's about coming together. Uff da!

  15. You're presenting an unbelievably obnoxious example of someone who doesn't like the Chamber's stance on the trail, and you're doing it over and over. Not everything is about this issue.

    If you're trying to drum up support /against/ the trail, you seem to be doing a great job of it. Please stop.

  16. It's about coming together to sue the city and stop bike trail improvements.

    That's what the Chamber of Commerce does when they're not fooling you with Seafood Fest and “free music” (wow!)

  17. rant…rant…rant…rant…rant..rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…rant…………………………….

  18. But doug11 is too far gone to realize that he is losing allies with every rant.

    There's an old saying: “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

  19. Good grief no one is saying you have to attend, all anyone has attempted to point out is that:

    A: Boycotting Seafood Fest won't hurt the Ballard CoC (aren't most of the proceeds donated to various local charities?), and certainly won't get them to change their minds.

    B: Most business owners are going to be a lot more receptive to a regular customer pointing out that completing the missing link would allow them to spend more money in the store, over a stranger ranting about a boycott

  20. Well, Warren Aakervik will be grilling salmon. Perhaps I'll try to find him at a quiet time and ask why he is suing the charity that I support. …and that he should be supporting if he wants people to be safe on their bicycles near his trucks.

    I'll also be wandering around with a petition to finish the Missing Link.

    It is an easy gut reaction to want to boycot this festival and deny money for the charities that Ballard Oil and Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel support, but maybe it is a better idea to take the opportunity to bicycle in groups up and down Shilshole, to stack our bikes 50 or 100 deep near the salmon feed, and to all walk around wearing our bicycle helmets to show that good bicycling infrastructure is important to us. Yeah, a lot of us cyclists are pissed, but omitting ourselves from their vision doesn't help either.

    I'll see you at the seafood fest (at least on Saturday).

  21. I doubt I'll change any minds. For or against.

    I am trying to raise awareness. And it's working.

    Instead of talking about how wonderful Seafood Fest is, you're all talking about how much you hate me.

    I guarantee you more people now are aware of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce's anti-bike actions than there were before.

    And I've also collected some great information that shows how the Chamber misrepresents itself online.

    You can't just sue the city and publish a list of “members” on your website who aren't actually members.

    There are going to be consequences to that. You'll see…….

  22. Warren has already spoken, with his lawsuit. Maybe he will charm you, maybe he won't. What difference does it make? Are you going to change his mind? Never.

    I like the idea of assembling big groups of bikers. How about a regular ride just up and down Shilshole for an hour one weekday afternoon or evening each week? A sort of regular protest until the lawsuit is resolved.


    Ballard Chamber of Commerce REMOVES it's list of members from it's own website!!!

    Ballard Chamber of Commerce got BUSTED by DOUG11 for misrepresenting themselves online!

    Check this out — the member directory is GONE from the top-level pages.

    It was there earlier today — a top level link to Member Directory used to appear right below “About the Chamber” — I can post screenshots later on..

    Right now you can still click through to individual listings, like Blackbird's. The owner of Blackbird of course claims they were never even a member!!

    You can't just sue the city and pretend to have support and members that you DO NOT HAVE.

    Geeky Swedes, are you going to cover this??????

    How many other local businesses are misrepresented by the Chamber and their lawsuit????!!

  24. Yes, he has spoken, but a lawsuit is a pretty blunt form of communication. I've had at least one conversation with him where he seemed alternately concerned between the unpredictability of cyclists that he has seen and the poor visibility from his trucks. I've been pissed at the decision and think that the Ballard Shortline has hurt more cyclists than his trucks ever would, but I can still try to talk to the guy. Maybe safety is a red herring, or maybe nobody has suggested the right outside-of-the-box solution to him.

    As for a regular ride, I'm always up for riding my bike. Call a time and day and I'll help spread the word.

  25. O.K., so after reading endless comments like this, I called the Chamber to specifically ask why there are businesses listed on the membership page that are not actually members. The woman at the Chamber (who was very pleasant, by the way), said that they're having a problem with their filter that is causing all businesses listed in the Chamber's larger database (i.e., business that are not members but are listed in the database as referrals in the event that someone contacts the Chamber looking for a local business that provides certain services or sells certain goods) to come up in the membership list. They are working with their IT guys to fix the problem. In the meantime, because the membership site is now “wrong” (listing all businesses as opposed to just member businesses), they've taken the list down so as to avoid providing any incorrect information. They said it will be restored once the problem is worked out.

