Seattle’s largest sidewalk sale starts Thursday

Ballard shops will be spilling out onto the sidewalks later this week for the annual Ballard Sidewalk Sale. Starting on Thursday, merchants along Market Street and Ballard Ave will be marking down merchandise for Seattle’s largest and longest running sidewalk sale. Businesses will have deep discounts and storewide markdowns during the sale which runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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  1. Enjoy the sidewalk sale but ask your retailer if they are a member of the Ballard Chamber of commerce. If they are a member ask them if they support bicycle and pedestrian safety. If they do they should end their membership now. The Chamber is part of a suit against the city (yes, against us taxpayers) to prevent a safe bicycle path through Ballard.

  2. I will be shopping, and asking merchants about the Chamber. I would like to hear their perspective, outside of the echo chamber that is this blog.

    That being said, I will find it terribly hard to buy anything from a merchant who is opposed to completing the missing link, especially because that will be my route to and from the sidewalk sale.

  3. I live near the Fred Meyer, and it is the most direct route, and it is where the trail will be someday. I've been using that route for years.

    I will enjoy conversing with merchants about the issue. Shopping is not all that amusing to me, hearing opinions different than mine is.

  4. Funny thing is, the more people I hear from who are concerned about the missing portion of the bike trail, the more I find my own thinking aligned with those who want it completed via the planned route. I honestly hadn't given the issue enough attention, and now that I've heard from both sides, some of them quite eloquently, others kind of silly, I'm definitely sympathizing more with the people who want the trail completed, on the planned route. I'm curious why you call them nutcases? It seems the desire to have the trail completed is quite legitimate. And no other route seems possible.

  5. You are the one casting stones brother.

    See you in Ballard! After I barely shop, I'll be tossing them back at the Smokeshop with my fellow nutcases. Then I'll toodle home on the missing link, tankard.

  6. You are asking this in all seriousness?

    They're nutcases because they are so frigging obsessed with this one issue that they are hijacking every single comment thread on this blog with it.

    What does the Ballard Sidewalk Sale have to do with the bike trail? Nothing.

    But from now on, every single post on this blog will be taken over by the bike trail zealots who, clearly, have nothing else to do in life than sit on their computers all day, blathering on endlessly about their issue.

    Such an obsession, such an inabilioty to let go, has made them.. nuts.

    If you want to have a conversation about the bike trail and only the bike trail forever and a day, start your own forum thread on it.

  7. Nutcases because of the HUNDREDS of comments posted in places that have nothing to do with the trail.

    I was for the trail being completed, now I'm just tired of the ranting and don't care any more.

    And that's not fair to the non-nutcases.

  8. I'm not your brother. In fact, I'm not a “brother” at all.

    And hijacking every single thread with the bike trail issue is still… nutty.

  9. Cars on Leary drive too fast and there is barely any room to ride. It's treated like a highway ever since the city yanked out crosswalks. In fact the city itself calls Leary “underutilized”, so I think we can look forward to yet more traffic being routed (fast) thru there. 8th isn't a direct route into town for me, but I often ride 8th for other purposes.

    I walk the missing link to Ballard as often as I ride it. It's been the proposed route of the Burke for decades now, and I use it as such. I wish more of us were out there using it as a bike/ped route that it will become. I have never had a problem sharing the route with industrial Ballard, and haven't felt any hostility from them in return.

  10. Mickey, sister, I assumed you were a guy.

    I think not discussing the missing link is nutty, and this is a great forum to do so. It's a community forum! Should we discuss the super cute shoes my BF bought in Ballard for me? Cuz really, talking about shoes and shopping is nutty to me.

  11. I'd be interested in what the merchants think and who belongs to the Chamber. From postings on this forum I'm beginning to think the Chamber is a 'straw dog'. We've seen multiple businesses listed on the Chamber website as members proclaim they aren't members here on the forum. I'm beginning to wonder just how many of the businesses listed as members really are due paying members.

  12. Kaput – No one is trying to censor you or your political views. However, it is not right that every single damn thread on this blog gets hijacked by people with an obsession over one issue.

    If you want to discuss the bike trail, go for it — on a thread or forum created specifically for that discussion.

    Make sense?

  13. Why? Because I think “nutcase” is a highly flammable adjective, and unwarranted. If you consider the commenters irritating, it's really not that difficult to completely ignore them. Just reply to commenters you find interesting, and leave the rest alone. If there's no interest, there's no issue. I don't think the name calling is necessary.

  14. “Me? I think I will just enjoy myself.”

    You crazy guy ym, you're supposed to drag your paranoia, politics and persecution complexes everywhere you go.

    You know, spread the misery around so you don't suffer them alone.

