Gas station murder suspect ‘armed and dangerous’

Updated with video: Detectives have released photos and video from this morning’s shooting at the gas station on 15th Ave. in Ballard.

Police say the suspect, seen here raising his handgun on surveillance video, shot and killed the clerk moments later. The gunman escaped before police arrived, and detectives say he’s armed and dangerous.

Police describe him as “an unknown race male in his 20’s, 5’10” and skinny. The suspect was last seen wearing a dark snowboard cap with gold on it that reads, ‘Burton’, a dark-colored bandana with stars on it, sunglasses, a dark-colored jacket with a multi-colored pattern, dark pants, black shoes with a white stripe, and carrying a black satchel bag.”

This is the surveillance video of the suspect. (It does not show the shooting itself, but be warned it does show the moment just before the shooting.) If you see the suspect, you’re asked to call 911 immediately.

Earlier: Gas station clerk shot and killed at Ballard “Pit Stop”

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16 thoughts to “Gas station murder suspect ‘armed and dangerous’”

  1. The murderer's costume is WAAY over the top, almost cartoonish, as if purchased for the crime to then be discarded. Where would one buy that type of outfit? Hopefully those stores have video that might help catch this thing so it can be removed from the general population.

    Very sad that this happened.

  2. that video is very creepy… very scary…

    I really hope/pray/want/need for them to find this guy… I realize he robbed a convenience store, but still I'm more than a little afraid to be alone.

  3. This is what happens when you let your kids listen to rap music, and you teach them that it's ok to worship ghetto culture. They will turn your neighborhood into a ghetto. Mark my words, there will be more and more of this type of thing in Ballard in the coming years, as long as people keep thinking it's ok to glorify criminals.

  4. BallardNative- That is just about the dumbest thing ever said on Rap music, really? Music makes no difference on peoples actions, people can blame music and movies all they want, but they are just scapegoating. I'd like to know what type of music you listen to thats so innocent, coutnry? Did'nt Johnny Cash say in one of his songs he shot a man just to watch him die?..hmmm.sounds violent to me too. Get your head out of you A$$ and relize music is just music..

  5. This isn’t just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on My Ballard, it is beyond question the most moronic statement I’ve read anywhere in a long time, and I grew up in Nashville, TN. Even my friend that voted for Ron Paul knows better than to make a statement like that.

    Ballard Native what is it that you're really thinking, that the Negro culture will destroy innocent white children?

    You use the word native. Is this an accident? Maybe you should do a little research into early American “Nativism”.

  6. It is unfortunate but this murder shows us how safe Ballard really is through our horror, revulsion, and sadness.

    There are many places in the United States where this kind of violence takes on the form a desensitizing daily ritual, where the death of an individual is nothing but background noise.

    Don’t be afraid!

  7. this guy is dressed like half the snowboarders up at stevens pass on any given weekend in february. forget the rap-culture BallardNative, this is what happens when you let your children participate in winter sports.

  8. joe blow, I know you're trying to be funny, but this really isn't the time. This is a horrible crime and hopefully this guy gets caught quickly, especially since they've already found these clothes that he ditched.
    That jacket doesn't look like a snowboard jacket to me, and I think that BURTON hat was from a couple seasons ago, or a knockoff, and either way this looks more like clothes from goodwill or a flea market picked up for the purpose of ditching after a crime.
    If the guy wore a Seahawks jersey would we be blaming the violent nature of football instead of rap music?

  9. I realize that violence like this isn't that uncommon in other areas of the world..

    BUT, I live alone, in Ballard (although far from the 76 Station), I don't drive, and I take the bus all the time..

    Its scary to think.. I could pass this guy on the street. I could be sitting on the bus right next to him. You just don't know. I mean, yes, I do realize that my chances of meeting this particular person is very slim… the clerk died, afterall, as a result of his place of employment being robbed, but I think you get my point. If a person sees you leaving the bus alone a lot, they'll get the picture.. it wouldn't be that hard for someone like that to follow me home. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it IS unlikely… but it is still scary.

    Last night I was jumpy as can be, every noise I heard freaked me out… didn't help that my neighbor decided to do fireworks at like 1am. (and yes, I know the difference of fireworks vs a gun vs a car backfiring)

    also… that guy who stabbed that woman in South Park was found after a Metro bus driver recognized when he got off the bus near Magnusson Park (which is no where near South Park, I realize, but really not that far from us). That South Park stabbing was very random, as well, although I do realize that South Park is a far more shadier area..

  10. Yeah, where's Tipper Gore when you need her.
    Seriously? Rap music? When I was an unruly teen they used to try and blame every teen suicide on rock music. I would hope we'd have reached beyond that type of idiocy by now.
    This a-hole is pre-disposed to this kind of cold violence. The music he listens too is of no consequence.

  11. Being a good citizen, means not being afraid. If our nation had not been overcome by fear in 2001, we, as a people, would be in a very different place. I like the old slogan, “think globally, act locally.” Good citizenship doesn't begin with someone else.

    The only person that should be afraid is the killer.

  12. Wrong! Ghetto Culture is produced by ABJECT Poverty on a 3rd world magnitude. People who rob and steal from that society, don't do it because they are copying a “product” marketed by anyone. They live that way because poverty is violence.

  13. You're an idiot and a closet racist. Tim McVeigh didn't listen to rap music, Ted Bundy didn't, Charlie Manson didn't, etc., etc., etc.

  14. I always love it when the police warn us that a murder suspect is considered to be “armed and dangerous”. Is that supposed to be for the benefit of people too stupid to know what murder means? Also doesn't “suspect” and “armed” pretty much imply dangerous? Just don't get the need to state the clearly obvious.

  15. you could not be more wrong! seriously blaming it on rap music? and worship of ghetto culture! WAKE UP! for some ppl thats the only culture they have! if you really get into it in gods eyes you are the same as him! im sure youve told a lie. sin is sin stop judging others and focus on the man in the mirror!

  16. Fear is a natural response of a body made to fight for it's own survival. A healthy dose of reality that other people are willing to hurt you is fine. Being afraid isn't being a “bad citizen” unless by citizen you mean sheep.

    My advice? Let your fear motivate you to protect yourself, so that the killer has a reason to be afraid of the law-abiding citizens. Don't just put your head in the sand, do something to sure up your confidence and calm your fear. What you do depends on you personally, but you could install a security system, take self defense, arm yourself with an alarm/pepper spray/a concealed weapon, etc.

    It's true, the chances of you being attacked are very, very slim. However, being a “good citizen” will not protect you.

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