    So there is the explanation. Again, a quick call answered a lot of questions. No, there's nothing sinister going on at the Chamber and I certainly hope that the next series of responses won't start suggesting conspiracy theories, etc.

    At this point, I'd like to suggest that we all return to a modicum of civility on this stream. Is there anyone else out there who agrees with me on this?

  26. Yes, the petition I'll be spreading it something that Cascade Bicycle Club is organizing. Once I have the final copy, I'll share it on the forums here too.

    If you want to help, Cascade will be sharing it at the Cyclefest out at Magnuson Park tonight, or just contact their Advocacy department and tell them that you'd like to help.

  27. You know, as a former bike commuter 3-4 days a week, I WAS PREVIOUSLY going to support the Cascade Bike Club but because of this endless, tedous hijacking of every single thread on this blog, I'll do everything in my power to oppose them.

    Are you DONE NOW? Let's Boycott Doug 11. Tell me Doug, when, exactly did you move to Ballard, and from where?

  28. Oh for crying out loud. The website was taken down to fix the filter error that was listing everyone on the planet as opposed to just members. See my earlier post for the explanation. Enough already.

  29. WHAT EXACTLY has the Cascade Bicycle Club DONE for Ballard? NOT for it's own members, for BALLARD.

    cricket cricket cricket cricket cricket cricket

  30. “There are going to be consequences. You'll see…….”

    Those two sentences sound very much like a threat — from a mentally unstable individual.

    Geeky Swedes, I'm considering forwarding doug11's comments to the Chamber and to the Seattle Police Department. I don't doubt they will be interested in the growing threatening nature of his comments.

    It's curious why you are continuing to give this person (who appears to have VERY serious mental health issues) a forum on this blog.

    Perhaps it's because his rantings provoke people to respond. And, as we all should know by now:

    More blog traffic=More advertising=More $$$ for blog owners.

    But honestly, I think by allowing him to hijack and monopolize all threads with his rantings, you are only going to antagonize the regular readership of this blog.

  31. Safety is a red herring. For example every one of the SBS&G trucks crosses the bike trail every day from their lot down off of Leary.

    If anything the trail will make it much safer for bikes because there will probably be limited places where you can cross the trail. This is probably what pisses off the companies along there because right now it's just a free for all and they can drive wherever they want. That's what makes the current situation so dangerous for cyclists.

  32. They, along with Friends of the Burke-Gilman, pushed hard for the completion of the Shilshole stretch. You may not feel that that benefited Ballard, but a lot of Ballardites do.

  33. It's coming together as a community; not just as a special interest group. Doug11 has probably done more to turn people OFF his cause than the other way around.

    The Beer Garden is run by the Ballard Eagles fot their girl's drill team, La Senoritas. It is probably their biggest fundraiser all year. I hope everyone will turn out to drink some beer and support these girls!

  34. Cascade Bicycle Club has brought bike rides to Ballard, bringing business here.

    Cascade Bicycle Club has taught free bicycle safety classes to school children across Seattle, including Ballard.

    Cascade Bicycle Club has sponsored a block party on the last bike to work day in Ballard, bringing hundreds of cyclists to patronize our businesses.

    As mentioned by gurple, the club has also pushed to have the trail built between Golden Gardens and the Ballard Locks…which adds to the tourism value of our neighborhood.

    Not to mention that Cascade Bicycle Club has built the cycling population of the city which is what supports BikeSport, Second Ascent, The Dutch Bicycle Company of Seattle, and Electric and Folding Bicycles Northwest, all of which are in Ballard.

    …so yes, Cascade does do a lot of things to help Ballard, even though they are a regional bike club and we are just a little neighborhood. They have a lot of members here. It isn't just an outside force trying to tell our businesses what to do.

  35. I think you figured it out:

    More blog traffic=More advertising=More $$$ for blog owners.

    I wasn't threatening anyone and I'm sorry if it came across that way. But we've already SEEN the consequences I described. The member directory has been removed from the Chamber of Commerce website.