  15. it looks to me like the last four stories are directly or indirectly related to the bike path.

    we know the chamber of commerce is directly involved with halting trail construction, which directly impacts my quality of life here. Once again, I'll have to wait a few years, further subjecting myself to getting pegged by a cement truck or shot by a poison dart.

    any push by the chamber to then incite me to shop at their businesses should include discussion as to whether to support someone who I feel is hurting the use of landscape.

    therefore, I think it's fine to hijack this and any thread to make the point that community support goes both ways (business/consumer)

  16. Sip and Ship announced an early start on the sale today, inside.
    It was posted in the forum. Folks should stop by, especially if you haven't yet had the pleasure. It's a great business.

  17. Thanks, Chopper, for that tidbit. I like their stuff but often ask myself if I really have enough pennies for that nice Ballard t-shirt or baseball cap.

  18. And isn't that a good thing? People TALKING about the shopping and merchants in their community, and putting those businesses into context on bigger issues the neighborhood faces.

    The Chamber of Commerce would be happiest if well all just shop and shop and then go to SeafoodFest and spend and spend.

    Well guess what? Thanks to this blog the Chamber of Commerce can't just assume everyone is an idiot anymore.

    I'll support the Chamber's events and members when they stop suing the city to stop bike trails.

    And until then, they should expect any discussion of shopping or Seafood Fest in Ballard is going to include questions about who's behind it and what their agenda.

    It's the openness and community awareness that the Chamber of Commerce hates most.

    They just want you to go spend at SeafoodFest and remain ignorant about how they're working against your broader interests behind the scenes. (if you like bikes).

  19. You're right, they won't assume everyone is an idiot; now they'll know it's just the folks on 2 wheels with the world's biggest persecution complex.

  20. I will engage the merchants as well. YM, no body wants to hear about you “enjoying yourself”. Other then being a contarian, that is probably your biggest hobby!

  21. silly rabbit, It's the fragile-stable-longlasting-job giving-safety caring of the Ballard maritime business that have the persecution complex. Now performing at bergen place “Stations of the Burke Gilman trail”

    I think the SDOT should fence in thier right of way due to safety concerns! Take away all the parking and free access to Seattle property from these guys. All in the name of safety of course. Just like the business and chambers main concerns are biker safety.

    and YM just STFU!!!

  22. For the love of God, let it go. Please quit hijacking every thread to make it about the bike trail. You aren't winning supporters this way.

  23. My discussing an opportunity to engage shop merchants in an intelligent and calm conversation about what is really going on with the Chamber and the missing link is very germane to a thread about a sidewalk sale where said merchants will be lining the sidewalks.

    Yes, indeed, that does make sense to me. If it makes sense to others than perhaps we an re-convene in a forum specifically dedicated to the issue after the sale. In the mean time, what a fabulous way to spread the word about what I plan on doing at the sidewalk sale, than a thread about said sale.

  24. Don't forget the environment. The industrial companies are very, very concerned about the environmental impact of the bike trail. That is the foundation for their latest lawsuit.

  25. It could easily be interpreted that if it has to do with Ballard, it has to do with the trail. It's the Ballard Chamber of Commerce that is suing over the trail, it's the Ballard industrial businesses suing over the trail, it's Ballard residents who need that trail. This is, isn't it?

  26. I have to say I'm with Jules here, and I'm one of the people who have been injured on the “missing link.”

    Let's keep comments on-topic, please.

  27. Fixed it for you: :)
    Enjoy the sidewalk sale but ask your retailer if they are a member of the Ballard Chamber of commerce. If they are *not* a member ask them if they support bicycle and pedestrian safety. If they do they should join the Chamber now. The Chamber is part of a suit against the city (yes, against us taxpayers) to ensure a safe bicycle path through Ballard by routing it away from an unsafe location.
    Just another way of looking at things…

  28. Actually, there is a direct correlation here. The Chamber of Commerce has a mission to support business in Ballard and to promote activities that will drive revenue (aka Commerce) into Ballard. The sidewalk sale is an ideal time to ask business owners who are members if they are aware of the BCoC stand and whether they support it. I have spoken (kindly) to some local business owners/members who were not aware of this debate and were disheartened to know that people may withdraw their retail dollars as a result.

    Debate is healthy, discussion can lead to consensus and solutions that can satisfy most people (you can never, ever satisfy everyone). Ugly diatribes, name calling, dart shooting and close mindedness solves nothing.

    I am sure someone will decide I am a “nutcase” for believing a community should work together to solve their problems rather than fight to be the loudest and rudest voice in fray, but perhaps there is still enough “nutcases” like me to help by engaging the local merchant members in healthy discussion and information sharing while I visit the sidewalk sale. Whether I buy anything will certainly depend on the attitude of the merchant…ergo, there is a direct correlation between the Chamber's actions and the community's reactions.

  29. I'm really trying here to make sense of your statement, SweetRose, but I can't come up with a name that a racist would be called that I'd object to. Try again.

