Ballard Brothers wins ‘Best of the Fest’

The judges at Seafood Fest had a tough job – taste the food and pick a winner.

Congratulations to Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers for winning the “2009 Best of the Fest” for their cajun blackened salmon fillet sandwich at last weekend’s Seafood Fest. This is the second consecutive year that they’ve won the prestigious award. Correction to our earlier post: Anita Crepes was actually the runner up with a salmon wrap crepe. Bal Marine was third with their bacon wrapped scallops. Congratulations! (Disclosure: Ballard Brothers is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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6 thoughts to “Ballard Brothers wins ‘Best of the Fest’”

  1. Don't quite get that one. That place is a grease house. Took me most part of the day to get rid of the piece of sludge in my stomach feeling the last and only time I ate there.

    The $5 dollar sockeye salmon booth rocked, awesome noodles as well. Better than the $9 barbecue salmon.

  2. I had the bacon-wrapped scallops taco. It was delicious, but it was pretty small. I like the Ballard Brothers blackened salmon sandwich too, maybe it was a question of “bang for the buck?”

  3. who made the bacon-wrapped scallops? I've got to say, those are two of my top-ten foods.

    get ready for the blue angels tomorrow! I love how we can see, but not hear them from ballard! not like those flying lawn-mowers we hear all day buzzing to the islands.

  4. My wife really enjoys the cajun blackened salmon fillet sandwich, However, I find their fish & chips to be aweful. Also, while I appriciate that they've switched to compostible silverware and napkins, their potato-based spoons completely melt when placed in the chowder.

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