Where to find air conditioning in Ballard

Today is going to be another hot one with temps pushing triple digits. King County has put together tips on how to beat the heat. Their first tip is to spend more time in air conditioned places. While Ballard doesn’t have an official “cooling station,” the library does have air conditioning. We’re told that Loyal Heights Community Center (2101 NW 77th St) also has air conditioning, although the Ballard Community Center (6020 28th Ave NW) does not.

If you have a few bucks to spend you could go to the movies (Majestic Bay movie times here) or hang out in one of the many restaurants, pubs or coffee shops with a/c. King County also says to drink plenty of liquids and limit outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day.

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  1. I get off work at 3:30p and when I got to my car yesterday, even with a sun blocker in the windshield, the internal temp of my car was 101 degrees. Stay as cool as you can, Silver! :)

  2. I'm planning on waiting it out until there's a bit of shade before I bike home. Just rode downtown, which was great as long as I'm moving.

  3. For my two kitties I've got a fan pointed downward, at their level. Nora seems to be enjoying that. Dash still hasn't left the bathtub.
    And, yeah, agree with CrownHillApril, tons of shade and water access.

  4. And for cats (and dogs), you can put ice packs wrapped in towels in a bed they like. My cat dances around my feet when I get the ice pack out of the freezer, then I wrap it in a couple layers (so as not to ice-burn her) and put it in her bed. She snuggles right up to it and gets nice and cool on that side. :)

    Or, leave the ice pack out on the kitchen floor until melty, then remove it – they'll have a great spot to lie down on. I discovered that one by accident, left one out by mistake, found it and put it back in the freezer, turned around to find my cat belly-down on that spot!

  5. Frosty Paws Ice Cream for Dogs!

    Ice in the water. Minimal walks. Keep them in the shade. Take them to swim.

    When on the lead, follow their lead, don't rush it, keep it short, and let them sit when they find shade. Stick to grass over pavement.

    Doggo has an appointment with garden hose when I get home.

    Still animals are smart about this. My dog is usally found on the third floor when I get home, in temps like this, she is in he basement.

  6. Well, I was wishing that I had the time to head to Ballard Commons, which was reported to be a 'cooling station' in Ballard.
    Is that not so?
    Sometimes the media sucks…
    Glad that the Swedes aren't so afflicted.

  7. my dog doesn't know when enough is enough. she is an african breed and seeks out any and all sun when/where she can get it. so yesterday even as she panting ferociously she lays in the sun even though there is shade 3 feet away. conversely, she hates the water and howls if she gets a drop on her.

    keeping her cool is a challange when she doesn't help herself.

  8. You can always go to the mall! yesterday I went to Sears to buy an air conditioner & they sold the last one to the lady in front of me. bummer. Even so, it was so cool in the store we browsed for quite a while…

  9. Ah, drinking at the Smokeshop though I would recommend a side of water. The drinks are famously strong (a free-er pour there never was) and you could get quickly dehydrated. I love the Smokeshop, though, so might decide to pop in and test out their A/C. :-)

  10. Which of the Ballard restaurants have AC? Anyone know? I'm supposed to take a friend to lunch tomorrow and don't want to tell her to meet me somewhere and then have to spend her whole lunch hour searching for a place that has AC. Does Barking Dog have AC?

  11. Thanks for the hint, BallardBob and NoraBell. We went to Hattie's Hat (another blessedly, literally cool place with excellent $5 burgers 'n fries on Mondays) last night and passed the Smokeshop, remarking we must try it. Now we definitely will!

  12. What an utterly useless post in a blog filled with such entries. You offer no real solutions, save “go into air conditioned places” and “stay hydrated”. I rarely stop by this blog, and this kind of pointlessness is the reason why. Utterly worthless.

    “King County also SAYS to drink plenty of liquids”. Thanks for the tip, Einstein.

  13. Please explain how your response is any less worthless than the original post.

    And I second Silver's caution regarding the door knob – please do be careful.

  14. the people in Ballard are advised to spend more time in the cooler places, preferably those with air conditioning system installed in them. These buildings should be used as a shelter to make you survive through the heat. Libraries and royal height community centre are ideal locations.

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