  30. myballard is awesome.

    now we've got Chamber of Commerce members contributing in the forums — check it out!

    this is community involvement at it's best.

  31. Just because your life now has meaning, doesn't mean your rants are any more interesting. I advise you to use two sheets of foil for your hat today.

  32. News Flash – not every Ballard business is part of the Chamber. And those that are members where probably not given a choice as to whethere they wanted the law suit.
    Using the Sidewalk sale as a platform for your bike trail agenda is not appropriate nor is it helpful to Ballard at large. Asking someone who works at a store their personal opinion of the issue and then using that as a justification not to support their employer is just stupid. I don't go around asking every store/restaurant employee their personal beliefs before I make a purchase or order my dinner do you? Oh wait, you probably do since it seems you have nothing better to do than to judge everyone else.

  33. I have been cycling in seattle 4, 15+ years and have never come close to being hit by a car. Use your head and look both ways dumb ass! I cant stand bikers that refuse to stop and wait for ass hole drivers to go by. you weigh 150+your bike give or take, a car weighs 2+ tons look out for them I know it sucks but it is your neck jack ass.

  34. I love how middle and upper middle class, college educated liberals casually screw over working class businesses and workers like this and then wonder why so many working class people in this country vote republican.

    These petty, childish, tantrum-inducing, hobby horse liberal causes are what drive so many working class people into the arms of the Republicans.

  35. That’s exactly right and dems can’t rely on bashing the previous administration forever. They could have run a dead man and won in November. So far they are 0 for 6 months when it comes to actually doing anything for the majority in this nation. I don’t condone shooting someone with a dart but I also find it amusing that these people cannot even IMAGINE why someone might do that.

  36. News Flash update – Yes you are correct that not every Ballard business is part of the Chamber. If these businesses are not given a choice as to whether they want to be part of the suit than they should re think their membership. If the businesses are paying money for something that makes their customers upset and is against the best interests of the community and taxpayers than they should save money and not be part of the Chamber. As an informed consumer I have a choice, we all do as to where we spend our limited disposable income. Just returned from lunch, earlier today I called the Chamber and asked if the cafe was part of the Chamber and they were not so I feel guilt free about eating there. There are so many options for eating, why should I feel guilty while eating lunch?
    You are correct you should not just talk to the store employee about the Chamber membership, you should ask for the manager or owner and explain why you are walking out the door and not spending any money there if they are a Chamber member.
    Why support a member of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce that is trying to stop what the vast majority of resident want, all while costing the taxpayers lots of money.
    And, the chamber hired a non-Ballard law firm, they themselves do not support Ballard businesses.

  37. The Republicans attract the working class vote with divisive social issues like guns and religion.

    Then they pursue policies for the economy, taxes, and war that ream those same working people the hardest. Real hard.

    Check some statistics on who got richer and who got poorer over the last eight years. Look at who is unemployed from a financial meltdown and who is laughing all the way to the bank. Look at the increases in the numbers of working people who can't afford health care or college anymore.

    Liberal causes are what will save this country for the benefit of idiots like you who continue vote Republican against your own interests.

    They've got you right where they want ya. And I'd bet anything that Warren over at Ballard Oil votes Republican too.

  38. Actually, what the Republicans use best is cultural stuff like this: linking the Democrats to the latte sniffing, college educated, far left who are obsessed with stupid hobby horse causes like tricycle paths and plastic bag taxes.

  39. It doesn't matter how they attract them. They do. AND there are a heck of a lot more of them than there are ‘new elitists.’ Freddie is right on and the GOP is not as stupid as they seem.
    As a socialist I vote democratic although I consider most liberals to be GOPers who pretend better. Stats? A tiny minority got richer and everyone else got much poorer. Just as many were laid off from WAMU and Microsoft as there are from Boeing. Technology does not play favorites.

    We sit at the threshold of a third industrial revolution and it will play out exactly like the other two.

  40. You're absolutely right Freddie, if we could just get rid of all those “college educated” freeloaders the economy would really take off!

  41. I can't wait to have fun at the festival and sale this weekend. I'm especially happy to know most of the folks ranting about the bike trail won't be there to spoil my fun. I'm a regular bicycle enthusiast/commuter, tax payer and Ballard resident who would very much enjoy a completed trail. I'm not sure that calling my neighbors names is the best way to accomplish this. There are many have strong opinions about the trail, the Chamber, and obviously the state of the nation. provides an excellent forum for neighbors to express these views, interact, discuss – hopefully this is also an opportunity to gain a better understanding of each other as neighbors. If we do happen to bump into each other at the festival this weekend, hopefully we can have a civil conversation maybe even a healthy debate but most of all I hope that when we walk away it's with a handshake, smile and a “see ya later neighbor”.

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