  36. Mickey, you have the wrong idea if you think intimidation.

    Stopping the festival would be pretty stupid, counterproductive, and would likely result in a police escort to a lockup.

    A civil exercise of the right to travel down a public right of way to show that 2 businesses are blocking the safety improvements that hundreds of individuals want, that is something different.

  37. Some “error.” Pretending your lawsuits against the city have the support of businesses that aren't members.

    They're finally “fixing” it today, as a result of this blog. Nice!

    I look forward to reviewing the new member directory.

  38. And I don't think you need to forward my comments to the Chamber, at least. Apparently they're reading this blog like everyone else. That's why they just removed the member directory from their website…….

  39. No, again, you have the wrong idea.

    If there is a protest ride, it will be over off to the side on Shilshole and Doug will be doing it. I only said I'd spread the word for him if he decided to do that instead of harassing folks on this forum. …and if he does a ride on a weekly basis, I might join that because I like to ride my bicycle.

    I am just going to be wandering around the festival very politely asking people if they would like to sign a petition.

  40. They don't mention it on their website, but there will be bicycle parking at the Neighborhood Service Center on 22nd between 56th and 57th Avenue.

    The more people we have bicycling to the festival, the less traffic mess we will have.

  41. Oh, I was so going to join in the lawsuit against the city until all these cranky mean businessmen with their toy train got all huffy on the forum. Now I'm going to do whatever I can to support the Cascade bike club, the city, my neighbors, the cyclists, the retail businesses, the resteranteurs, the barkeeps, the car drivers, and everyone else who will benefit from having a safe alternative to getting hurt riding on Shilshole.

    Oh yeah, Wah!

  42. This isn't the first time that the chamber has done this. It was posted on one of these threads this week about how they misrepresented supporters of the Ballard Bowl skatepark as being opposed to it in order to make it look like their minority position was more widely held. I think that's likely the case here as well.

  43. I didn't get nearly as sinister an impression as you did. doug11 is getting tiresome (sorry doug, I'm with you, but you are getting waaay out there), but I hardly think that his rants are any worse than your over reactions to anything you read on here. This is, for better or worse, a free and open forum where people can express their opinions and doug11 has found one that he's passionate about, a little too passionate about, but that's his right. Unless he's breaking the code of conduct rules there's not much the GS should do about it.
    I'm sorry he doesn't share your point of view, but you can argue and rant right back at him.

  44. Funny it sounds to me like he's suggesting that cyclists show up in mass, spend money and have good time. This strikes me as exactly the kind of move that would get the CoC to rethink its position. After all the primary function of any local Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate business, so it would stand to reason that any group that heavily patronizes local business will get listened to.

  45. I think you've got it exactly right. SBSG is using the public right of way for their business use instead of having more land that they'd have to pay for and pay taxes on. They're upset that they'll have to adjust and use the land they actually own instead of using public property like it's theirs. Is that the crux of their insurance issue too? That they are able to do the dangerous stuff on public right of way where they're not liable for what happens?

  46. ” After all the primary function of any local Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate business”

    I wonder if this chamber operates under that assumption or if it's devolved into a good ole boy's club for their friends who own certain businesses. Their recent actions and attitude indicate the latter.

  47. MS, you're a sage. Best to get bikers to the festival, have a good time, sign a petition, and voice opinion to those that oppose the trail. Boycotts are boyish, best to engage.

    Won't be there because of a business trip. Sounds like fun and a chance to mingle and asks questions of folks. Maybe over a nitrite stick or some rotten fish, folks can talk more directly and civilly than in the frizzle-frazzle of a lawsuit or, sorry “Swedes,” a blog.

  48. I'm on your side re: the trail. But if you're going to advise the many bike riders to show up at the festival, can I ask that you tell them also to be aware of the heavy foot traffic? I'll be walking to the festival, as always.

  49. Once they get there, and will all the bikes be parked? Have yet to see that at any festival.
    I just wanna be sure the bicyclists at this thing are kind to pedestrians.

  50. Since we are hating on bikes.. lets move to dogs. If you want to bring your dog, can you keep the dog out of the food area? Last year some dog jumped up on my husband and tried to eat his food. He hates dogs and that certainly is not helping his opinion of them.

