Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods closes

A Scandinavian institution in Ballard, Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods closed Saturday evening after selling just about everything left on its shelves.

Last month, Reidun and Anita Endresen announced they were closing after 49 years in business. “We have been attempting to sell within the family. However, for various reasons this is not possible,” they explained. The store with the kitchen gear and the website is for sale on Craigslist for $34,000.

People attending Seafood Fest picked up some of the last remaining items from the shop, from gifts to the last remaining packages of lefse. With Olsen’s departure, Scandinavian Specialities on 15th Ave. is the last food and gift shop dedicated to Scandinavian culture in the neighborhood.

And don’t forget, this is also Art by Fire’s last weekend in Ballard. They’re selling items at deep discounts, and they plan to close their doors Sunday evening.

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  1. We used to drive down from Bellingham to buy treats from Olsen's. I drove by today and saw that the store was gone and I'm so glad I found this blog so that I could know what happened. I'm very sad because my memories of Olsen's goes back to my childhood. Time marches on…

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