Local group gets national Emmy recognition

Imagine seeing words and sentences in a whole new way. Seattleite Cory Calhoun is the king of anagrams and his story recently aired on PBS.

Royal Galactic Media is a small production company in Ballard that co-produced a point-of-view piece on Calhoun. Royal Galactic teamed up with Team Juicebox to produce the eight-minute long piece called Ars Magna, which means “great art.” Calhoun has been hailed as coming up with the world’s greatest anagram using the first three lines of Hamlet. Ivan Agerton, one of the partners of Royal Galactic says that they learned of the Emmy nomination a few weeks ago and they’re thrilled. This is a big nomination, but it’s not only award for the small company. They recently won Best Director at an International 48-hour film competition, they won Best Documentary at the Toronto Documentary Film Festival and a couple years ago won Best Film worldwide at a 48-hour film competition and the film was featured at Cannes.

We caught up with them this past weekend as they were shooting stock motion for the Getty stock library in collaboration with Anderson Ross Photography. They’ve just started using the state-of-the art Red One camera of which there are only about 5,000 worldwide. “It’s an amazing piece of equipment,” Agerton says. Keep an eye out for more from this company who is often shooting around Ballard. We’ll be sure to pass along the Emmy results on September 21.

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7 thoughts to “Local group gets national Emmy recognition”

  1. Oh, boy, that is quite an anagram. I looked it up:

    “In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.”

  2. The Red is a good camera, but fairly overblown for it's own press. I can't tell you how many shoot's I've been on with a Red that went haywire for the fact of having a red, and being Ill equiped to be able do deal with it.

    Good Cam, but far from the end all and be all of “low” budget video's

  3. I've got an idea for their next film…
    A greedy bunch of industrialists hold a Chamber of Commerce and town hostage so they can park their trucks on the public right of way and play with a life sized toy train while militant cyclists wreak havoc on a street fair.
    Just kidding, seriously let's keep Doug11 off this and just all congratulate these guys for getting some recognition of their hard work and talent.

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