  51. Maybe the Cascade Bicycle Club can patch the divots SDOT made on 24th Ave when they put it on a road diet and added the bike lane that CBC organized. I'd also appreciate it as a motorist (my job that pays the taxes requires it, plus the gas taxes pay for roads a bit more than the tax on bikes) if the CBC could give mandatory classes on basic cycling skills to all who ride/buy bikes in Seattle so they don't veer out of their 3 foot (Give 'em 3, right?) lane and into traffic. Let's face it Seattle has crap infrastructure and even worse drivers and cyclists.

    Given the few places that sand and gravel companies can operate in the area versus retail availabilty, boy now that condos aren't hot seems like that space is opening up, why not can the on street parking on Market (eastbound) and Leary (southeastbond) and put in a bike lane? Call it a day. If you are going downtown travel via the locks it is still an option and we can all live to ride/drive another day. Enough people can't ride their bikes to offset the carbon footprint (this is about the environment, right?!) that moving SBSG out of Ballard would cause. Not to mention the jobs lost to the local economy.

    Doug11, you are a lot like McDermott, you don't do squat for your 'people' or 'cause' but sure raise a lot of support (and money) for your opponents.

    At the end of the day most of these posts have made aim at the wrong targets. The City needs to do a better job of dealing with the lack of infrastructure and taking away from business won't help (what's the unemployment rate?). The liability issues are crazy, how much did KING County pay out to the cyclist that hit a pothole in Redmond? $3 Million. Where did that money come from? It is a zero sum game, not a sugar daddy. That is most likely what Warren and his insurance company are thinking.

    In closing I carry no ones water and before all the car haters pull out the knives, I've commuted via bike in many cities domestically and abroad but when I got to Seattle 10 years ago gave it up as I had a child and didn't feel the risk was worth it anymore due to the lack of overall infrastructure (car AND bike) and lack of proficiency (car AND bike) to risk not being there to see my daughter grow up. I still bike but when I don't need the car for work (gotta make the man pay me!) I ride the bus or use a car share.

    Stay Classy Ballard! Have fun at Seafood Fest this weekend, I'll be the one wearing the Viking Helmet!

  52. I'm not sure that TOURISM in Ballard is such a great thing. Everything you have mentioned is positive- but it is all in their own self-interest.

    Well, Doug-the Zealot wants us all to boycott Serond Ascent.

    The argument Doug had was that INDUSTRY does nothing for Ballard. I argue that the blue collar businesses of Ballard put on SeafoodFest, support and put on the Fishermen's Memorial Fall Fest, support the Ballard Kiwanis, Rotary, Ballard Boys and Girl's Clubs, the Nordic Heritage Museum, La Senoritas Drill team, Sons of Norway, Sytendee Mai parade…etc. with time, effort, and money.

    Now, if you said that the CBC gave free bikes or bike helmets to every kid at Ballard Boys & Girls Clubs, then I'd say that they are on par with the good the industrail entetiess have done for Ballard.
    This isn't such a “little neighborhood.” there are 50,000 in the zip codes 98117 and 98107.

    Hey, I was an active bike commuter for years, (and I've never come close to an accident on the rails, BTW) and I do think a link would be a good idea.

    I think that DougThe Zealot and others of his ilk and their Ballard Jihad are doing more harm than good. Boycotting Ballard businesses isn't going to win you any supporters. Consider that most owners of Ballard businesses and their employees live here. This is our neighborhood; we should have a say in what happens here.

    The motto ” Shilshole or Bust” seems to be their mantra; why AREN'T other streets considered? After all, 65th and 61st also go straight down to Golden Gardens. What about Leary? A SDOT study says Leary is underutilized.

  53. We? Do you have a mouse in your pocket, or is that the Royal “We”. Why, yes, I rode to the UW 3 or 4 days a week for TWENTY TWO YEARS *but not in winter* on my trusty mountain bike, with panniers. I was lucky in that my building had showers in it. My SO bike commutes to Everett at least 3 days a week.

    From your response I gather that you moved here recently (if you live here at all) and have decided that you want to change everything about it. Good luck with that.

  54. The fact is, you're clueless as to my “point of view” because, as far as the bike trail is concerned, I haven't staked out my position.

    My only “point of view” that's relevant to this thread is that doug11 needs professional psychiatric help.

