Seafood Fest kicks off with Stan Boreson

Ballard’s biggest annual event kicked off today in beautiful, warm weather.

As is customary for the Seafood Fest, the king of Scandinavian humor, Stan Boreson, was the first to take the stage at Bergen Place.

Boreson is celebrating his 60th year in the entertainment business, and he kept the crowd laughing with his jokes and songs including his recent favorite, “Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore.” He’ll be back on the community stage at Bergen Place tomorrow with another performance at 11 a.m.

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3 thoughts to “Seafood Fest kicks off with Stan Boreson”

  1. I LOVE Stan Boreson! Who can forget Uncle Torvald and No-Mo? An entire generation of Seattle kids grew up singing the Clubhouse song: Zero doka smoocha crocka, hallaballuzabub, that the song we sing down at th eClub!”

    To this day, every time I hear the song “walingin the Winter Wonderland” my mind transposses it to “Walking in my Winter Underwear”!

  2. “There's some parts that get 40 below, and those parts we would like to keep warm!”

    He has improved my life greatly, especially Christmas!

    Remember “Uncle Sven is Coming to Town?”

    “He takes a drink in the morning, his nerves to improve, and by noon he's so steady he can't even move.”

    What an artist! So glad we still have him!

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