‘Billy the Fridge’ claims hot dog contest title

Right after the lutefisk eating contest at Seafood Fest today, a new batch of contestants took the stage to eat something a tad bit more tasty: Dante’s Inferno Dogs from Ballard’s own Dante Rivera.

The rules: whoever eats the most in 10 minutes wins.

When “Billy the Fridge” took a spot at the end of the table (above) and started inhaling dogs, the other contests suddenly realized they were in trouble.

In a lot of trouble. In the end, Billy the Fridge won by a long shot.

He downed 11 dogs with a professional strategy: eat the dogs separately, dip the buns in water and focus on the prize. “The last dog, I just jammed it in whole,” he said after winning the title, admitting he had competed a couple times before and hadn’t eaten anything all day. “I feel great.”

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18 thoughts to “‘Billy the Fridge’ claims hot dog contest title”

  1. The best part was he was still chewing the final hot dog five minutes after the contest ended. Seafood Fest rocks. Thanks for the great coverage, GS.

  2. thanks for the coverage.

    this isn't that spectacular though, considering how many dogs others have downed in a similar amount of time. you don't have to be big to compete at this.

    congrats to the winner!

  3. I heard him say afterward that this was his final hurrah before being admitted to Swedish for gastric bypass. Big ups, hot dog man. See you shopping for a 36 waist in a few months.

  4. I know my head is going to be bit off for this, but why are we congratulating some young obese man for stuffing his face? He clearly needs help. If he is getting the bypass surgery I hope it comes with counseling. I wish him well, really, I do.

  5. Sorry, it is disgusting to promote overeating with a young man, clearly obese and his health no doubt in great danger…what is to celebrate his early death and a trophy?

  6. Last celebration before gastric bypass? Jeez, with a little support and guidance he couldlose it all with diet and excercise (Bigglest Loser) does Billy know that gastric bypass is not he answer..many people are still obese even with the surgery…really hard to watch a yooung man throw his life away, these contests serve no pupose


    (you did come in – a close – second place and i've been telling everyone!)

    Billy the Fridge was a great contestant! He is a Seattle favorite and has a great following – we were thrilled he participated, and won.

    Snacks! was not “promoting overeating” any more than youth groups playing a little game of “chubby bunny” with marshmallows. People of all statures participated, even a young gal of about 16 and a boy of about 14.

    This was a *really* fun event – loosen up, you guys :)

  8. For the record, I do not remember saying I was going to Germany to get gastric bypass surgery, though that does sound like some random lie I would make up on the spot… so if I did say that, it was a joke.

    Competitive Eating is a not the problem. Poor diet and over advertised dollar menus are far more dangerous than a mid day fling with a stack of hot dogs. I am a local musician, comedian, entity and I happen to be 500 lbs.

    It's inevitable that I will die, as it is with the rest of the world. It is not inevitable that the rest of the world will live as happily as I do, and entertain as many people as I do.

    One day, I may lose a considerable amount of weight, but the unfortunate truth is I don't know what it's like not to be morbidly obese and I've managed to live an exciting and rewarding lifestyle the way I am.

    I want to thank Greta and Dante for throwing a fun event and allowing me the opportunity to have fun. For everyone who enjoyed it, I'm glad I could be a part of making it enjoyable. For those who think it's deplorable, I'm sorry I wasn't a competitive dieter.

  9. BTF is just a fat freak. He has never done a thing with his life. 2014, he is still a fat slob. He uses a site where they give out your personal information battlecam.com. don’t register there, it’s a hate site.

    He spews his paypal out begging for money. He won’t work and freeloads off relatives.

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