  55. I'd love to have a longer conversation with you, but we've already hijacked this thread too much. Maybe we should make a new thread in the forums.

    A couple quick points:
    1. Bicyclists are allowed the full lane if they need it for safety. The 3 feet is passing distance…if that means you need to change lanes before passing a cyclist, so be it. Check the RCW, bicycles are traffic. That said, Cascade has also been pushing a “Single File is Safer” campaign for the last year or so to encourage cyclists to ride in single file.

    2. Cascade has offered free Group Riding and Safety Skills classes this year, and offers free bicycling classes to the schools for children. They have also offered a $40 Urban Cycling Skills set of classes that is very similar to Driver's Ed. …I had to pay to take Driver's Ed, didn't you?

    3. Gas tax contributes a small percentage of the cost of maintaining the roads. A large portion of it in Seattle comes from sales tax, property tax, and employer head taxes.

    4. That King County suit was because they knew about the danger and kept fiddling with it but never fixed it and it wasn't a pothole, it was a utility cover. A known danger is negligence.

    …if you'd like to continue chatting about these points, let's move it over to the open forum instead of cluttering this area.

  56. Seems like this is another thread we should move over to the open forum. I'll go start a thread there now: “Why not Leary Way”

  57. Is that some sort of ageism- discriminatory remark? Well, there are still plenty of us around who are 3rd, 4th, 5th generation Ballardites. And we aren't all collecting Social Security.

    BTW, I take this that you think there is some upper age limit on cyclists. That's very narrow minded and bigoted….one of my friends rides from Wedgewood to his job downtown every single day of the week. He is 59. He, my SO, and a couple friends IN THEIR SIXTIES bike all over Europe for a month each summer.

    Not all cyclists are in their 20s and 30s. Not all long time Ballard residents are “cranky old-timers.” We who have lived here for generations do, however, resent “transplants” coming here from God-Only-Knows-What-Hellhole and telling us how we should run our community. So there.

  58. Michael,

    1. I understand the RCW and my comments take into consideration safety. While I'm a motorist I'm also a cyclist, two broken elbows, one from a snowbird that shouldn't have been driving and one from a 19 year old on a cell phone. The right versus dead argument is in play here. The number of doubles on Shilshole is a disgrace to any cycling community especially one trying to take the moral high ground.

    2. I didn't pay for drivers ed, blessed to be raised in a land that my (and my parents) taxes paid for. I did miss a stop sign back in the day after a 16 hour shift that had me spend a weekend in class, which was time well spent. Drivers need to be much, much, much better educated as do cyclists. Scooters just need to be banned ;)

    3. Which explains why our roads are shit for all!

    4. A known danger not assessed by a cyclist is being stupid. Ask anyone who rides in Tucson and they all know how to bunnyhop, the only sure way not to face plant on cattle guards. Again this goes to my point of the infrastructure not supporting what the people want/need (car or bike). Did anyone at KC lose their job over the incident or resulting lawsuit? How much money was lost from KC programs or taxpayer wants from that? I'm sorry the guy is toast for life, no amount of money brings that back but when people in power don't act, shouldn't they be held accountable and not the taxpayers?

    Don't get me wrong on my points, I'd LOVE to see this area more cycle friendly but I just feel riding a bike in Seattle is like riding a motorcycle in most parts of the US, it isn't a question of if but when you will be in an accident.

    BTW you didn't address the mess 24th Ave is now that the bike lane was added.


  59. I'd advise cyclists riding up Shilshole to head up 24th to 57th, hang a right and head over to the bike parking on 22nd. The Chamber of Commerce says they have bike parking up there and that route should avoid most of the possible conflicts with pedestrians.

    Yes, the whole area is a crowded zoo. It would be insane to try to walk a bike through the crowd, worse yet to ride through the crowd. I'll be on foot.

  60. I was planning to volunteer but I hurt my back, so I can't. I'll be eating salmon, drinking beer, listening to music, checking out the street vendors and artists, (and also the cute Firemen :) ) and checking out the adorable cats at PurrFect Pals. But I won't be signing the petition, mainly because doug11 and his Anti-Ballard Jihad rants have pissed me off.

  61. Ok, I LOVE DOGS, but I am amazed and astonshed at the number of pooches at SeafoodFest (or any other street fair/festival for that matter.) What's up with that? Do you HONESTLY believe that your dog enjoys the heat and the crowds, not to mention the other dogs? (who may or may not be dog-friendly.)

    My theory is that people who bring their dogs to these kind of events are using their dogs as some sort of “accessory”, because they do not have the animal's best interest at heart. Leave Fluffy (or Killer) at home.

  62. Do you HONESTLY believe that a dog would rather be at home alone than outside getting some exercise, and enjoying the sights and smells of Seafood Fest with her people?

    Also, anyone who would let their dog jump up on someone in public is just a jerk. Just like cyclists, you can't lump all dog owners together.

  63. Yet again this blog has reinforced my ever growing negative feeling of Seattle and its residents. Why all the hating? Grow up and learn to compromise and then maybe we will have a city and neighborhood that encourages diversity and not the homogeny of haters that currently reside here. Maybe we should just put up a billboard at the bridge with a big hand giving the finger …welcome to Ballard!

    BTW – Tourism is VERY important to Ballard businesses. This summer there is a noticible drop in out of town shoppers and our retail stores are dying because of this. So, when my employer cuts my hours due to low sales that means that I can't spend my dollars at any other local stores/restuarants. So, unless you are ready to put your money where your mouth is you all should SHUT IT. Get off the computer, go outside and spend a few bucks at a local business.

  64. I love that someone had the balls to write that.

    That said, if you bring your dog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring some water for him/her!!! My problem is seeing the BAD dog owners who don't think ahead for their pooch!

  65. I fully agree. I get really mad when I see bad dog owners…water your dog, pick up the poo and don't let them freak out and bother other people….that goes for your children too!

  66. Good idea, Michael. I don't normally have issues with cyclists at Seafoodfest, but I feared problems this year because of some commentary on this blog.

  67. More like they know their dogs are allowed in the beer garden. I can't think of a festival beer garden that does allow them other than this one.
    I've never had a problem with the dogs at this thing myself.

  68. Jules2 says:

    “Not all long time Ballard residents are “cranky old-timers.” We who have lived here for generations do, however, resent “transplants” coming here from God-Only-Knows-What-Hellhole and telling us how we should run our community. So there.”

    That is a priceless comment. Keep it classy, industrialists!!

    Doug11 from “God-Only-Knows-What-Hellhole.”

  69. It's typical of the sort of people who gravitate to a trendy hyped area. That's why other businesses disappear and then fad types leave we have to rebuild. Sadly Ballard will not be the first place to face this kind of problem and will not be the last.

  70. For someone who is running around telling all of us B allardites where we should or shouldn't shop, and what we should do in OUR neighborhood, I think we all have a right to know where you came from, and what NEIGHBORHOOD YOU LIVE IN.

  71. You are so Naive. They committed fraud and it is apparently not the first time. I have also seen posts from a business owner who quit the chamber and their name was not removed despite numerous phone calls.

  72. I have reconsidered my earlier thoughts. I will be DRIVING to the area. I will use my van even though it takes up much more curb space. I need it to haul the other set of wheels. I have convinced others to leave their bikes home to drive to the FEST. Bikers, why deal with all the hate, JOIN them. It will be too hot to ride. Enjoy air-conditioning and the safety of 4 wheels.

    I will be pushing THE biggest baby stroller I can find. One made for triplets so that my dog can ride when she wants to. She can also sleep in it when it is parked on the sidewalk while I am eating and drinking inside one of the permanent neighborhood NON-chamber-member establishments.

    So MichaelSnyder, while I respect you and your tactics, I am rethinking my lifestyle. I am going to tell as many people as I can how they should live and behave. And I think that everyone who favors the trail should drive to the area and eat at one of the non chamber restaurants. And oh yeah, If you were not born in Ballard, try to NOT let anyone know. Ballardites are prejudiced. They mention it openly and often. They will talk behind your back.

  73. My point about your “point of view” was in disagreeing with doug11 and becoming the troll that follows other posters around with critiques, like “Hyperbole!” and you “need professional psychiatric help” rather than discussing the issue on it's merits.

  74. Tellin you to SHUT IT is not hate. I don't hate you I just pity you and your constant need for attention and to feel so rightous.

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